Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Tsvangirai offers Mugabe blanket amnesty if he "retired now" - the sell-out at it again. By N Garikai

During the GNU, Morgan Tsvangirai had the golden opportune to implement the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship and deliver free and fair elections. He failed to get even one reform implemented because he traded the nation’s get-out-of-jail card with Mugabe. The tyrant offered Tsvangirai and his MDC friends seats of the country’s political gravy train plus a $4 million Highlands mansion for Tsvangirai in return for MDC seeing to it that not even one reform saw the light of day.

Of course, Tsvangirai sold-out during the GNU! We would not still be in this hot soup if MDC had implemented the reforms and the July 2013 elections were free, fair and credible.

President Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections and Tsvangirai and many of his MDC friends were booted off the gravy train. Tsvangirai is so desperate to get back on the gravy train he is already offering to sell-out the nation again if Mugabe will step down and allow him back on the gravy train.

“Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has assured President Robert Mugabe that if the increasingly frail nonagerian retires from office now, long suffering Zimbabweans would ensure that he will not suffer retribution or end up being hauled before the courts for the human rights violations he allegedly committed ion his 36 years in power,” reported the Daily News. 

We are in this hell-hole because President Mugabe and his henchmen placed themselves above the law. They have been the law unto themselves looting everything they could lay their hands to gratify their insatiable greed and riding roughshod over our freedoms and human rights.

Early this year President Mugabe finally admitted that there was corruption in Zimbabwe, after decades of denying it and blaming the nation's economic collapse on droughts, sanctions, etc. He admitted that $15 billions of diamond revenue was “swindled”. Today, ten months later, not even one of the swindlers has been arrested and so the swindlers are still out there busy swindling.

What nation on earth can sustain the grand theft of $15 billions much less one like Zimbabwe with only $14 billion GDP!

The worst crime President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs have committed against this nation is how they have harassed, beaten, raped and even murdered innocent Zimbabweans to establish and retain this corrupt and murderous one-party, Zanu PF, dictatorship. No stone will be left unturned in the nation’s search for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on how Mugabe has rigged elections.

He has always maintained after each election that the whole electoral process was free, fair and credible; if he was not lying he has nothing to fear, there will be no retribution!

Zimbabwe’s economy has all but collapse, unemployment has soared to over 90%, millions of our people live in abject poverty, our health and education services have all but collapse, etc.   Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have been butchered for no other reason than that they dare demand their basic freedoms and human rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country. These are very serious matters that must be addresses and resolved openly and honestly; they must never ever be swept under the carpet.

Indeed, we are in this mess precisely because Mugabe thought the freedoms and human rights of ordinary Zimbabweans including the right to life DO NOT matter. By offering him a blanket amnesty for all his satanic barbarism during his reign of terror, we are per se agreeing with his assertion that the suffering and even deaths of ordinary Zimbabweans are no more worthy of one’s consideration that ants!

How typical of a sell-out like Tsvangirai, he is not yet back in power but already he bargaining off the nation’s golden opportunity to finally end the Zanu PF dictatorship and restore the rule, just as he traded off the nation’s get-out-of-jail card during the GNU! Not only is he not going to be allowed back in office but he must account for his past.

Tsvangirai, you are not off the hook; no stone will be left unturned to establish that MDC did indeed sell-out during the GNU. The nation will be irresponsible to let a sell-out or his descendants keep a fraction of ill-got wealth such as the $4 million Highlands mansion when it costed millions of innocent souls so much anguish and human lives.

Forgiveness was never meant to be an excuse for interfering, perverting the course of justice. Get the corrupt and murderous tyrants of the feeble-minded sell-outs to wield the power of forgiveness you open a can of worms because they will seek only to undermine justice and perpetuate injustice. Tsvangirai, you are just feeble-minded sell-out, you will never again be entrusted with power to chart the destiny of this great nation. Never ever!


  1. Given ZANU-PF's long record of corruption, Jonathan Moyo's case is nothing but a tiny drop in a calamitous and ferocious sea of corruption. The magnitude of Zimbabwe's corruption cases will only be known when we have a democratic government in place.

    If we do not get rid of these perennial and shameless thugs in 2018 or before, we will become an interesting political case study of a very promising nation that succumbed to one old man. A very senior South African diplomat once asked "What's wrong with you Zimbabweans? You have built every road and every building in South Africa and yet you can't get rid of Mugabe. Why do you think South Africa should do that for you?" 

    As Zimbabweans, we have a chance to do it ourselves if we make the right choices now as we prepare for 2018. Some of those choices, complementary to a vicious fight for democratic reforms, are formation of a genuine and effective coalition as well as a vigorous voter registration campaign.

    Tsvangirai gunnered 73% of the vote in the March 2008 vote, by President Mugabe’s own admission, he still lost that election. The problem was not that people did not vote for Tsvangirai but rather that Zanu PF cooked the result because they and they alone do the counting. How will “a vigorous voter registration campaign” stop Zanu PF rigging the count?

    I do agree with you there my brother that “Given ZANU-PF's long record of corruption, Jonathan Moyo's case is nothing but a tiny drop in a calamitous and ferocious sea of corruption.” I see the case as a trickle because the dam is full to capacity and the wall is cracking. The wall is breaking and the trickle will soon turn into torrent ten storeys high!

    So, you still think forming “genuine and effective” coalition from corrupt and incompetent leaders like Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru is the “right choice”?

    In case you have not heard, Morgan Tsvangirai is already promising President Mugabe and all his murderous thugs a blanket amnesty for all the thievery and murders they have committed. The coalition is not yet in power and already it is sending a clear message those who steal and murder are above the law – if Mugabe can be allowed to walk away Scott-free, then there is no guilty man in Zimbabwe!

    You and your voter registration and coalition, you are just like someone who insists on answering the questions HE wanted asked and not what was asked. You do not get any marks for answering a question the examiner never asked. By the same token we are not going to end this Zanu PF dictatorship by coming up with solutions to the easy political problems we wish.

    Our problem here is that Zanu PF rigs elections and for us to into yet another election process with not even one meaningful reform implemented is futile. We must demand the setting up of the NTA and not waste time, energy and risk even one more broken limp let alone one Zimbabwean life going through an electoral process whose result pre-determined

    I agree that getting Zanu PF to accept the NTA is not going to be a walk in the park but it should be noted that we would not even be here is Tsvangirai had implemented the reforms during the GNU. He is the idiot you want to lead the coalition. God only knows the mess he would land the nation into next!
    You talk about changing Zimbabwe and yet you are the one fighting tooth and nail to recycle the same fail corrupt and incompetent leaders. You want change, then change the leaders!

  2. Tsvangirai should have never been elected leader of the MDC; he has no clue what democratic changes we need. How can he deliver democratic changes he does not know. If anyone was foolish enough to think that he would deliver the changes then after the GNU all such illusions were removed.

    It is a great pity that many Zimbabweans have not taken the task of electing competent leaders and holding them to account with the seriousness the matter demands. If the people had done so then they would have never elected Tsvangirai into any leadership role. After the GNU fiasco, there is absolutely no excuse to still follow Tsvangirai. Sadly there are many people who still follow Tsvangirai and, if he was ever elected back into power, he will once again sell-out the nation.

  3. @Thata

    Tsvangirai is desperate so get back on the gravy train it is very difficult to maintain his golf-playing CEO living in a $4 million mansion image on zero income! If Mugabe had not given him the $70k for his medical needs he would be "consulting" traditional healers like the majority of the impoverished Zimbabwean.

    Elect Tsvangirai back into power and he will showering Mugabe and his murderous thugs with honours; every city, town and Growth Point will be forced to have a street or road named after the tyrant and there will be fist clinched statues of him everywhere. People will have no clean running water but they will have a larger than life statue of the great leader, if Comrade Richard Morgan Tsvangirai has anything to do with anything!

  4. @ Ushe

    There is something fundamentally wrong with someone who would entrust their destiny to someone with a proven track record as being corrupt and incompetent. It is a very serious matter when millions of people elect first a corrupt and murderous tyrant then elect a corrupt and incompetent sell-out next. Even now, with all the benefit of hindsight and thousands of man hours spent explaining what went wrong during the GNU, for example; it is still clear that most of these people still cannot figure it out that Tsvangirai is corrupt and incompetent.

    Even if you were to present to these people the Albert Einstein of public administration and governance these people will reject him/her because they do not have even the common sense to know what is in their own interest.

    The Zimbabwe electorate is brain-dead not because the issues before them are too complex for them to figure out; they are just too lazy to do so. The best solution here is to take away the vote from them. Giving someone a vote who does not know how to use is like giving a gun to a child! Tyrant like Mugabe would not want the vote taken away from the rural voters, they are the least informed voters, because they rural areas are his strong holds precisely because they are the most malleable and easily fooled.

  5. @ Makoni

    The first thing Makoni and many others have clearly failed to comprehend here is that there is no quality opposition and no amount of time and energy spent sprucing up this bunch of corrupt and incompetent rough necks will produce any quality opposition. There are quality Zimbabweans out there who will emerge and take up leadership positions but they will only do so if we, the people show them that we are serious about getting quality leaders. An electorate that will recycle the same corrupt and incompetent individuals like Tsvangirai or Mujuru even with all the evidence proving they are indeed corrupt and incompetent is clearly not yet ready to elect competent leaders.

    People get the government they deserve, we certainly deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship complete with the now over 50 corrupt and incompetent opposition parties crowding the political stage. It is for the people to clear the deck and get quality politicians - we are clearly not yet ready for that