Wednesday, 11 May 2016

No-regime-change elecvtions are stingless bees - they will never drive badger tyrant out of office. By Nomusa Garikai

“ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, has once again warned against western powers' apparent attempts at destabilising former liberation movements in Southern Africa,” ENCA reported. 


“Mantashe who recently attended a meeting in Zimbabwe, says the movements have become powerful governments.”


On the contrary Secretary General Mantashe, liberation movements came into power on a wave of public good-will as the bodies that brought about black majority rule. But once in government movements soon found that promising the people economic prosperity was one thing delivering on that promise was a different thing.


After decades of being promised clean running water, employment opportunities, better housing, etc., etc. the people, naturally, soon disillusioned with the movement’s leaders. It is said one can fool someone about the cooking oil used in their dish but not so about hot chili! The people know when they are suffering and no amount of cheap propaganda or empty slogans will fill an empty stomach!


There is nothing like power, corrupt and greed to transforms a benevolent liberator into a ruthless selfish thug. Power and looted wealth not only distract the leaders from the set task of uplifting the masses from poverty but worse still in their search for absolute power the leaders fail to see right from wrong and are transformed into monsters.


President Mugabe has squandered $1 million on his birthday party, $5 million on his daughter’s wedding, $2 billion on his Blue Roof mansion;  a few weeks ago his daughter went to the Far East to have her baby at the cost of $6 million plus, etc.; all paid from public funds, for example. Meanwhile the maternity ward at Chiredzi General Hospital serving the needs of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans was condemned as “unsafe” by the regime’s own Minister of Health. The ward’s one room was built by the white regime in 1967 and is in a deplorable state due to decades of poor funding.


President Mugabe admitted that $15 billion of the diamond revenue from Marange was looted.


The ruling elite’s insatiable greed has allowed the economic gap between them and povo to grow into an unbridgeable chasm!


“As we mobilise our people, we must say be vigilant. You must see through anarchy and people who are out there in a programme of regime change. We are aware of the meetings taking place regularly at the American embassy,” Mantashe told thousands of ANC supporters at the Union Buildings in Pretoria recently.


“Those meetings in the American embassy are about nothing else other than mobilisation for regime change. We’re aware of a programme that takes young people to the United States for six weeks, bring them back and plant them everywhere in the campuses and everywhere.”


The mentality of failed liberation movement leaders is the same be they ANC members in SA or Zanu PF in Zimbabwe. For all their pretenses of accepting multi-party democracy, free and fair elections, etc.; deep down they are tyrannical autocrats determined to impose their de facto one-party dictatorship even if means riding roughshod over the people’s freedoms and human rights – the very things their liberation movement was supposedly set out to accomplish!


ANC Secretary General Mantashe, like Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe, accept free and fair elections on the one condition that the said elections do not produce regime change. Of course this is an oxymoron; how can the elections free if the voters or the process produces a predetermined result!


What makes Zanu PF and now ANC’s accusing that the West is pushing for regime change so hollow and ironic is that Western nations have wholeheartedly embraced free and fair democratic elections, they have had regular regime change and, here is the twist that neither Zanu PF nor ANC can ever deny, they have benefited from it greatly.  


The truth is power, more so absolute power, has transformer the benevolent leader into the marauding honey badger. To have elections with no meaningful prospect of regime change is to have a bee without a sting; the stingless bees have as much chance of driving the marauding honey badger out of the hive as the voters have of removing a corrupt tyrant from office!


  1. According to the RBZ, $1,8 billion was spirited out of Zimbabwe in 2015 alone through illicit transac-tions, inflated management and technical consultancy fees to foreign entities.

    Whilst this is happening and the regime continues to blame the imaginary sanctions for the nation’s economic woes!

    We need regime change now if there is any hope of this nation ever rising from the ashes like the phoenix!

  2. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has pleaded with depositors to stop panic withdrawals from banks as this will only worsen the economic situation in the coun-try.

    Governor Mangudya has been in his current post for a long time and surely he should have foreseen the danger of running an economy with falling export earnings against soaring imports. What has he ever said or done to inspire confidence that he knew what he is doing. Even at the height of the stupidity of keeping the indigenisation law, he has said nothing because he wanted to been seen as friendly to the powers that be!

    Dr Mangudya you have allowed yourself to support stupid policies and now you are a tortoise stuck up a fencepost and looking really stupid!

    This Zimbabwe economy has been in total meltdown for a long time; people like Dr Mangudya cannot make the mess and expect the ordinary people to pay the price. If I had money in the bank in Zimbabwe, I too will be withdrawing as much as I can now before it is too late!

    No one in their right mind will ever trust Mangudya or Zanu PF - that is a fact!

  3. ANC has failed to change the lives of many ordinary South Africans and, instead of finding out how the party can do better, the party is now seeking ways to justify imposing its own version of no-regime-change. As the party's popularity sinks its attacks on democratic institutions will go up.

    The bottom line is the fact that ANC, Zanu PF or whatever is the liberation movement does not confer of the party the divine right to rule the country and parties that believe so are perpetuating Africa's scourge - yesterday's liberator becoming today's oppressors. We will never ever break this cycle as long as we have leaders who believe liberators have a divine right to rule!