Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mujuru's Sheroes Forum award changes nothing; she is still corrupt and incompetent. By Wilbert Mukori

“Opposition Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru has dedicated the global award she received from the International Sheroes Forum at the weekend to the country's women who continue to eke out a living in the face of adversity,” reported Newsday.
Mai Mujuru is blissfully unaware of the irony of it all! Yes the majority of our women up and down the country “continue to eke out a living in the face of adversity” because of corrupt and incompetent national leaders like year who spend 34 years in power only to destroy everything through gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. She is living pretty for no other good reason other than that she got her lion’s share of the loot!
“In her acceptance speech at the Sheroes Forum 2016 conference in Dubai on Sunday, Mujuru said she respected women for their will to survive against all odds,” continued the report.
The stupid woman lives in her own bubble and not the Zimbabwe the rest of us knows! Life expectancy has plummeted from 68 years in 1980 when Zanu PF took over power from the white colonial regime to 34 years in 2004 when it was last measured. If it was not for the generosity of the foreign donors who have paid for 98% of the country’s medicinal import for donkey years, for example, a hell lot more people will be dying.
Our people are suffering and dying like flies because of decades of misrule and the person responsible for it is wittering nonsense of “surviving against all odds”!
It is the right of the Sheroes Forum to dole out achievement awards and accolades to whoever they wish. However they must know that to all thinking Zimbabweans Mai Mujuru is just a lazy, corrupt and incompetent leader who, together with Mugabe and the others in Zanu PF, destroyed the Zimbabwe economy and ruthlessly crashed our hopes and dreams of freedom and human dignity.
The people of Zimbabwe must not be fooled by this Sheroes Forum award into thinking Mai Mujuru has change; she is the same lazy, corrupt and incompetent woman she proved to be in a 34 years in power. A pig with lip-stick is still a pig!  
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                    Lipstick on a snout will not change the snout into lips much less a pig into a lady!


  1. Ever since former VP Mujuru was booted out of Zanu PF some people have transformed her from the hated Zanu PF tyrant she was until then into some Mother Teressa character who could do no wrong. These people must open their eyes and see her for what she is just another corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF leader who is doing her best to get back on the gravy train. The women and the whole nation at large are worse off today because of Zanu PF misrule what is there to praise in that?

    There is no doubt that an organization with a proud and honourable name would not want to soil its name by showering honours on someone know to be corrupt and incompetent like Mai Mujuru. The motive of Sheroes Forum in this case is therefore is very suspects!

  2. Put a bit of political lipstick on a pig and all some people will immediately see is the lipstick, lips, the lady, the lot. A nation that can be so easily fooled is bound to be in endless trouble.

    Instead of spending time looking into the serious problem of finding the competent leaders the nation needs so desperately Zimbabweans are wasting time recycling the same corrupt and incompetent leaders like Joyce Mujuru! She was in power for 34 years and accomplished absolutely nothing. She is booted out of Zanu PF and that, it seems, is enough to transform lipstick on a snout into lips, lady, etc.

    Until Zimbabweans take the business of good governance with the seriousness the matter demands this nation is going to remain stuck in the mess it is in right now!