Thursday, 26 May 2016

"Less than 5 000" attended Mugabe's 1 m man march said Gutu, ostrich with head buried in the sand. By P Guramatunhu

We have all heard of the expression "of the ostrich burying its head in the sand" meaning someone who is refusing to confront or acknowledge a problem. With the MDC ostrich the expression has assumed a more sinister meaning!

“The so-called million men march that was staged by the faction-ridden and crumbling Zanu-PF regime on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 was a spectacular flop,” wrote MDC-T spokesman Obert Gutu. “A few thousand people, most of whom had been commandeered to travel to Harare to attend the puerile and utterly purposeless march, turned up for this non-event. In fact, less than 5,000 people turned up for this march, whose main agenda was to massage the ego of a nonagenarian who has run down the former jewel of Africa. What a big yawn, the march was.”
There is no doubt that President Mugabe “has run down” Zimbabwe’s once promising economy the facts on the ground speak volumes; unemployment rate has soared to 90% as the nation has continued to lose jobs and the regime has failed to deliver on its 2013 promise of 2.2 million new jobs.
Yes the march was “to massage” President Mugabe’s humongous ego praising his “visionary and iconic leadership” many of the huge and industrial produced quality placards. Given that he is the one responsible for the country’s economic mess, only someone with a humongous ego would still beam with pride, as Mugabe did, at be showered with such meaningless praise.
It is laughable that 90% of those marching and singing Mugabe’s praise are unemployed. Surely there must be one or two homemade placards at least demanding that the President should honour his promise and create jobs; there were not even one such placard! None!
President Mugabe spend billions of dollars in the last election to pay for his very elaborate and expensive vote rigging scheme in the 2013 elections. He paid the Israeli company that tampered with the voters roll US$10 million and must have spent millions on the hired crowd and on bussing them around the country to attend rallies and then to vote on polling day.
Some people believe it must have costed the regime $200 million to hire and bus this one-million man march crowd (none of them dared raised the lack of employment opportunities or many of the other problems because they were paid to praise the great leader even when that meant lying about his competence). President Mugabe admitted in March that $15 billion in diamond revenue was looted; it is no secret that Zanu PF chefs are the looters including the President himself. President Mugabe paid the $200 million for his one-million man march, it was small change to him!
The one million man march was a “flop” first and foremost because this country has a thousand and one other pressing matters to which the $200 million should have been used. Zimbabweans are very rarely granted a chance to meet President Mugabe and so for these marchers to do so and then say nothing to him about their myriad of economic problems included the lack of job opportunities was a wasted opportunity.
Only a shallow minded person like Obert Gutu would argue the march was a flop because instead of the one-million Zanu PF claims “less than 5 000 people turned up”. He missed the point completely because it is not the head count that is at issue here.
What exposed Gutu for his the proverbial ostrich with the head buried in the sand mentality is his claim that “less than 5 000 turn up” and even gave the list of school buses commandeered by Zanu PF as it to “prove” his case. Anyone who has seen the photographs or videos of the rallies saw there were a lot more that 5 000 people at the rally!
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Failure to implement reforms is like ostrich burying its head in the sand to escape grass fire
Tell you what you empty head Gutu; give me $200 million even $2 million and even I Patrick Guramatunhu the son of a peasant with none of your Deputy Minister of Justice in the GNU political credentials, will amass a hired crowd of one million!
Zanu PF’s unfettered access to State human and material resource including the looted wealth from Marange diamonds is at the very heart of its ability to amass a one-million man hired crowd and to rig national elections. This is way we must implement the democratic reforms necessary to stop the regime looting the nation’s resources and then, to rub hot chilli into the nation’s eyes, use the looted wealth to bankroll its vote rigging schemes.
MDC failed to implement even one democratic reform during the GNU allowing Zanu PF to blatantly rig the July 2013 elections. Since the elections MDC-T has promised to implement the reforms but to date, it is only two years now left before the next elections, the party not implemented even one reform.
The fact that Zanu PF has managed to use its ill-got wealth once again to stage this pointless one-million man rally should be a stake reminder to the opposition body politics and the nation at large that unless meaningful democratic reforms are implemented quick-smart Zanu PF will blatantly rig the next elections. Obert Gutu’s pathetic attempt to falsify the size of the hired crowd is the ostrich in him burying its head in the sand, in this case, not to see the fierce grass fire engulfing it!
We can hardly endure another day of this economic meltdown let alone another five years beyond 2018 and yet unless we implement the reforms that is what we will have. We must not allow ourselves be fooled by people like Gutu, the present economic meltdown is hurting us a hell lot more than it is hurting Gutu and his fellow MDC friends who sold-out during the GNU and failed to implement even one reform.


  1. When MDC-T had its public demo a few weeks ago the party was beside themselves because the demo was well attended. Gutu said the attendance was 20 000 although, judging from the video and photo the number was far less than that and certain a lot less than those on the Zanu PF one million man march.

    But I agree with you to discuss the head count is to miss the point as those at the MDC demo were there of their free will whereas the Zanu PF one was not because no one would freely praise some-one responsible for their own misery. There is no way the people of North Korea would freely want to live in poverty and yet each time we see them praising the great leader; they have no choice in the matter.

    The most important task for Zimbabweans is therefore to make sure we do not become another North Korea in which the one million man march praising Mugabe mechanical when in their hearts and minds they are cursing the tyrant. The big issue here is how Mugabe is using his tyrannical political power to not just abuse the populous and loot the national treasure but to force the people praise him when they would be cursing him if they had a voice.

    MDC's most important task as the country's main opposition party is to expose what Mugabe is doing and help end the abuse. MDC is not helping the people by pretending not to see what Mugabe is doing because they do not have the guts to confront him on reforms!

  2. President Mugabe is fooling no one in Zimbabwe with his metaphors! He saying the Americans want him to go and telling them to "go hang". This is just plain nonsense the Americans have no democratic say in who governs the country, they never did nor are they interested in having such a say. It is the people of Zimbabwe who have a democratic say which he has systematically deny them by rigging the elections. It is the people of Zimbabwe who have risked life and limp to end his corrupt and tyrannical rule. It is the people of Zimbabwe he is telling "go hang".

    It is absolutely imprerative that a thorough investigation is carried out of Zimbabwe's past elections to establish the historic facts of whether or not President Mugabe has been rigging elections. If the investigation finds that he has indeed been rigging elections it is in Zimbabwe's political interest that all those responsible for this heinous and treasonous crime are pushing. By rigging elections they told the people of Zimbabwe "go hang!" and the nation must hang them in turn!

  3. Yes President Mugabe you have always called for peace only for you to break the peace when it suited you! You are not just a man of blood but worse still you have abuse peace as fig leaf to hide your murderous intentions, your hands are red with the blood of tens of thousands of innocent people you killed breaking the peace.

  4. There is a lot more to stopping Zanu PF rigging elections than who can have more followers attending a rally. What Mugabe is doing is sucking MDC into doing nothing to implement the democratic removes in the mistaken belief that the crowd attending their rallies will translate into votes. Nearly one million voters, mostly MDC supporters, were denied the chance to vote in 2013. For all we know Zanu PF might have had one million votes from its bussed supporters. This gives Zanu PF two million votes head start in the race!

    Was MDC's supporters in Bulawayo 3 million because anything less means Zanu PF will win this rat race!

    We need to implement the democratic reforms to ensure Zanu PF does not have this two million votes head start!

  5. Kudzai Chipanga is a viper, he organized the one-million man march to prop up Mugabe. The only placards that the marchers held were one reading "Mugabe an iconic and visionary leader!" The viper could not substantiate his placard message without risking being booed off the stage and so he have no choice but speak of the corruption and waste.

    You spoke of many of those at the march being forced to attend the march and you are right. What role has our viper, Kudzai, played in coercing Zimbabweans to attend this rally, Zanu PF vote rigging, etc.

    Kudzai Chipanga is nothing more than a younger version of the likes of Professor Jonathan Moyo who have sold the people to the tyrant Mugabe again and again whilst giving the people the impression that they care about them!