Friday, 11 November 2016

What "reliance on foreign money" are you talking about Musewe - they weaned us off. By W Mukori

"Our reliance on UN, IMF and foreign governments for money must die in order for our thinking to revolve into our own greatness and potential that is greater than any nation on the globe," said Vince Musewe.

What are you wittering about Musewe; the IMF, WB and most financial institution stopped lending Zimbabwe money as far back as 1999 because the country was not paying its debts. Mugabe started borrowing from the Chinese as part of his “Look east!” policy. But it did not take long before the Chinese too stopped giving him money.

你不支付你的债务 Nǐ bù zhīfù nǐ de zhàiwù,” the Chinese told Mugabe to his face in August 2014.

“You do not pay your debts!” came the translation!

Mugabe had gone to China after trying everyone else to lend him money to bankroll his $27 billion ZimAsset recovery plan. When he came back from China with nothing but fresh air in his begging bowl, everyone knew ZimAsset was dead in the water, although the regime has kept the pretence the plan is still alive.  

Musewe you are a senior member of PDP and you should therefore know that the party is stone-broke. When it was clear that MDC had failed to implement even one single reform during the GNU all the party’s donors deserted the party in disgust.  The PDP will give all manner of excuses why it will not contest in the 2018 elections but the primary reason is you people have no money.

The nation’s failure to deal with its own teething problems like the rampant corruption is forcing even the most generous and patient donors to abandon Zimbabweans to their miserable fate of disease, hunger and death! For the last ten years, at least, as much 98% of the Zimbabwe’s medicines was imported and paid for by donors but recently even big referral hospitals like Mpilo and Harare Hospitals have been running out of drugs; donor fatigue! And who would blame them!

In February Mugabe admitted that $15 billion of diamond revenue was looted. To date, ten months later, not even one person has been arrested. Not one! Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has confirmed in his last statement that only one million carat diamonds are being declared and taxed instead of the expected six million carats. In other words, the looting that resulted in the $15 billion disappearing is still continuing unabated.  

 Just to prove beyond doubt that Zimbabwe is awash with cash; it was announced that Mugabe has spent $20 million buying new vehicles for his party in preparation for the upcoming elections. He handed 14 of these new vehicles the other day to be used by war veterans – former freedom fighters who have betrayed the people to become Zanu PF thugs who have beaten, raped and even murdered innocent Zimbabweans in pursuit of Mugabe’s no regime change mantra.

God helps those who help themselves! Zimbabwe is a rich country with vast resources, wealth and great potential and would not need any handout from anyone if its wealth was used wisely and for the good of all.

Millions of Zimbabweans are out of work, hungry and thousands are suffering and hundreds dying every week unnecessarily of simple and curable diseases because of the decades of criminal waste of human and material resources by this corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe regime. It is for the people of Zimbabwe to stop the criminal waste and for the last 36 years the people have done nothing to end this madness.

People get the government they deserve, after 36 years of independence we cannot say we do not deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship complete with its entourage of corrupt and incompetent opposition parties.

No Mr. Musewe, you do not have to worry about Zimbabwe’s over reliance on foreigners for cash, medicine, food, etc.; the foreigners are sick and tired of giving loans to a regime that does not pay its debts and aid to people who are being robbed blind by their own government but would not lift a finger to stop the looting and plunder! The foreigners have weaned off Zimbabwe; after all PDP would not be stone-broke otherwise.

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  1. Musewe and PDP are preparing to boycott the coming elections because "no reforms have been implemented," they will tell us. If the truth be told they will do so for two good reasons;

    1) the party is imploding following the exit of Samuel Sipepa Nkomo and other to join Zim PF

    2) the party is broke, the political marriage to the rich widow Mujuru is now off the cards.