Sunday, 13 November 2016

Shiri tells corrupt Moyo "to man up and face the music" - crow forgetting itself. By W Mukori

In Shona folklore, the crow is frowned upon for its short memory; the minutes it turns its back on anything, it has forgotten all about it! Well in Zimbabwe it seems it is not only the crow that suffers bouts of memory lose; our top brass security chefs have a very selective memory because when it comes to politics and corruption they remember nothing!

“We (military) are not playing any role (in politics),” said Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda. “That field is for the political parties, in this particular case I guess you are talking about Zanu PF. In Zanu PF the military has no role to play in terms of succession politics, and that is the long and short of it.”

How many times has the country’s security chiefs including the late Zvinavashe, Police Commissioner Chihuri, Perrance Shiri from the Air Force, Douglas Nyikayaramba and Sibanda himself said they would never salute anyone with no liberation war credentials? These men did not just say something in support of Mugabe’s no-regime-change mantra; they played their full role in ensuring there was no regime change.

It is a matter of historic record that all the country’s security services played a major role in the wanton violence, of beating, rape and even murder to force the people to vote for Zanu PF, and other vote rigging activities which are now a feature of our political system. Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri was even written a doctorate thesis boasting of how the Police have frustrated and defeated agents of regime change.

The security chefs had one good reason to prop up Mugabe and Zanu PF and stop regime change at all cost – they were part and parcel of the corrupt ruling elite and getting their share of the political power and influence and, of course, the looted wealth. Regime change not only threatened Mugabe and his political cronies’ hold on power but the top brass security services chefs too as a new regime would not necessarily keep all of them in their top posts complete with the share of the looted wealth.  

As Mugabe and Zanu PF’s popularity plummeted with the worsen economic situation more and more ordinary Zimbabweans demanded regime change. Even the most na├»ve and gullible of the security Chefs must have seen through the lie of calling ordinary villagers demanding meaningfully free and fair elections regime change agents!

Zimbabwe’s security services have been central in Mugabe’s 36 years dictatorship; the Police, CIO and Army have been the menacing dogs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm tearing out the throat of all who dared challenge Mugabe’s will. Mugabe has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans for selfish political gain; he would have never done this without a doggedly royal security services chiefs!

Since the Army, Police and CIO are the ones providing all the security and cover for all the corruption and looting that has destroyed the nation, it is interesting that the security services chefs readily acknowledge that corruption is a problem.

“My take (on corruption) is no different from what my Commander-in-Chief has already said: ‘Anyone who is involved in corruption should carry his own cross.’ And that is our position as the military as well,” Lt-General Sibanda to Sunday Mail reporter.

Air Marshal Perrance Shiri has also condemned corruption saying corrupt officials must “man up and face the music!”

ZNA Chief-of-Staff Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba throw in his threepence worth claiming corruption was now a serious “security threat”!

Just as they would deny their involvement in politics they all deny being corrupt themselves. Professor Jonathan Moyo, Minister of Higher Education, is one of the many political leaders facing corruption changes and thus the target of the “man up and face the music” volleys. He returned the fire and reminded the Army Chefs that they must explain the billions of dollars the Army is getting from Marange.

Even Mugabe, Commander-in-Chief is himself up to his eyes in the corruption and looting. Africa Partnership Canada said Mugabe pocketed $2 billion from the looting in Marange is 2012 alone!

It is to be expected of our brainwashed crows in uniform to continue to deny the people their freedoms and basic human rights in their daily work to safe guard Mugabe’s continued rule especially during the coming elections and yet swear they are apolitical. They will continue to enjoy their extravagant lifestyles of leisure and luxury far beyond their state salaries and condemn corruption with the feigned innocence of the pot calling the pan black.

The only reason people like Sibanda, Nyikayaramba and all the other security buffoons are now admitting there is corruption is because they are hoping that by forcing the likes of Professor Moyo take the blame and punishment for corruption they will save themselves from close scrutiny and punishment. They will pretend to be the crow and so cannot remember ever saying or doing anything that can be considered political bias much less being involved in any corrupt activity. The security sector corrupt to the core and it cannot be trusted to reform itself!

Zimbabwe’s security services have been heavily politicized and corrupted by Mugabe for his own selfish political gain; just as he has done the same thing with all the other State Institutions like the Judiciary, Public Media, etc. for the same selfish reason. This is why we need to implement the comprehensive structural and institutional democratic reforms if we are to restore the democratic freedoms and basic human rights including the right to free and fair elections in this country. 


  1. If people like Nyikayaramba think they harass someone like Professor Jonathan Moyo for being corrupt when they are just as corrupt if not worse then they are in for a very rude wake-up call. Jonathan Moyo is smart enough to know what they have been doing all these year in great detail.

    Yes corruption in Zimbabwe has now reached the point where the regime cannot pretend it is not there or hide it. Everyone has been emboldened to steal by seeing some many others especial the big wigs themselves amassing so much wealth, the small fry now think it is their turn to loot! One can even say the worsening economic situation is forcing all to loot as much as they can as quickly as they can because the window of opportunity may close the next minute!

    Life, for those with nothing to fall back on in Zimbabwe is now hell-on-earth! Look at Zim PF people, in less than two years since they were booted out of Zanu PF and already, by Mujuru's own admission, many are dying of "stress" already! Poverty induced stress! After decades of three course meals everyday, in a five star hotel if you are VP Mphoko, it is hard to accept the rough and ready meals of the poor. "Mugaiya nomufuswa!"

    Professor Moyo is a lot smarter than Joice Mujuru and many of her followers, if the regime is going to use him as the sacrificial lamp to rein in the out-of-hand corruption then the powers that be must know he is not going down alone! And rightly so too, why should he!

  2. Mugabe has always waved the olive branch, talked of peace and unity and then at the most opportune moment accuse his opponents of all manner of crime including the attempt to assassinate him and seize power before delivering his killer blow. Although the G40 faction has failed to deliver the killer blow and has suffered some serious setbacks of late Mugabe will not disband them. He has publicly said the factional fighting must stop but in private he is the one who wants the fighting to continue - he may still have a chance to deliver the killer blow and clear the way for his wife to take over.

    As president he still wields a lot of power and he is not one to shy away from abusing it for his selfish gain.

    Right now he is going all out to woo the war veterans back to his camp. He has already released 13 new vehicles to be used by war veterans. Soon every province, district, ward right down to every village and then back up again will have war veteran's meeting with plenty of meat to eat and beer to drink all those militant war veterans will be eating out of his hands again.
    Even if the G40 faction was to emerge victorious in the present factional war Mugabe will create a fictitious faction to fight against just to keep everyone on their toes and himself relevant as the only one who can keep the peace!
    Mugabe is one of the few people in history who has waved the olive branch and talked peace all day whilst hiding a dagga under his cloak and put it to good use under cover of darkness! He is some murderous peace-maker alright!

  3. One of the tragedies of our people is their inability to see right from wrong even with a mountain of evidence placed before their eyes. The question of whether Tsvangirai is corrupt and incompetent should have been settled by now and yet it many people still consider him suitable presidential material.

    Of course, if they had the intellect to digest the evidence they would come to the same conclusion as anyone else that Tsvangirai is corrupt and incompetent and therefore totally unsuitable to hold any public office much less the highest office in the land. They do not have the intellect to digest anything all the evidence of his GNU failures means absolutely nothing to these men and women. Even if they were to be given another year, ten years even, it will still mean nothing to them.

    It has taken a lot of rot on Mugabe's part to finally convince many Zimbabweans that he is a corrupt and murderous tyrant. Tsvangirai will have to drag the nation into a similar mess before many Zimbabweans will finally admit he is corrupt and incompetent. I shudder to think what state the nation will be in then! The people will elect another corrupt and incompetent leader and give him/her a decade or two before they finally accept he/she is no good.

    Such is our fate, we have given the vote to people who are, intellectually, as blind as a blind mole and they are to elect good leaders out of a basket full of corrupt and incompetent ones not that the electorate have the eyes to see the difference. We are looking at the nation electing back into power Tsvangirai or Mujuru regardless of the two's existing proven record as corrupt and incompetent leaders that is what being blind as a blind mote means!

    So if the blind moles have failed to see Tsvangira as the corrupt and incompetent leader he is, then he is entitled to the $70k, $4 million Highlands mansion bribe, etc.

  4. Zimbabwe’s liberation war veterans of the 1970s are demanding gratuities of up to $500,000 each backdated to 1980.
    It was for the money that Jabulani Sibanda and all the other rogue war veterans have become Zanu PF thugs! Let me rephrase that; it was for the sake of an empty promise of buckets of cash that Sibanda and others turned from liberation war heroes to despicable political thugs!

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