Sunday, 20 November 2016

Mliswa can meet Kasukuwere but who will stop him becoming the next Mugabe. By W Mukori

In a wide raging interview with Zimeye, Temba Mliswa told Tsvangirai to “go to hell”! The sprite arose after the MDC-T VP, Nelson Chamisa, told Mliswa his boss was unhappy that Mliswa met Zanu PF Minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

To say the newly elected Norton MP, Temba Mliswa, should not meet Zanu PF ministers is downright stupid. It is rich that none other than Tsvangirai and Chamisa should be saying this nonsense when they are the ones who sold-out big time during the GNU.

MDC leaders were tripping over each other singing praises of Mugabe. Tendai Biti talked of the tyrant as “unflappable father of the nation”. Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga was so impressed by Mugabe, she was “speechless”! She must have been real impressed, coming from someone “Ane muromo asinga harwi nenhunzi!”, as one would say in Shona. (With a motor-mouth, flapping nonstop that no housefly can ever land on it!)

But by far the worst think MDC leaders did was to fail to implement even one democratic reform in the five years of the GNU! Mugabe paid them to kick the reforms into the tall grass. Tsvangirai got the $ 4 million Highlands mansion Tsvangirai to clinched the sell-out!

Mliswa, not one to miss a trick, reminded Tsvangirai and the nation at large in the interview that the MDC-T leader still lives in the mansion today and has refused to vacate it!

What the people of Zimbabwe must be concerned about with MP Temba Mliswa is that he is a political thug. It will be foolish to think that just because he is fighting his former Zanu PF colleagues that makes him one-of us, a democrat fighting for freedom and human rights. He is still a thug who firmly believes in thuggery as the only way to secure political power.

It is no secret that since 1997 Mugabe has used rogue war veterans like Jabulani Sibanda and Chinos backed by the other state organs like Police, CIO, Judiciary, ZEC to terrorise and deny the people of Zimbabwe their freedoms and basic human rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections. No honourable war veteran would have agreed to do this because terrorising and denying povo their freedoms, etc. goes against the grain of what the liberation war was about!
Until the day he was booted out of Zanu PF in 2014, Temba Mliswa, was one of the notorious Zanu PF bigwig thugs planning, organising and executing many of the party’s thuggery activities. His passion and zeal in terrorising the nation was on par with other party bigwigs the likes of Saviour Kasukuwere and Didymus Mutasa, Mliswa’s own uncle.

As Zanu PF Political Commissar Kasukuwere was heavily criticised for the party losing the Norton by-election seat to Mliswa. When the two met recently, people expected them to be sizing each other like young bulls, each keen to assert its position on the packing order. People were surprised to see pictures of the two on the social media suggesting the two kissed and made up in the Mafia bosses style! In a way that is exactly what had happened; Mliswa won the last skirmish but the gangster warfare was not over and each will be marshalling his thugs for the next clash.

The rogue war veteran thugs endorsed Temba's candidacy in the Norton by-elections and that is what costed Zanu PF the seat, boasted Mliswa. He is determined to woo the disgruntled rogue war veterans as he possibly can to join him going forward.

Victor Matemadanda and his fellow rogue war veterans are the toast of the Zimbabwe political scene, everyone is queuing to impress and win them over! Both MDC-T and Zim PF have had Nelson Chamisa and Joice Mujuru respectively bending over backwards to encourage the rogue war veterans to breakaway from Zanu PF and join their camp. have Matemadanda at el join their camp!

Mugabe has tried coercing the rebellious war veterans back under his wing whilst still pursuing his usual trick of buying them plenty of meat and beer and promise each unparalleled economic prosperity “tomorrow”.

My money is on Mugabe winning back the rogue war veterans; they have waited for Mugabe’s “tomorrow” for 36 years already and many of them are old dogs now. You can play the same dirty trick on an old dog over and over again, he will never learn!

Temba Mliswa is a Zanu PF thug and he firmly believes in the Zanu PF way of recruiting thugs who will then terrorise the populous and forcing them to vote as directed. If he fails to win the rogue war veterans he will have his own militia. After 36 years of Zanu PF thuggery we know thuggery does not work, people like Temba Mliswa do not think so and that is way we will be foolish to trust a thug like him to end the dictatorship! Mugabe booted Mliswa out of Zanu PF, a party of thugs, no one has yet booted thuggery out of Temba Mliswa! He is still a thug who is seeking political power and influence through thuggery!

We want a new Zimbabwe where every Zimbabwean enjoys all the freedoms and basic human rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections. Temba Mliswa is offering to use thuggery to end the Zanu PF thuggery. Who will stop him becoming the next dictator complete with his own thugs in the Police, CIO, ZEC, etc.?


  1. Street protests are still a important tool in our tool box in our fight to end the Zanu PF dictatorship however I also agree that there is need for careful thinking and planning. Poor planning has often resulted in very little to show for all the effort and sacrifice! We must aid to do better and with careful planning, we can.

  2. Well Mai Mujuru cannot complain about being closed out of the stadium after all her is very familiar with this as a classic Zanu PF move! She did not see this during her 34 years in power because her "puppy eyes" had not opened! Well there are open now.

    Mai Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent and it is folly to think that she will do anything to get the nation out of the hell-hole we now find ourselves in!

  3. It is tempting to see the removal of President Mugabe from office as the end of the Zanu PF dictatorship and an era not knowing that such substitute as Mliswa or ZimPF are just Zanu PF dictatorship by another name. President Mugabe has come to symbolise Zanu PF and everything wrong about the system, some people of equate the demise of the tyrant with the demise of the system although the two are not the same!

  4. You are right, Mliswa is a thug and he was even boasting about it in parliament.

    Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has revealed that he used beans from his farm to 'buy' votes.

    Mliswa was allocated a 800 hectares Spring farm located in Hurungwe.

    "Madam Speaker; I want to repeat that I want to thank the Government, not Zanu-PF – which gave me land because my offer letter does not have a letterhead of Zanu-PF, but a Government letterhead.

    "It is a noble idea, even when I campaigned in Norton; I campaigned with the beans from my farm" Mliswa is quoted saying by the parliamentary Hansard.

    Mliswa is a political thug who is clearly proud of wealth and thuggery tactics and experience he has amassed during his Zanu PF days. He is proud he is now putting them all to very good use by building his own well-funded fiefdom now that he has been booted out of Zanu PF! The people of Zimbabwe must now make a clear choice to have a complete and clean cut from the Zanu PF dictatorship and all the budding dictators like Mliswa, Mujuru, Mnangagwa, etc. the tyrant has sired in his 36 years in power.

  5. @ Passmore Mupungayi

    Your continued naivety and stupidity is the curse that is holding back Zimbabwe!

    Tsvangirai won 73% of the vote in 2008, by President Mugabe's own admission, but did not become president because he was too naive not to see that Mugabe was delaying announcing the results to see what Tsvangirai would do next. Archbishop Desmond Tutu warned Tsvangirai that Mugabe was cooking the results and should demand that the results are made public or he will declare them himself.Tsvangirai in his infantile wisdom said he would wait.

    After six weeks it was clear Tsvangirai would do nothing whatever Mugabe did, so the results were finally declared with 73% boiled down to 47%!

    Tsvangirai had the chance to redeem himself during the GNU, all he had to do was implement the democratic reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections. After five years in the GNU he failed to get even one reform implemented. By noon on 31 July 2013, elections day, Tsvangirai publicly admitted that the elections was rigged!

    Was it Wilbert who advised Tsvangirai to blunder from pillar to post in 2008 and throughout the GNU you brainless nincompoop? All Wilbert has done is point out to idiots like you that Tsvangirai is corrupt and incompetent, it is your democratic right to still follow a known corrupt and incompetent idiot.

    Zimbabwe is cursed in that it has more than its fair share of some of the most naive and stupid voters in the world, you are certainly not alone Passmore that much we know; with such an electorate Tsvangirai has a very good chance of being elected back into power. The fact that he is corrupt and incompetent will never stop people you Passmore voting for Tsvangiria, such detail will never register in a brainless monkey such as you!