Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"IMPLEMENT THE REFORMS!" cries the lone voice but to a stone-deaf and brain-dead nation! By P Guramatunhu

"IMPLEMENT THE DEMOCRATIC REFORMS", Wilbert Mukori, you have said this over and over again and you know what, you are right. Sadly Zimbabweans are very slow at picking up ideas and hence the reason the country is in this mess.

Throughout the GNU SADC leaders amongst a few others warned MDC to implement the democratic reforms but they were ignored. In sheer 11th hour act of desperation SADC warned MDC not to take part in the elections with no reforms implemented but once again MDC leaders would not listen.

If the Zimbabweans had been paying attention throughout the GNU then they should have listened to SADC's warning and pressured MDC to implement the reforms. Sadly the people were not paying attention and they followed MDC leaders with their usual sheepish blind mentality. The dangers of ennui!


Years of brain washing by the whites and then the black leaders be it from Zanu PF or MDC have left many of people believing they are indeed incapable of such niceties as thinking, reasoning and what is in their own best interest so they must leaving these to the whites or leaders who have the proven capacity to do so. So they people accepted their role was to do as they are told, follow blindly with no questions asked like sheep and thus switched off mentally. The lack of mental exercise has allowed their brains to waste away, atrophied, turning brain tissue into useless fatty tissue.


Even if the Zimbabwe populous had heard, a feat in itself given that they are in a mental comatose state 99.9% of the time, SDAC warning to implement reforms they would have done nothing because they did not what reforms SADC was talking about. Even now with the benefit of hindsight of the blatantly rigged 2013 elections the majority of Zimbabweans still have no clue what the reforms are.


Some of the people, the cleverest of the lot, have accept the 2013 elections were rigged but they have not asked themselves what should be done to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections; that would be the logical next step to a thinking human being but not them, thinking is not their forte, that would constitute a quantum leap into the dark! They are hard-wired to follow blindly and thus freeze on the spot when called upon set off on their own, even when it is clear they have been misled or worse still sold-out by the leaders and they can see clearly their intended destination.


Whilst I agree that implementing the reforms is the only way out I fear your warning to the nation will too fall on deaf ears and numbed brains as happened to SADC leaders’ warning on reforms during the GNU.


You are calling for the full implementation of the democratic reforms necessary for free, fair and credible elections. Even if President Mugabe was to drop dead, which he will do as all mortals do, and the Zanu PF dictatorship, as we know it, was to fizzle out which it is doing already given the dog-eat-dog in fighting taking place; still there is no reason to believe any meaningful reforms will be implemented then. There is no one in the opposition with the competence and vision to see the importance of the reforms. Indeed the likes of Mai Mujuru, Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, etc. would be fighting to keep the status quo with the only change being to recast it to suit them.


The Zimbabwe populous will be no wiser on the need for reforms than they are right now and so they will be no pressure from the electorate for implementing reforms. Even if someone had ALL the reforms implemented, a healthy and functional democracy demands an electorate that will hold those in power to account; only an electorate that is capable of thinking for itself and ask the difficult questions of the leaders can be trusted to hold the leaders to account.


You can call for the implementation of the democratic reforms Wilbert but your voice like that of John the Baptist crying in the wilderness; John’s voice was heard yours my friend will NEVER be heard. John was speaking to humans with the capacity to think and reason, you are speaking to a people whose active brain cells have dropped so low even the regenerative brain cell have themselves long turned to fatty tissue!

Zimbabwe will never be a healthy and fully functional democracy because the country will always have an electorate hard-wired to follow leaders blindly, regardless how corrupt and incompetent they have already proven to be! It breaks my heart to admit this but I must because it is true!

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