Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"How has Zanu PF erred?" asked President Mugabe. "Is he being obnoxious?" I ask. By Patrick Guramatunhu.

"The likes of (MDC-T leader Morgan) Tsvangirai are having pot bellies and are relaxed because of Zanu PF and you are now hoarding women and we leave you with your traits. We only ask; ‘How has Zanu PF erred? Show us then how you want to run the country'? They want to return the farms to the whites," President Mugabe said addressing Zanu PF rally in Masvingo.



“How has Zanu PF erred?” Is he serious or just being his usual obnoxious and cynical self? I asked myself!



The national economic is in ruins with unemployment now sitting at 90% and millions are now living in abject poverty. 36 years of misrule got us into this and the man at helm does not how his regime erred.



Yet when the people tried to let him know they are suffering, he has used more and more brutal force to silence them. Zanu PF has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans to establish and retain this de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship. Does this mean that President Mugabe does not see the vote rigging and the political murders as a serious error on his part? Or is it possible that after murdering a hundred or so innocent people his very humanity was dead, he could not sympathised with his fellow Zimbabweans’ suffering and needless deaths and so inflicted both without a moment’s hesitation or sense of guilty.



It is said that the blind’s sense of hearing can be sharper than that of a dog; having lost their sight the brain power normally used to process information from the eyes switches over to enhance the hearing. In President Mugabe and his cronies in Zanu PF’s case, both those still in the party and those who were part and parcel of the regime for donkey years but have since left or were kicked out; when their humanity and conscience died their primeval sense of greed and lust were set free to wreak havoc on the helpless and defenceless povo.



Mugabe and his cronies’ appetite for absolute power and wealth has become insatiable, they more they got the more they wanted and the absolutely nothing was allowed to stand in their way, not even the freedom and rights of other not even the sanctity of human life.  



Mugabe erred in destroying the nation’s economy but it can be rebuilt. He erred in causing so much suffering and misery to millions of our people but freedom, peace and economic prosperity can heal them.



Mugabe and his tyrannical regime erred in rigging elections and murdering over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans for selfish political gain; no stone must be left unturned to uncover the truth and punish those responsible. It would be a grave mistake for the nation to sweep these heinous crimes under the carpet, especial since millions of the victims or their dependences are still here and suffering.



President Mugabe’s greatest crime against this nation was in crashing the nation’s very soul and turning it into a nation of soulless thugs. Zimbabwe’s ability to recover from this hell-hole Zanu PF landed the nation is being impended the lack of competent and visionary leaders; the lot on available from both Zanu PF and opposition are all corrupt and incompetent, they are all fighting to take over from President Mugabe because they see is as their turn to enjoy absolute power and to loot.



The present political system is incapable of producing quality leaders the nation needs desperately; it is a rat’s nest and thus can produce rats and nothing else. The rats have an invested interest in keeping this corrupt system of government because they know they would not last in a healthy and functional democracy. Now that we have a system favouring rats they will fight hard to keep it and hence the reason the nation is stuck!



For his greatest crime against this nation there is not punishment harsh enough any mortals can administer; pray the Heavens will judge and punish him for eternity for his many sins against God! He will have all the time then to answer for himself where he erred.


  1. Tshinga Dube War Veterans minister has called on opposition parties and critics, who have hit out at his ministry for spending $2 million in just under three hours at a meeting with President Robert Mugabe at City Sports Centre, to read the Constitution.

    - See more at: http://www.bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-national-byo-88441.html#sthash.K576fCpO.dpuf

    Ignorance is a bad thing, Minister Dube would not be saying all this nonsense if it was not because of his ignorance. The war vets demanded a meeting with President Mugabe precisely because the government was not "looking after them". For the regime to then squander $2 million of the little it had allocated to the war vets on a 3 hour-gimmick is criminal to say the least!

    Zanu PF has yet to learn that it must start addressing the people’s concerns and stop spending over the odds on meat and beer for the day promising the people the moon and then deliver hell-on-earth.

  2. @ Mugwiji

    President Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies still in the party or have since left the party or kicked out are corrupt and incompetent and, in many cases, murderous tyrants. You and all the other ZimPF members and supporters just want Mai Mujuru back in power and do not care whether or not that is good for the country or how many millions continue to suffer as a result of the stupid decision.

    Of course it is stupid to even propose someone who has already proven beyond all doubt that they are corrupt and incompetent and a ruthless murderer should be allowed to hold public office. None of these failed leaders have ever admitted to wrong doing other than to say it was not their fault. They have kept all their looted wealth and are clearly looking forward to the opportunity to pick up from where they left off when they were kicked out of office.

    Zimbabwe's present political system where one has to be a thug to thrive will never produce competent and visionary leaders the nation needs but only these corrupt and incompetent leaders. The solution is for the nation to implement the democratic reforms to end the dictatorship and create the free and democratic system.

    Mai Mujuru is incompetent and as corrupt as they come, she will never implement any meaningful democratic reforms but rebuild the Zanu PF dictatorship in her own image. And people like you are desperate that the dictatorship should survive for selfish reasons!

  3. By the year 2000 the Zimbabwe economy was in serious trouble, exemplified by the failure to revive the economy at the end of the country's second and final five-year IMF and WB sponsored Economic Structural Adjustment Programme. President Mugabe publicly denounce the two Bretton Wood institutions blaming them for the country's economic woes and cutting all financial ties with them and all the other Western financial institutions. President Mugabe needed wealth to loot to keep his ever demanding but wasteful cronies happy. The only thing of value the country had left was the white owned farms.

    Zanu PF's political popularity was sinking too and the party needed an excuse to use violence to silence its political opponents. The violence used in seizing white own farmers was a smoke screen to cover the violence that Zanu PF visited on MDC members. It is a historic fact that between 2000 and 2008 violencce against white farmers flared up towards national elections and it was MDC supporters who suffered and died more than the white farmers and their workers.

    Mugabe's cronies got most of the former white farms and failed to put them into productive use with dire consequences to the nation. A nation that was the breadbasket of the region before the farm seizure soon found itself in the position where it could not grow enough for its own people much less have surplus for export!

    The drought gripping the region will be felt heavily in Zimbabwe; much worse than need be given the country had empty silos at the beginning of the drought!

    SA will be foolish to follow Zimbabwe's ill conceived land reform.

  4. Senator Coltart what makes you think a ruthless murderer is fit to be president? Have we not seen already the deadly consequences of having a murderous tyrant in high office? No VP Mnangagwa must apologize for the innocent blood he help shed and @*& off!

    By the way Senator Coltart, you too must apologize for your role in landing us in this mess by failing to get even one democratic reform implemented during the GNU! Then you too can @*& off out of our lives!

  5. Zanu PF is doing what it has been doing all these last 36 years - wasting time and money on an expensive gimmick which the real big issues are left untouched! The is facing a real serious economic meltdown; unemployment is 90%, millions are facing starvation; education, health and even basic services such as clean running water are barely working; etc. Instead of attending to these problems the whole party is engrossed in a meaningless exercise to get 100 000 individuals from every one of the ten provinces to Harare for a few hours walk-about, listen to an empty speech and then go back home! What a waste of time and money!