Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mujuru has secret plans to stop vote rigging - secretive even she does not know them! By Nomusa Garikai

Mai Mujuru has poured ice cold water on the idea of the opposition forming a coalition.
“Those that make the assertion have reasons to support their observation. It could be a way, but not a grand narrative. My understanding is that Mugabe will be defeated if anyone can come up with more votes than him. Coalition doesn't always quantify votes,” she told The Standard Chief Reporter Everson Mushava.
Acknowledging that opposition unity is not the panacea to ending Zanu PF vote rigging is the smartest thing Mai Mujuru has ever said in all her decades in politics! Having said that she went on to show why many people have dismissed her as a serious candidate for leading the nation out of this hell.
“Sharing with you publicly our plans, our strategy would be the greatest betrayal I would have done to our people. Suffice to say, we know the shenanigans, and we have put in place plans to counter them to ensure our supporters' votes are not put to waste.” Was her answer to the pertinent question of how she and her party, ZimPF were going to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections.
It is a dead give-away that someone is bluffing; they have no clue what the answer is and so to cover up they make a mountain out of a mole hill and shroud it all in top secrecy! The solution to stopping Zanu PF’s vote rigging shenanigans is a simple and well documented one; implement the democratic reforms! Mai Mujuru has no idea how to get the reforms implemented, assuming she understands what the reforms are in the first place (which is itself very doubtful), and so is seeking to hide her ignorance behind a shroud of secrecy! A familiar MDC trick, as many will know.
How many times have all heard MDC leaders claimed they have secret plans to do this or that only nothing to ever come out of it? Last year MDC-T Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora told New Zimbabwe reporter that MDC will “force Zanu PF, kicking and screaming, to implement democratic reforms” before the end of the year. He would not say how, “it would be unwise to reveal our strategies”, he explained.
All hot-air, of course, as not even one reform was implemented last year or will MDC-T ever going to get any implemented. MDC-T had the best chance to get the reforms implemented during the GNU when President Mugabe had his hands tied by the GPA; it is naïve to expect Tsvangirai et al to get any reform implemented now that Zanu PF has the upper hand.
When Mai Mujuru was once asked how Zanu PF had rigged the last elections; she admitted that she not know the details because “a small clique” had masterminded the vote rigging. Of course as VP in government, she should have known; the fact that she did not have a clue underlines just how incompetent she is.
Now she wants the nation to believe she has “secret” plans to stop Zanu PF vote rigging shenanigans in 2018! No doubt, the plans are such a top secret that even she does not know them!


  1. In an exclusive interview with The Standard at his Gweru home recently, Msipa said since 1980, the electoral playing field has favoured President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party as the opposition has been denied entry into some areas.

    Msipa is a close friend and relative of Mugabe and both men have confirmed their relationship publicly.

    "There is need to improve our electoral system… it has never been free and fair," Msipa said. "There is room for improvement and I know we can do much better."

    The former Midlands provincial governor — who quit his influential post following the bloody 2008 elections — said even the historical 1980 polls won by Zanu-PF were not free and fair as his party,-PF Zapu, then led by the late vice-president Joshua Nkomo, was banned from visiting some parts of the country.

    "Even the 1980 elections were not free and fair. We had some parts that were no-go areas for us from Zapu. I was the election manager for Midlands and I could not access areas such as Mberengwa. One day I went to campaign there and I found some boys, Zanu boys, at a bridge and they said to me 'how can you impregnate an already pregnant woman… VaMugabe has already done that here," he said.

    "I tried to pretend as if I could not understand what they were saying but they were very clear that it was a no-go area for Zapu. We had areas such as Murehwa, Mutoko and Mount Darwin, which were also no-go areas for us. So, really, we have to work on those things to ensure that our elections are credible."

    Well the only sure way to guarantee free, fair and credible elections from now on is to implement all the democratic reforms!

  2. We want free, fair and credible elections; this is not an individual, a party or a this time only issue but a national one which we want to settle not just for the coming elections but for all future elections from now on. So why Joice Mujuru should consider the plans to stop Zanu PF and all future regimes rigging elections a secret beggars belief!

    Zim PF supporters are being picked off one by one and beaten by Zanu PF already so why has she done nothing to stop the violence if she already has a ready-made plan on how to stop the violence!
    I agree she, like Tsvangirai does not have a clue what to do to stop Zanu PF from rigging future elections and so she is bluffing and play Russian roulette with the voters who are risking life and limp to support her and yet cannot afford yet another rigged elections.

    Zimbabwe cannot afford another rigged elections and more of the same mismanagement and corruption. The only way the nation is going to stop Zanu PF rigging elections is for the ordinary people to wake up to the political reality that the opposition parties do not have a clue what the democratic reforms much less what must be done to ensure the reforms are implemented! Until the people do their homework and learn what the reforms are and how they should be implemented this nation will never ever have free, fair and credible elections!

  3. Mai Mujuru has strategic plans on how to stop vote rigging; what a laugh. Since when has she ever produced anything of substance; of course, she is bluffing!

    Well Mai Mujuru has certainly learnt something is all her 34 years in President Mugabe’s cabinet; how to keep everyone guessing by saying very little and when you do say the little it must be to say you know what you are doing but will not reveal any detail. No one can criticize your plans for lack of detail, clarity, for being too simplistic, etc., etc., since no one knows what the plans are.

    The bluff works even better when you DO NOT have a plan; no one will ever criticize you for having no plan because you pre-empted that by talking of your secret plans which you cannot reveal!

    Even if Mujuru’s top secret plans to stop vote riggings where to fail, which is a certainty given not even one reform has been implemented and the political violence against her own supporters is on the rise, the worst criticism she will ever get is that her plans did not work. No one can say they were childish or anything because they are still a secret.

    Mugabe has ruled this nation with an iron fist and a multi-layered secret service of spies monitoring everyone including his own fellow party leaders to instil fear and by stifling public media and free-dom of expression he has kept everyone ignorant and thoroughly brainwashed.

    One of the essential pillars of a healthy and functional democracy is that the people must hold those in public office to account and that is only possible when there is free flow of information and transparency. The people need to be informed if they are ever going to hold the leaders to account.

    One of the key democratic reforms MDC was supposed to implement during the GNU is media re-forms with the view of free the media of the suffocating strangle hold Zanu PF has had on it for the last 36 years and to ensure there was freedom of expression. If Mai Mujuru is serious about trans-forming Zimbabwe and ending Zanu PF’s control of the public media then why is she being so coy about what kind of media reforms she is proposing?

    Why does she think only she and her ZimPF advisers, if she has any, know what is best and want to present the nation with fait accompli of the democratic changes she propose?