Thursday, 24 November 2016

Resolution to elect VPs is a loaded gun in Mugabe's - could backfire. By W Mukori

Zanu PF is a mad-house and you can tell the party’s congress is round the corner because the tempo of the drum to which they all dance to goes into overdrive!

All the ten provinces have now confirmed that they want Robert Mugabe as the party’s presidential candidate for 2018 elections. Usually this endorsement comes early and is routine but not anymore. Ever since those war veterans told him to his face that they “were the stockholders of Zanu PF and Zimbabwe” and he and the other leaders “were stakeholders who come and go”! His self-assured arrogance and confidence have been shaken to the core.

There is talk of asking the party congress next month to pass a resolution demanding that there should be properly election to fill the two VP positions. In 2014 it was Mugabe who appointed the two with no elections.

The call for member to have a meaningful say in who holds the office of VP brings into focus on why the party members have never ever been granted the free vote in deciding who is president. No one has ever elected Mugabe in all his over 50 years as party leader.  been granted Who has ever voted for Mugabe?

Mugabe has always bullied each province into make sure that ahead of any elective congress there is only one name in the hat to contest the top job – his name. But even securing his own position was not good enough, he used all his trickery to usurp the members to elect the other posts in the presidium so that he ended up appointing whoever he pleased. This made the appointees beholden to him. So none of the appointees have ever dared become their own man/woman, not when you are beholden to a control freak like him!

“A SURPRISE resolution by the ruling Zanu-PF party's Mashonaland Central province is seen giving President Robert Mugabe the ammunition he has been desperately looking for to end factionalism, which has left his party extremely vulnerable with only less than two years before the make-or-break polls in 2018,” reported the Financial Gazette.

Yes, if VP Mnangagwa was to be replace with one of the G40 faction members that will go a long way in helping to secure his wife Grace’s political future. But in a secret free, fair and credible election; it may not be so easy for Mugabe to rig this congress electoral process at such short notice considering Mnangagwa is no novice at how the tyrant has rigged past elections; Mnangagwa may will win.

VP Mphoko has never had any real support and his grovelling to Grace during her rallies lost him whatever little respect he had. A Mnangagwa loyalist in the former PF Zapu side could end up being elected; leaving the G40 faction out in the cold.

An elected Mnangagwa will know he has even more legitimacy than Mugabe has ever had. Mnangagwa has lived all his political life in Mugabe’s shadow, he would now want to emerge and stamp his own authority and the electoral victory would provide the launch platform he has been waiting for all these years!

At his advanced age Mugabe should not be playing with guns; he drops off to sleep at the drop of a hat, what a time to have a titchy finger because the business end of the gun may well be pointing at him!

Zanu PF is imploding, there is no stopping the dog-eat-dog fighting tearing the party apart. Booting out Joice Mujuru and her followers helped to ease the pressure but only long enough for a new faction, G40, to emerge. Come to think of it, giving uncle Bob a loaded gun in the form of congress resolutions is not such a bad idea!


  1. The people of Zimbabwe are damned if the accept the bond notes and as for not accepting, they have no say, not as long as they are in Zimbabwe. The people's worst curse is that the have never been allowed a meaningful say in the governance of the country, they have been stuck with this corrupt and tyrannical regime for 36 years and counting. As long as Zanu PF has the licence to rig elections this nation is never going to get out of this hell-hole!

  2. When Mugabe changed the party constitution in 2014 to give himself the power to appoint the two VPs he was only formalising what he had been doing already anyway. For over 50 years, Mugabe has seen to it that his name was the only one in the hat for first secretary so every elective congress was just a coronation. He also manipulated the process to make sure he appointed the other candidates so they were always beholden to him and not the party members.

    He also appointed every one in the Politburo except for the ex officio members. He did the same thing in government; he appoints all the cabinet members, Judges, Army Officers, University vice Chancellors (he is the only Chancellor of all the Universities).

    Mugabe is a megalomania and a control freak!

    G40 has failed to displace Mnangagwa from his pole position in the race to replace Mugabe even with the tyrant control every lever of power in the land. G40 are revert to the old system of allowing the party member elect VP in the hope they will remove Mnangagwa from pole position.

    In 2014 Mujuru was set to win the VP post ahead of Mnangagwa; this time Mnangagwa is the front runner! You are really getting desperate now!

    "A ruler that's not flexible enough to bend will break!" twittered Professor Moyo in a desperate effort to justify the sudden departure from the one centre of power philosophy.

    What Professor Moyo should tell Mugabe is: "You can fool some people all the time; you can fool all the people some of the times but you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

    Mugabe is now learning that he cannot fool everybody all the time, the hard way by having his nose rubbed into it. Even the brainwashed war veteran thugs like Mahiya are telling him to his face that he is a second grade crook and must now go!

  3. There are reports of violence and intimidation of voters by Zanu PF ahead of Chimanimani by-election tomorrow.

    There is all the evidence that Zanu PF will rig the next elections the question is why are these opposition buffoon taking part in an election process they already know will be rigged. Our problem is there are some opposition leaders who are willingly sell-out the ordinary people and their right to free, fair and credible elections for the purpose of securing for themselves those crumbs they know Zanu PF will throw out for the opposition.

    Tsvangirai and his MDC friends sold-out on the nation's chance to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship during the GNU, Mugabe offered them the gravy train lifestyles plus the $4 million Highlands mansion for Tsvangirai and instead of doing the right thing and implement the reforms they took the bribes and kicked the reforms into the tall grass.

    History is repeating itself, the opposition parties will take part in the 2018 elections regardless of all the evidence the elections will be rigged; just as MDC leaders wanted the immediate gain of the bribes they will be going for the few seats Zanu PF will throw for the opposition and damn the consequences

  4. Zanu PF is imploding and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it; not even the cunning Professor Jonathan Moyo or the equally cunning President Mugabe himself can stop it. When a tortoise is threatens it withdraws into the shell, its comfort zone. But when it is being threatened by a grass fire then it is a 100m dash for safety. The fact that Professor Moyo is asking president Mugabe to get out of his comfort zone and do the exact opposite - give back the members the power - means he is really scrapping the bottom now!

    With the war veterans fanning the bush fires this is certainly not the right time for President Mugabe, whom I agree is a control freak, to be giving up his excessive autocratic powers! There will be trouble ahead, let us put on the music and dance!