Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mnangagwa must now swiftly takeover from Mugabe to stop damaging tit for tat fighting. By Nomusa Garikai

VP Mnangagwa and his faction have won the factional war that had pitted him against the G40 faction headed by First Lady Grace Mugabe. He cannot afford another political fiasco as happened with the poor attendance at Rufaro stadium for the Workers Day event and the tit for tat washing of the party’s dirty laundry in public that follower.



Tit! “We know that they always bus people from far afield to hoodwink the president into thinking that all is well and that people are happy even when it is clear that they are not. We have said it again and again that something is terribly wrong with the Zanu-PF commissariat," War vet spokesman Douglas Mahiya said. Mahiya is known to be a Mnangagwa faction member.



True enough Zanu PF has been bussing the hired crowd from far and wide to attend party rallies, for stage managed vote-of-no-confidence meetings and even to vote in national elections as the whole world witness in the last elections.



Tat!  The G40 hit back straight away by revealing that VP Mnangagwa is disliked and feared by the people and Zanu PF members alike.



"This dislike and fear began when he headed the CIO in the early 1980s, a period during which thousands of innocent civilians were killed in Matabeleland and the Midlands. This continued even in 2008 when the MDC was a major political force," said the G40 member.



How ironic that VP Mnangagwa’s murderous dirty during Gukurahundi days and the again in 2008 are all coming back to haunt him more that they have ever haunted Robert Mugabe although it was all done to benefit the tyrant. If Mugabe is behind all this back ground chatter, just to discredit Mnangagwa then it is a punch below the belt; the sort of blow he would go for!



Mnangagwa’s factional will soon turn into a hollow one unless if he does not now moves swiftly and decisively and takeover power and control from President Mugabe so he can stamp his own authority and control over both party and government. Taking over from a domineering figure like President Mugabe is not easy at the best of times when the takeover is done amicably which is clearly not the case here as it is not a secret that the President was backing the G40 faction. Mnangagwa has some big shoes to fill and, if he is going to be president, will have to prove to a very skeptic public that he not just walk in those oversized boots but run in them.



If I was in Mnangagwa’s shoes I would ask President Mugabe to step down a.s.a.p. because the next elections are less than three years away, hardly enough time to practice walking in the big shoes let alone run!

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  1. " It's not the rally that gets the equipment but it's the people," said VP Mnangagwa.

    The rally was a Zanu PF rally and therefore attended by party supporters and party supporters only. It is therefore logical to say the food, agricultural inputs, tractors, etc. donated at the said rallies were given to Zanu PF supporters. Surely resources meant for the common good cannot then be used to benefit a select few selected on a partisan basis. Zanu PF is welcome to help its supporters in whatever way it can but on the clear understanding that the party must pay for all such assistance just as MDC has to pay for all it gives to its supporters.

    The principle that an elected public official represents everyone and not just those who voted for him or her is important in a democratic society and one would expect and public official to understand that especially one holding high office such as minister or VP!