Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Trevor Ncube, super-duper President Advisory Councilor, blame fuel price rise on povo - how arrogant P Guramatunhu

“Presidential Advisory Council member Trevor Ncube has blamed ordinary Zimbabweans for the step taken by the central bank to liberalise the price of fuel by removing the 1:1 exchange rate,” reported Bulawayo 24.

“The move by RBZ caused an increase to the price of fuel on Tuesday. Ncube said Zimbabweans have been calling for the removal of the 1:1 exchange rate and they must feel the pain.”
"Dear Zimbabwe, I am completely outraged by your outrage over things that you have been calling for which have just happened." Ncube said." Your rush to be part of popular opinion and in with the outraged crowd is so pedestrian. Yours Equally Outraged Compatriot."
If this story is true then all one can say is power corrupts and absolute power of an illegitimate regime and its pompous and equally unaccountable Presidential Advisory busy bodies real sucks!
If the price of fuel has gone up because RBZ and government listened to the ordinary Zimbabweans’ demand for the liberalise the exchange rate then why has government failed to increase the civil servants’ wages using the same exchange rate as that used to calculate the fuel price increase. Better still, why is the government refusing to pay the civil servants wages in US$ as they have requested countless times.
Everything and I meaning everything about this Zanu PF dictatorship stinks!
1)   Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF junta rigged last July’s elections after they had promised to hold free, fair and credible elections
2)   Mnangagwa not only retained Mugabe’s dirty habit of keeping super-duper, supernumerary, undemocratic, very expensive and utterly useless and annoying bodies like Joint Operation Command, the junta behind the wholesale looting in Marange and Chiadzwa. But worse still he has added other of his own; the train load of former ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries, etc. who have been put out to pasture at their full salary and allowances. He has appoint this 24 member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), advising him over and above what his cabinet and the retired former cabinet members are doing. And last week launch the Political Actors Dialogue, a forum comprising of most of the 23 presidential candidates and their entourage, to advise him on the same issues the PAC, etc. are advising him!
3) The national economic is sinking deeper and faster into the abyss than ever regardless of all this advice or is it because of all this foolish advice. And, to crown it all, we the ordinary citizens at the coal face of the economic chaos are being blame for it. “I am completely outraged by your outrage over things that you have been calling for!” How arrogant and indifferent the elephant can be to the ants it is crashing underfoot! It is super-arrogance for a mortal to treat fellow human beings as ants and their suffering and deaths are of no consequences!

Zanu PF is subculture of demonic evil W Mukori

I have often wondered what it would have been like if my great, great, great grand-father; who, until that very moment had only seen the distorted image of his own reflection in pool of water and told so and so looked like him; was given a mirror so he saw his image, warts and all, for the very first time! Stuart Doran’s piece in the Strategist left me feeling exactly what I had often imagined my great ancestor confronted and confounded with his known but never seen self would have felt. 

“Zimbabwe is what it is because of a political subculture, centred on the ruling party, that has hegemony and subjugation as its highest ideals. Violence, disdain, paranoia and plunder are among its natural progeny. It is fundamentally antithetical to genuine political competition, dissent and notions of stewardship,” wrote Doran.

“The attitudes and instincts that together comprise the culture are audible at every turn, if we are tuned to the right frequency. Asked during a trip to Ethiopia about the numerous allegations of rape during the recent crackdown, Mnangagwa retorted: ‘It’s all stage-managed. We are challenging anybody, anybody, local or foreign, to produce the women, so that the world can see them, and say this is what happened.’ 

“Regarding the killings: ‘We’d want to see evidence. We see all this in social media. But we’d want to see evidence where the 17 people were killed. Where were they buried?’ And then the sterile references to external manipulation; the protests were part of ‘a regime change agenda which is not new’.

“Back at home, speaking at a rural rally, he went on: ‘Those who we fought during the liberation struggle, the whites, are still fighting so they can claim power again … Our enemies are not resting.’ But, away from the international glare, he was unable to restrain the urge to brag. ‘We don’t want violence, so I said soldiers go and silence these people, they were silenced.’ Protestors were of ‘Legion’—a multitude of demons—and the government would ‘sort them out … We will crush our enemies, and they are being crushed.’”

For decades I thought I knew and understood Zanu PF and its leaders; I have often described the leaders as incompetent, corrupt, vote rigging and murderous thugs. My description was but a rough sketch of the regime, Stuart Doran’s description was the three D exact image complete with the bad-breath. Doran’s mirror has allowed us to see the Zanu PF monster Zanu PF, ugly and mean, but to peek into the black and cold recess of its evil soul! 

Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF thugs are incompetent, corrupt and pure evil; they have no redeeming feature and, after 39 years of tyrannical rule and looting all they want to do now continue in their evil ways, they are beyond the pale. 

“It’s not going to make any real difference if Mnangagwa, or Chiwenga, or any of their fellow travellers, rule—much as it’s made little difference that Mugabe has gone. Lest we forget: as long as the generation of supremacist nationalists and its proselytes remain, so will the mindset,” concluded Stuart Doran.

“For those occasions when the cut, thrust and chaos of current events may seek to distract and confuse, both part-time analysts of Zimbabwe and those who hope to be more should leave a note to self in a prominent place: ‘It’s the subculture, stupid.’”

The single most important task before us today is to pressure Zanu PF to step down but all the regime has been doing and will continue to do is drag the whole nation deeper and deeper into this hell-on-earth it has landed us into. Mnangagwa et al will never reform nor will they ever give up power because it is not in the DNA of hardened thugs like them to reform or give up power. 

Zanu PF must be pressured to step down to create the political space for the appointment of an interim administration that will be tasked to implement the democratic reforms and dismantle the demonic subculture the party has fostered on the nation. This is the only way out of this mess!

(To see Stuart Doran’s full article visit aspistrategist.org.au/zimbabwe-its-the-subculture-stupid)

Monday, 20 May 2019

Mnangagwa's week old Political Actors Dialogue already coughing blood P Guramatunhu

Last week President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched the Political Actors Dialogue. It was a big, no-expense-spared affair complete with the usual funfair and glitzy. It was so, for a good reason; it is an act of bold and arrogant defiance.
Ever since last July’s rigged national elections Zimbabwe has latched from one economic crisis to the next proving right those of us who have said as long as the country remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs there will be no meaningful economic recovery. The only way out is for the Zanu PF regime to step down, we have argued. The political dialogue is a forum including most of the political actors in last year’s elections which, Mnangagwa hopes, will come up with solutions to the country’s economic and political problems without the need for Zanu PF to step down. So, yes the dialogue is Mnangagwa’s middle finger salute to those calling for a new GNU or, worse still, for Zanu PF to step down.
Unfortunately for Mnangagwa some of the political actors who have so far played along with his proposed dialogue are already developing cold feet.
“The parties to the national dialogue should clearly and honestly admit to a crisis or conflict in the system of governance of the State thus unanimously agreeing to go for the national dialogue as a crisis or conflict resolution move,” said Blessing Kasiyamhuru. He was Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity party’s presidential candidate in last July’s elections and had so far subscribed to participate in the proposed dialogue.
“The dialogue should bring on board all conflict-fuelling issues and respective remedies, reforms or solutions that are unanimously agreed upon to address the crisis/conflict.”
Zimbabweans should stop burying our heads in the sand and talk about the elephant in the room – Zanu PF and how the party is the root source of the country's failure to hold free, fair and credible elections with the disastrous economic and political consequences we can all see.

Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF regime blatantly rigged last year's elections. He denied 3 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora the vote. Zimbabwe’s own government appointed Human Rights Commission has admitted that Zanu PF party’s operatives and the traditional leaders have reduced the rural voters to mere serfs beholden to vote for Zanu PF or be damned. ZEC failed to produce something as basic as a verified voters’ roll.
The whole election process lacked “transparency, traceability and verifiability and the results contained numerous errors”, as the EU Zimbabwe Election Mission state in their final report. 
We can debate other matters but not whether or not Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies rigged last year’s elections: there is a mountain irrefutable to prove that they rigged the elections. Even in a country renowned for calling a military coup “a military assisted transition”; rigging elections is high treason, period.
The issue here is: What are we going to do with this illegitimate and treasonous Zanu PF regime?
It should be noted that this is the second time Zimbabwe has had to deal with the same thorny problem of what to do with an illegitimate regime. In 2008 the whole world, including SADC and the AU known for endorsing Zanu PF’s dodgy elections in the past, refused to recognise Mugabe and his party as the winners of that year’s elections.
“What was won by the bullet cannot be undone by the ballot!” thundered Mugabe as he unleashed his party thugs, Police, Army and CIO to destroy property, harass, beat, rape and over 500 murdered in three months. The cheating and the wanton violence were so blatant, barbaric and widespread not even the see-nothing, hear-nothing SADC and AU election observers could not pretend they saw and heard nothing wrong.  
Zanu PF should have been forced to step down from office immediately as punishment for rigging the elections, at the very least. Instead, SADC leaders invited Mugabe to team up with the two MDC factions to form the 2008 to 2013 Government of National Unity (GNU). The GNU was then tasked to implement a raft of democratic reforms to end the curse of rigged elections and ensure future elections are free, fair and credible.
Sadly, not even one reform was implemented in five years of the GNU. Not one!
As we know, Zanu PF rigged 2013 and last year’s elections or be with less wanton violence compared to 2008, at least during the campaign period. The regime floored the wanton violence paddle with vengeance on 1st August 2018 and again in January 2019 with its shoot to kill order to the Army.
The shoot-to-kill order was to nip the spirit of protest, against rigged elections in August and soaring fuel prices in January, in the bud. But, more significantly, to demonstrate Zanu PF’s unwavering resolve use brute force to crash all who dare challenge the party’s undemocratic rule and regardless of the heart-break economic hardship the nation is facing.
Instead of proposing another GNU as happened in 2008 Mnangagwa is proposing the Political Actors Dialogue. The dialogue will have no raft of democratic reforms to implement, Mnangagwa has ruled out all discussion on political reforms as he insists the July 2018 elections were free, fair and credible and his regime is legitimate. Whilst the 2008 GNU at least acknowledge that year’s elections were rigged and offered a glimmer of hope of something being down about it; the dialogue forum offers nothing! The dialogue will just be a talk-shop.
Even if the national dialogue was scrap and replace with another GNU complete with the raft of reform to implement, which is what Kasiyamhuru is now calling for, a GNU in which Zanu PF plays an part is totally unacceptable. It is barmy to trust Zanu PF to implement the reforms.  
We need to implement the reforms because Zanu PF corrupted our state institutions. During the last GNU, the party, together with MDC, had countless golden opportunities to implement the reforms; it failed to get even one reform implemented. If Mnangagwa is the reformer he claims to be what stopped him implementing even one token reform, it is now one year and a half since seizing power in the November 2017 military coup.
Zanu PF rigged last July’s elections; the regime is illegitimate and must now step down. The only dialogue to be had with Zanu PF is the handover of power, as for what will happen afterwards it is for others to deal with Zanu PF, the elephant, out of the room! 

"Liberalise procurement and redollarise" argue Biti - nonsense, not with A1 economy P Guramatunhu

“We need to liberalise fuel procurement. Anyone who has foreign currency, who can bring fuel should be able to bring it, but here is a catch; you can’t bring into Zimbabwe fuel in US$ and sell it in bond notes because soon you will run out of the foreign currency. So, the minute you liberalise fuel you must essentially redollarise the economy,” said Tendai Biti.
Zimbabwe has suffered from Zanu PF’s voodoo economics but MDC’s have failed the nation too with their half-baked solutions addressing one or two issues and ignoring the rest. Yes during his tenure as Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti did help bring some economic stability and the empty shop shelves filled with goods.
And yet the country’s commerce and industries continued to suffer and many closed with few if any new companies opening. Why? The problems of corruption, lawlessness and political instability were left untouched!
The primary task of the GNU was first and foremost to implement the democratic reforms and restore the individual freedoms and rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections and even the right to life itself. Tendai Biti and company failed to implement even one reform.
What Tendai Biti is saying makes sense only in the context of his half-baked solutions, in the context of a dysfunctional Zimbabwe economy. If Zimbabwe’s economy is revived and is firing again in all cylinders the country will work and thrive with its own currency, call it RTGS$, Z$ or whatever, there will be no need to redollarise.
How many other nation out there who pay for their fuel with US$ but have their own currency and thriving economies?

Sunday, 19 May 2019

"Mnangagwa must convene all-inclusive national dialogue" - appease him for what end N Garikai

Dear Tajamuka/Sesjikile
“After the 2018 disputed elections, we stated categorically clear that the electoral process and its outcome fell abysmally short of a truly free and fair election. As a result, the outcome of the election would be disputed and thus undermine the efficacy of Mnangagwa’s claim to legitimacy. Since the disputed elections we made several appeals to Mnangagwa’s ill-fated government to find an amicable way to resolve the election dispute, ensure and guarantee that the credibility of future elections would not be disputed. Although another election would be the most ideal, it seemed impractical given the economic conditions in the country and the toxicity that elections in Zimbabwe come with,” you said.

“It was therefore our considered view and our clarion call after the January 2019 national protests that Mnangagwa needed to immediately convene a genuine, participatory and all-inclusive national dialogue facilitated by a neutral international mediator and underwritten by SADC and the AU.” 
There are a number of key points to note:
1)     Agree with you 100% that the July 2018 elections were NOT free, fair and credible elections. There is no disputing the blatant flaws and illegalities were deliberate and calculated to deny the people of Zimbabwe their democratic right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country. There was no excuse for denying 3 million Zimbabwean in the diaspora the vote, for failing to produce a verified voters’ roll, etc., etc. None.
2)     There is no denying Mnangagwa and Zanu PF blatantly rigged last July’s elections and, what is more, this is not the first time the regime has rigged elections. Zanu PF has rigged elections starting with the first all races elections in 1980; it is a historic fact that Zanu PF did not withdraw all its freedom fighters to assembly points as agree. The operatives were then deployed to remind the electorate that the civil war would restart if Zanu PF lost the elections. Zanu PF has continued for the last 39 years to cheat, intimidate and use wanton violence to make sure the party retained its iron grip on power.
3)     Each time Zanu PF has rigged the elections we, the people have allowed the regime to stay in power to appease the party leaders. This was a foolish thing to do because Zanu PF has taken full advantage of our folly to erode the people’s freedoms and rights even more to consolidate its undemocratic stay in power. When we say we demand free, fair and credible elections we must mean it and stand solid as a rock and refuse to be moved until our demand is met. The consequences of blatantly rigging elections must surely be that the guilty party is illegitimate and must never be allowed to rule, period.
4)     The tragic mess is Zimbabwe today is proof that 39 years of appeasing Zanu PF did not work and it is madness to continue to do so for even one more day! Enough is enough!
5)     We have no legitimate government as a consequence of the country failing to hold free, fair and credible elections on 30 July 2018. The solution is to appoint an interim administration to implement the democratic reforms to guarantee free, fair and credible elections. There is no point holding new elections without first dismantling the de facto one party dictatorship and its dictatorial powers.
6)     Yes the country is facing some serious economic hardship brought on by the worsening economic meltdown. However, it is na├»ve to believe that allowing Zanu PF to remain in power even in a GNU with MDC A will help end the economic hardship. As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs, adding corrupt and incompetent MDC leaders to the mix will not change the character of the regime; there will be no meaningful economic recovery!   
7)     Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF friends know that they have messed up big time and they will never win free, fair and credible elections. If the party is entrusted with implementing the democratic reform then no meaningful reforms will be implemented. Zanu PF will reform itself out of office. If Zanu PF is in power come 2023 then we can be 100% certain the party will rig those elections to extend its stay in power.
Tajamuka, Sesjikile means “We are enlightened!” Well, I hope you are enlightened! As we all know, some people have been foaming round the mouth shouting “Zimbabwe is open for business!” when, by rigging the elections, they are the ones who slammed the door shut and locked it!
Best regards
Nomusa Garikai.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

"It is my singular honour to launch Political Dialogue" - yes, and collective national insult P Guramatunhu

“It is my singular honour and privilege to welcome you all to this wonderful occasion, as we witness the historic launch of our Political Actors Dialogue. This marks a significant landmark in the history of our great nation under the Second Republic and is unique in many ways, being the first of its kind for Zimbabwe,” said Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“The Dialogue we are launching today will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on our country's political landscape and help contribute to the turnaround of our socio-economic fortunes. This platform is designed to be a vibrant forum through which we proffer solutions to the challenges that confront us as a nation, through peaceful, open and transparent discourse.

This is infuriating to say the least!

1)     It is your singular honour and privilege to launch POLAD, to launch the “Second Republic” following the 15 November 2017 military coup and, no doubt, it was your singular honour to have been a senior leading member of the “First Republic”.  The last lasted 37 years, thanks to your contribution in looting funds to finance the regime, rigging elections and use of brute force, and it was a total disaster for the nation.

The Second Republic is different in name only as it has employed the same dirty tactic to impose the Zanu PF dictatorship on the nation desperate for meaningful democratic change, free and fair elections and an end to the economic meltdown. It is a singular honour to you to impose the First Republic, the Second and now this national dialogue; we the people of Zimbabwe have been denied a meaningful say is all these matters and it is no honour but an insult to be treated as idiots with no say.

2)     Only an idiot would believe that POLAD will deliver “a vibrant forum for peaceful open and transparent discourse” because the dialogue has no legal or constitutional basis and it is nothing more than your word. You promised to hold free, fair and credible elections, and not just you but ZEC, judiciary and all the other state institutions were under legal obligation to implement the democratic reforms necessary for free, fair and credible elections. You made it clear that you were not going to do this.

“Zanu PF ichatonga! Igotonga! Imi muchingo hukura! Nokuhukura!” (Zanu PF will rule! And rule! Whilst you (calling for reforms) bark! And bark!) Mnangagwa assured his Zanu PF hardliners publicly on his return from exile following the November 2017 military coup.

Mnangagwa has made it clear that the regime will accept political dialogue talking about the economy, lifting of the sanctions against the regime and anything else Zanu PF approves of. There will be no discussion of implementing the democratic reforms necessary for free, fair and credible elections. Meaningful political reforms are taboo!

Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess precisely because the country has been stuck with this incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship that has stayed in power for 39 years because it rigged elections. The prospect of Zanu PF staying in power until the next elections in 2023 is simply unthinkable because the party will rig those elections too.

The only “significant landmark” Mnangagwa wants to see is Zanu PF extending its corrupt and tyrannical rule regardless of the democratic wishes of the people of Zimbabwe. It will be unforgivable for those of us with eyes to see and the intellect to comprehend what Mnangagwa is up to. The political dialogue is nothing but a smokescreen to hide the illusion that Zimbabwe’s economy and politics are been transformed for the better when in reality economic chaos and the political repression are getting worse!

Mnangagwa launch POLAD, arch- "African solution" - yeah, bury heads in sand, insane W Mukori

"We are grateful that the leadership of Zimbabwe has established the dialogue voluntarily," commented Mphakama Mbete, SA Ambassador to Zimbabwe, at the official launch of Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD).

"This is a demonstration by an African country working on an African problem to get an African solution. The success of the dialogue will have far reaching consequences to the region.”

Nonsense, POLAD is a waste of the nation’s time, opportunity and money. 

Zimbabwe’s problem is one of bad governance, a problem not unique to the country or the continent. It is a problem as old as human history and the best solution was proposed by the Greeks 2 500 years ago; democracy; government by the people for the people. We do not need to reinvent the wheel!

Ever since Zimbabwe gained her independence in 1980 Zanu PF has systematically denied the ordinary people their basic freedoms and democratic rights including the right to a meaningful vote and even the right to life itself. When Mnangagwa seized power in the November 2017 coup, he promised to hold free, fair and credible elections and thus acknowledged the desperate need for good governance. Sadly he has lacked the wisdom and vision to honour his promise and deliver the free and fair elections. 

Everyone who observed last year’s elections has dismissed them as a farce. 

“The electoral commission lacked full independence and appeared to not always act in an impartial manner. The final results as announced by the Electoral Commission contained numerous errors and lacked adequate traceability, transparency and verifiability,” stated the EU Election Mission in its final report.

“Finally, the restrictions on political freedoms, the excessive use of force by security forces and abuses of human rights in the post-election period undermined the corresponding positive aspects during the pre-election campaign. As such, many aspects of the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe failed to meet international standards.”

The whole election process was so flawed and illegal ZEC failed to produce something as basic as a verified voters’ roll. The only reason Zimbabwe’s opposition parties participated in the flawed and illegal elections is greed. Zanu PF has learned that as long as the party gave away a few gravy train seats the opposition will participate regardless how flawed and illegitimate the process got. 

“The worst aspect for me about the failure to agree a coalition was that both MDCs couldn’t now do the obvious – withdraw from the (2013) elections,” admitted Senator David Coltart in his book. He was an MDC cabinet member in the 2008 to 2013 GNU.

“The electoral process was so flawed, so illegal, that the only logical step was to withdraw, which would compel SADC to hold Zanu PF to account. But such was the distrust between the MDC-T and MDC-N that neither could withdraw for fear that the other would remain in the elections, winning seats and giving the process credibility.”

A number of the MDC factions did come together to form the MDC Alliance in 2018 and still they participated in last year’s elections; proof the failure to form a coalition in 2013 was just a feeble excuse for failing to “do the obvious - withdraw from the elections”! 

All the other opposition parties and candidates in last year's elections have endorse the elections as free, fair and credible, after participating it would be hypocritical not to. Chamisa has endorse the parliamentary elections but not the presidential but that is because he is fishing for a gravy train seat for himself. 

Chamisa's claim that he would revive the country's economy is nonsense. The inclusion or otherwise of Chamisa in this Zanu PF regime will not alter the reality of the regime being a corrupt and tyrannical. As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state the will be no meaningful economic recovery.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has taken full advantage of the greed in Zimbabwe’s opposition camp to claim legitimacy when he knows his regime is illegitimate because the election process was flawed and illegal. He has launched POLAD as the solution to the country’s 39 years old and counting problem of rigged elections and bad governance. 

Mnangagwa has made it clear that all participants in POLAD must first accept last year’s elections as free, fair and credible and himself and his party, Zanu PF, as legitimate. The talks will focus on how to revive the country’s worsening economic meltdown, getting such things as the sanctions imposed of the regime lifted. 

In short, Mnangagwa launched POLAD as the solution to Zimbabwe’s teething economic meltdown and political paralysis of the last 39 years. There was not meaningful debate on POLAD as a way forward, all those who voiced their objections were ignored. 

Indeed one can say that POLAD was imposed on the nation with the usual Zanu PF arrogance; RainBow Towers auditorium was full of invited guests to be transported, housed, wined and fed, no expense spared (big hospitals like Mpilo has no bandages and pain killers but the regime the hundreds of thousands of dollars spend on this one event). There was the usual silverback gorilla drumming of the chest, etc. etc. 

Still, one can say here and now that POLAD will NOT bring about any meaningful economic recovery because as long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs the country’s economic meltdown will only get worse. 

Zimbabwe had the golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms and lift the curse of rigged elections and pariah state during the 2008 and 2013 GNU. If that 2008 GNU was a bull dog with no teeth then POLAD is a poodle with no teeth, no bark, neutered, etc. into utter uselessness.

POLAD is a waste of time because it will not address the central problem of bad governance. At least the 2008 to 2013 GNU acknowledge that Zimbabwe's problem was one of bad governance and proposed the raft of reforms to solve the problem. Mnangagwa and his POLAD assumes last year's elections were free, fair and credible and so there will not be even any attempt to implement the democratic reforms.

If Zanu PF is still in power come 2023 with not even one reform in place; we can be 100% certain the party will rig those elections. Zimbabwe will still be stuck with a corrupt, incompetent and vote rigging Zanu PF dictatorship as we are today and have been for the last 39 years!

Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. After 39 years of expecting a corrupt and vote rigging dictatorship to deliver economic prosperity only the certified insane will expect POLAD to deliver any meaningful change.

Yes Ambassador Mbete, POLAD is just a variant of an arch- ‘African solution’ to the problem of bad governance – Mnangagwa is bullying the nation into burying our heads in the sand! Even after 39 years of Zanu PF blundering from pillar to post and with the nation standing on the edge of the precipice we are still being forced to believe Zanu PF will not blunder and drag us all over the edge!