Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mugabe sternly warned that firing war vets from security sector "will not be tolerated" By Wilbert Mukori

In the boldest challenge ever to Mugabe’s tyrannical, the war vets and the security chefs, notably Commander Chiwenga, told Mugabe in no uncertain terms they constitute “the stockholders of Zanu PF and Zimbabwe and the leaders are stakeholders who can come and go!”
On Wednesday Mugabe, emboldened by the one-million man march organized by the party’s Youth League, hit right back repeating his earlier statement that war vets were an affiliate organization that cannot dictate to the party Zanu PF. The following day he reduced the retirement age of all those serving in the security services from 60 years to 50. This clearly opened the door for Mugabe to retire many of the former freedom fighters who have become increasingly critical of his rule.
When it suited his political needs of imposing on the nation his no regime change mantra after he lost the March 2008 vote, Mugabe kept the current security services chefs beyond the official retirement age of 60 years. Now that the same chefs have been increasingly critical of his tyrannical rule he drops the retire age even to get rid of most of his liberation war colleagues from the security sector.
How ironic that anyone over the age of 50 is considered too old to serve in the security sector commanded by a 92 year old Commander-In-Chief! Needless to say it was the 92 year old dictator who made that unilateral decision without even consulting his rubber stamping parliament! It is great to be a dictator.
Mugabe must be sweating because the last thing he expected was a defiant challenge to his diktat.
"We are equally worried that these quarters within the party refuse to accept that war veterans have an interest in Zanu-PF approximated to ownership," came the nuclear bomb response from  Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya.

"We should have been told during the war that we did not belong to the party and needed not join. Had that been made clear to us, then we would have dealt with those issues in the appropriate manner at the appropriate time."

"We need to make it clear that war veterans cannot be retired or removed from Zanu-PF as well as the security establishment. Any attempts to retire us on the basis of age is to us a cover to perpetuate the regime change agenda of security sector reform. Regime change to us means to rid Zanu-PF and the security establishment of the liberation component, which will not be tolerated under any circumstances."
Mugabe has deliberately undermined the independence of the state institutions like the judiciary, ZEC and security services by appointing individuals run these institution he could trust to neglect the institution’s democratic duties and promoted Zanu PF his selfish objective of creating a de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship. He sugar coated the tyrannical pill by claiming that there were outside forces working with the “puppet local opposition” seeking regime change.
Frankly, not even the simpletons amongst the war vets like Jabulani Sibanda of Joseph Chinotimba ever believed the lie of the West being behind the increasing demand for meaningful democratic change and free and fair elections; it was ordinary Zimbabweans and not the British or Americans, who were risking life and limp demanding change. The war vets, security chefs and all the other Zanu PF operatives subscribed to no regime change agenda at all cost mentality on the understanding they will have a share in the absolute political power and the wealth and looted riches it brought.
The root cause of Mugabe and the war vets’ quarrel is the country’s poor economic performance which has left more and more war vets economically destitute. Although Mugabe has once in a while made a token payment to alleviate the war vets’ economic hardship as the national economic sunk deeper and deeper into trouble it dragged more and more into poverty and many war vets were caught up in the drag net.
Douglas Mahiya, Chiwenga and all the others in the war vets and security sector know that if Mugabe was to sever their links with Zanu PF he would have condemned them to the same grinding poverty the majority of Zimbabweans are facing right now!
"We plead with the party's leadership to explain to us the principle of one centre of power. We hope it does not mean that power is vested in one person because if that is so, then it is against the Zanu-PF constitution and traditions of the party," another war vet said.

"The principle of having one centre of power needs to be explained. Power resides in the people as represented in the central committee in between congresses. Anything beyond that is unheard of to us and is dictatorship."
It is refreshing that some of these war vets have finally woken up to the reality that Mugabe is a dictator! The next thing they need to know now is that he is a corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant and the economic meltdown the country is facing is the consequence of 36 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. The misrule has continued for all these years because the nation was denied the opportunity to elect a competent and accountable government because the people were denied a meaningful free and fair vote.
By foolishly supporting Mugabe’s no regime change mantra the war vet, ZEC, judiciary, security services, etc. had all played their part in imposing a corrupt and incompetent regime on the nation. The only way to end Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown is to have meaningful democratic reforms followed by free, fair and credible elections.


  1. Well, well growing poverty has had its most significant effect yet; it opened the eyes of the Zanu PF hardliners to the reality that President Mugabe is a dictator. The hardliners have been roped in to create the one-party state and they refused to evil of imposing Zanu PF on the whole nation because they considered themselves part and parcel of Zanu PF.

    When President Mugabe started to erode the democratic say of the party members by stifling all meaningful debate in the party from the bottom right up to the top by telling those at the bottom his selfish decision were the wishes of the leadership whilst telling those at the top his decisions were the wishes of the members. The move from a one-party dictatorship to a one-man dictatorship happened soon after independence but these Zanu PF hardliners said noth-ing because they were getting their share of the looted wealth and that is all the cared about.

    The hardliners' commitment to justice, freedom and human dignity, the values the nation fought and many died for in the fight to end white colonial rule, was clearly skin deep con-sidering that people like Chiwenga, Sibanda, Chihuri, etc. have readily denied the people the-se very things to create the one-party cum one-man dictatorship.

    It is not surprising that President Mugabe has led his Zanu PF thugs up a garden path; he promised them absolute power and lavish lifestyles for the rest of their lives meanwhile he kept all the absolute power to himself and in time has been taking more and more of the loot-ed wealth forcing the hardliners to join the rest of the populous into grinding poverty.

    Whilst war vets are failing to send their children to the local schools Mugabe has been send-ing his overseas living in a $50 million mansion, come back home to a $5 million wedding, fly out to the Far East to have her baby, etc. As for power Mugabe has absolute power and the war vets had just had their noses rubbed in it by being told they will be kicked out of the se-curity sector and party for daring to challenge him authority.

    It too 36 years to open the Zanu PF hardliners' eyes to the reality that Mugabe is a corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant. Well come to reality comrades!

  2. There is just too much at stake for both President Mugabe and the war vets for either side to give up without a fight. For Mugabe to secure his own continued rule much less that of his wife after him, he needs to clear the deck of war vets who are becoming increasingly restless as poverty continues to take its toll. He was very pleased that the Youth League had successfully shown the war vets that they can mobilize the people as well as anybody.

    Many of the war vets are living in poverty already but their economic situation will become even worse if they were to lose the little pension and allowance they are getting right now. The greatest lose for the war vets however has to be their standing in society. The war vets who have actively supported President Mugabe's no regime change knew they were violation everything they had fought for as a freedom fighter. Many of these war vets where warned that what they were doing was wrong but they would not listen.

    The prospect of finding themselves as the victims of the same tyranny they had done so much to promote now looms large!

    No wonder these war vets now see this situation as a do or die situation; if President Mugabe fires them from the party and from whatever post they now hold them they are in deep trouble hence the reason of their daring to stand up to him!

    1. What these war vets should have understood is that they do not have the monopoly to knowledge and wisdom as to who is competent to rule the nation and who is not competent. After 36 years of failed leadership these war vets still behave as if they still have that divine insight; they have learnt absolutely nothing in all these years.

      The one thing that we must make sure these war vets understand absolutely is that they role in creating the Mugabe dictatorship was unforgivable because it was not for them to help Mugabe deny the people their freedoms and basic human rights. What is more significant right now is that the war vets must stop right away denying the ordinary people their right to free and fair elections is a serious offense and will not be tolerated for one more day!

  3. I bet you anything you like, none of these opposition parties will ever get even one meaningful re-form implemented. The funny part is they will take part in the elections and then complain that Zanu PF rigged the elections afterwards.

    The key to free, fair and credible elections has to be an electorate who appreciate what the reforms are about because only such voters will elect an equally competent leadership who understand what the reforms are. As long as we have a naive and gullible electorate we will always have corrupt and incompetent opposition.

    The five opposition parties have signed this coalition of democrats (code) and now they are going to spend the next two years arguing about what it is exactly they have agreed on!