Monday, 23 May 2016

$600k for Mugabe's 1 m men march - 60c @, that is cheapest propaganda lie ever. By Nomusa Garikai

“The Zanu-PF youth league's one million-man march, slated for this Wednesday in Harare to prop up President Robert Mugabe's waning public support, is expected to gobble over $600 000, with the bulk of the money squeezed out of ailing parastatals, private firms and the few remaining white commercial farmers,” reported the Standard.
Believe that and you believe anything! How can $600 000 pay for transport, accommodation and food for one million people? So after marching for hours all the marchers can expect of a drink worth 60c each!

When President Mugabe met the 10 000 war vets on 7 April 2016 the bill was $2 million, as the War Vet Minister later revealed. President Mugabe is renowned for making sure his supporters are fed plenty of meat and beer on such occasions; it helps to make them forget their troubles and sing his praises with gusto.

If he spent $200 per person per day on the hostile war vets he would not want to been tight fisted with the party youths whom he is now banking on counter the war vets. So the regime will spend $200 per marcher giving a total of $200 million. Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa will be instructed to find the money and pay the bill.

When Bona had her wedding, the nation was told the total cost was $5 million but if anyone had carried out a thorough audit the true cost was easily ten times the official figure. In this case the regime's spin doctors knew telling the nation the true cost of this latest PR stunt would do even more harm to Mugabe’s already rotten image. Sadly, they have once again themselves by coming up with a ridiculous total price that everyone can see is a lie.
Increasing the budget 100 times will mean the regime spending $60 million or $60 per marcher per day meaning many of them will have to sleep rough and will stranded. The last thing President Mugabe would want is read stories of how thousands of the marchers were abandoned as happened with the hired crowd bussed in to welcome the Chinese President last year!
60c per head per day is without doubt the cheapest hired crowd in the whole world!


  1. Every province is expected to mobilise 100 000 youths who will assembly at various desig-nated places in Harare before they march to congregate at the Robert Mugabe Square where they will be addressed by the President.

    Meanwhile, observers and commentators say the march, which is going to be held on Africa Day, is a demonstration of the appreciation that Zimbabwean people have for the role that President Mugabe has played in the political, social and economic emancipation of his people and the African continent.

    Zimbabwe is a failed state and the evidence is there for all to see and those who pretend that the country is anything but a failure are deluding no one, not even themselves!

  2. “It’s God who is saying Mugabe be there, because He wants him to accomplish certain tasks. That’s why he can manage to do the things he is doing as the president,” Grace said.

    This is an act of desperation; President Mugabe rigged the last elections to stay in power and to evoke the name of God over this is blasphemy to say the least.

    Here is some of the documented evidence of blatant vote rigging.

    Zimbabwe is facing very serious economic challenges and the regime is wasting millions of dollars funding these meet the people rallies which have accomplished nothing. Zanu PF is finished and it is the economic meltdown that will deliver the coup de grace!

  3. PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe last Wednesday reportedly left Zanu-PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere with egg on his face at a meeting with party provincial chairpersons, after he accused him of fuelling the chaos rocking the ruling party, a Harare based newspaper has revealed.

    If President Mugabe said this then I can imagine what an earful he will get from Grace for it! Mugabe should have never allowed his wife to bully him into "baby dumping" Joice Mujuru and half the party's bigwigs and thus ignite the factional war that has torn Zanu PF to pieces.

    Even if he reprimanded Kasukuwere, VP Mnangagwa would have watched the tyrant very closely looking for the wink telling Kasukuwere to carry on. Mugabe has double crossed Mnangagwa so many times even he is not that naive to trust Mugabe ever again especially on matters relating to who should succeed Mugabe!

  4. Zimbabwe is becoming more and more like North Korea whose public shows in support of the great leader are amazing but have nothing to do with what the people real think or feel.

    Zimbabwe is in serious economic meltdown unemployment has soared to 90%, 76% of the population now live on $1.25 a day or less, etc. So 90% of the one-million men marching praising Mugabe to the high heavens will be unemployed; they are praising him for making them destitute, how stupid is that.

    It was not only Gukurahundi thugs who got their North Korea mentality the population too has been brain washed by fear to praise the great leader for fear he will make your life even worse than it is!