Friday, 4 November 2016

Prof Changamire, Mugabe is cunning but not clever and certainly NOT a "genius"! By W Mukori

Whilst I agree with Professor Changamire’s primary accession that the G40 has all but lost the Zanu PF factional war to the Mnangagwa faction. I do not agree with some of his analysis.

“(Professor Jonathan) Moyo has been found out by Mugabe,” wrote Professor Changamire. “His window dressed plan of pushing for a Grace Mugabe presidency, only to grab power from her after her husband's demise was found out.

“Moyo is a genius, but Mugabe is a bigger genius, if not the best. If the theme of things in a single day is striking, consider the actual faction that Moyo led appeared in pole position to land a fatal blow to Vice President Mnangagwa.”

Well the truth is G40 faction’s presidential candidate, Grace Mugabe, is a feather weight and although she has landed many punches on her opponent, VP Mnangagwa, a political heavy weight, she failed to land the knock-out punch. It is now clear that she will never land that knock-out punch and Mugabe, who have cheered her and the G40 faction, knows this and, being the cunning devil he is, is negotiating the cessation of hostility. Instead of offering the tradition olive-branch, Mugabe is offering all the G40 members to Mnangagwa to punish them as he sees fit!

As for Mugabe being a genius, nothing could be further from the truth!

Mugabe is a cunning and ruthless tyrant with black and an Absolute zero cold-hear to match; I will grant his that. Those given to scratching the surface and easily impressionable have often fallen into the trap and confused cunning for being clever but after 36 years of historic evidence only the foolish ones will still be confused.

Mugabe conned many people into believing he was seizing the white owned farms to redistributed the land to the impoverished peasants. He earned himself many brownies for that! In reality, he kept most of the farms for himself and his cronies to feed their insatiable greed. He has 14 farms!

As for the peasants, they not only did not get the land but economic collapse triggered by the collapse of the agricultural sector – Mugabe and his cronies have failed to put the seized farms into productive use – has left the peasant destitute. In the past peasants had depended on subsidies from family members in full time employment but economic collapse has resulted in unemployment soaring to 80% plus; millions of Zimbabweans have left the country or else now live in abject poverty.

It beggars believe how anyone with even a half brain would call someone, who by his sheer incompetence has forced millions of his people to starve in a country which by all account should be the Garden of Eden, a genius.

Mugabe has managed to stay in power for 36 years because he was able to cheat and bamboozle his political opponents like Tsvangirai and Mujuru, not because he is clever but rather because they are breathtakingly naïve and incompetent!

Those who are not smart enough to distinguish the cunning from the clever have no business making a judgement call on who is a genius. If Mugabe is not clever then how can he be a genius!

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interrèd with their bones.
So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
Hath told you Caesar was ambitious.
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Caesar answered it.”

Mark Antony: Julius Caesar.

There will be no good to be interred with Mugabe when the tyrant dies. I am pleased he has lived long enough to have the evil he has done exposed for the whole world to see. I hope he will live long enough to account for some of his evil deeds. But died or alive, he knows that he will be stripped of all the farms, mansions, etc. he looted from the people!


  1. Zanu PF has no quality but the G40 faction has the scum of the party and having Grace Mugabe as their champion turn the faction into scum of the scum.

    Now that the G40 faction is as good as died it is interesting to note how quickly President Mugabe is distancing himself from the faction. He is the one who set it up and kept it going all these years and now he does it does not exist and he does not know any of the faction players.

    If there is justice in the world then President Mugabe must be held to account for some of his satanic acts. As for the huge fortune he and his cronies have looted from the nation we must recover as much of it as we can.

  2. After decades of doing Mugabe's dirtiest laundry and being cheated and made a complete fool of by the tyrant again and again, with his shrew wife getting her boot in for all she is worth these last two years, it is understandable why Mnangagwa would be angry and itching for revenge. He is smart enough to know that he must deal with all those who have supported Mugabe and his wife in the G40 and make sure there is no chance of the faction coming back after him again. Then he will go after the tyrant and the shrew!

    However Mnangagwa's victory over the G40 faction is an empty victory because, unlike Mugabe who inherited a rich economy, he is inheriting one that is in total meltdown. Mugabe kept his cronies loyal to him by keeping them well supply with looted wealth; Mnangagwa will not have any such wealth to dole out, but try explain that to fruitcakes like Chris Mutsvangwa and the other rogue war veterans.