Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Zim is not "helpless society" insist Musewe - the egotistic self-indulgence behind the helplessness. By Nomusa Garikai

Musewe you are now becoming more and more like President Mugabe; even when it is as clear as day you are the root cause of the problem you are always looking for someone else to blame. Blaming the British for Zimbabwe’s political paralysis is daft!


“The British approach of appeasing Mugabe's regime is wrong and unforgivable. I take note of British Ambassador to Zimbabwe's statement explaining their position on the unfolding political, social and economic disaster,” wrote Musewe.

“However in my view, it appears that they is no firm decision by the British to fight on the right side of history in partnership with the people of Zimbabwe who continue to suffer violence and lack because of Mugabe's greed for power. They think that ZANU (PF) can reform. That is a joke.”


There was nothing in the whole article to substantiate his allegation that the British were appeasing the Mugabe regime. If anyone is guilty of our current political paralysis then it is us Zimbabweans ourselves or more specifically MDC leaders.


During the GNU we did have a golden opportunity to end this Zanu PF dictatorship peacefully by implementing the democratic reforms. MDC had five years to implement the reforms but failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!


Whilst Vince Musewe has been quick off the mark in accusing the British for their “colonial welfare mentality” he has never ever acknowledged that MDC leaders were corrupt and incompetent in failing to get even one democratic reform implemented. If anything Musewe has continued to sing the praise of corrupt and incompetent individuals like Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti and Joice Mujuru.


We would not be in this political mess if MDC had implemented the reforms because Zanu PF would not have rigged the July 2013 elections.


“As progressive Zimbabweans we are calling for the immediate step down of Mugabe and his replacement by an inclusive citizens' National Transitional Authority (NTA) whose responsibilities have been clearly articulated by us in the PDP in our economic blue print – HOPE,” concluded Musewe.

“There is an opportunity now for the British to redeem themselves and play a more positive and decisive role in helping to build a new democracy in Zimbabwe other than assisting a regime whose demise is inescapable. I do hope the new foreign secretary Boris Johnson follows through on his thinking on Zimbabwe.”


First of all, there is nothing “progressive” about Zimbabwe recycling corrupt, incompetent sell-outs which is what you and your PDP, MDC and Zim PF friends are trying to do, since these are MDC or ex Zanu PF leaders. They are ones who got us into this mess in the first place and it is na├»ve to think they can get us out. Second, we must stop this culture of blame other people for our own problems to the extent of digging up historic archives; Zimbabwe’s political paralysis and economic mess are problems of our own post-independence making.


“I thoroughly detest any insinuation by those that come from the West that we in Zimbabwe are a helpless society only in continual need of their largesse and that they have the "solutions" to our problems. That is utter nonsense and we must never accept that narrative because it disempowers us as a society,” Musewe had started off.


My brother you are your own worst enemy, you have disempowered yourself. Your larger than life egotistic self-indulgence is stopping you from seeing Tendai Biti for the corrupt and incompetent he is, for example, even when all the evidence has been presented before you. By denying the problem you have effectively denied yourself the opportunity to do something to put it right. It is the failed leadership of the post-independence black leaders who have landed us in the present mess but by blaming the British and other factors you have allowed the failed leaders to stay on and wreak more damage.

The continued narrative by people like you that we do not have a problem of corrupt and incompetent leaders is the real “utter nonsense” holding the nation back.


  1. We have all heard you but that will not stop us demanding change because our fear of the worsening economic situation and what it will do to the nation is greater than our fear of Zanu PF's violence.

    Our hope for a better Zimbabwe after the demise of this corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship spurs the people to stand up and demand change! Change is in the air and there is no stopping it!

  2. Tsuro haiponi rutsva kaviri! President Mugabe has got away from democratic and undemocratic plots to remove him from office using undemocratic means including blatant vote rigging and even murder. His lucky has just run out; even for a cunning plotter like him this was bound to happen. Now it has!

  3. Musewe is cheesed off that the West has not stepped up and bankrolled his party and/or his National Tran-sition Authority. He has accepted leaders like Tendai Biti, Morgan Tsvangirai, Joice Mujuru, etc as competent leaders although the evidence on the ground tell a different story. Given the evidence of the ground that Tendai Biti, who is the President of PDP, and a number of his key party members are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent, it makes perfect sense for not just the British but anyone else with any grey stuff between their ears not to waste a penny funding such a bunch of utterly useless individuals.

    Many people have already spent many moons explaining to Musewe and his PDP friends why their pro-posed electoral law reforms and this NTA will never deliver any of the democratic freedoms and rights the nation needs but, of course, they would not listen - further proof of why they are indeed just a bunch of utterly useless busy bodies. Anyone with any brain would strongly argue the British or anyone else who might wish to fund this NTA not to waste their money and, more significantly, raise the false hope amongst Zimbabweans of this NTA finally delivering the democratic changes the nation has been waiting for all these years!

    Let Vince Musewe join Mugabe in this echo my lunatic call of condemning the British imperialist for their own corruption and incompetence! Besides we can anyone do to silence them; giving then the cash or lifting the sanctions would only make they scream louder demanding God knows what else!