Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Zanu PF rigged the elections; party apologists must respect the truth and suffering masses. By Nomusa Garikai

Sparkleford Masiyambiri’s attack on USA Ambassador Bellamy’s statement (Bulawayo 24 Opinion) shows Masiyambiri’s contemptuous disregard of the historic facts in the Ambassador’s statement and disrespect of the long suffering Zimbabweans, the ultimately victims of the Zanu PF misrule.


“Conducting polls for purposes of choosing national leaders is the most indispensible component of democracy. But Bellamy why do you see a missed opportunity in formal processes which are poised to ensure the continuity of a sovereign state? You advocate for use of military power to dislodge democratically elected leaders,” wrote Masiyambiri.


This is typical nonsense the nation often hears from these Zanu PF apologists talking nonsense. Ambassador Bellamy said the US and other nations wanted the rigged Zimbabwe elections rerun under international supervision.


“There is no doubt whatsoever that at several junctures after 2002, the right South African moves could have galvanized international support to end the violent stalemate in Zimbabwe. It was never that difficult. A free and fair election under strict international supervision was all that was needed. Zimbabwe’s tragedy is that it never happened. As long as South Africa shielded Zimbabwe from outside pressure, rather than orchestrating such pressure, Mugabe had the lifeline needed,” said Ambassador Bellamy.


It is a great tragedy that SA blocked these initiatives.


“South Africa found no logical sense in cooperating with the west in exerting unnecessary pressure on it to host a base to attach a legitimate government that was operational in Zimbabwe,” commented our Zanu PF apologist.


What “legitimate government”? Not even SADC or the AU would endorse President Mugabe’s 2008 presidential election victory not after the barbaric violence he inflicted on the people of Zimbabwe. They would only grant Mugabe legitimacy on condition he agreed to form the GNU, “the lifeline” as Ambassador Bellamy called it.  


There is no Zimbabwean out there who does not have at least one close family member (assuming the rest are being well from the wholesale looting and plunder, the regime’s specialty) whose life has been made a misery as a result of the economic meltdown gripping Zimbabwe today. It is therefore infuriating that anyone would therefore continue to show this nauseating indifferent to the tragic suffering of millions of fellow Zimbabweans, including their own flesh and blood, by propping up Zanu PF. They know this is the party causing the suffering because it leaders are corrupt and vote rigging tyrants!


I now firmly agree with those who have been calling for a thorough investigation to uncover all these shadowy Zanu PF apologists and sycophants to learn who they are and to recover as much as possible of their looted wealth. No one would write this kind of nonsense as Masiyambiri has done unless they are paid and paid well for it! As a nation we need to send a clear message that those sell-out the nation for thirty pieces of silver will not be allowed to profit from it.

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