Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mugabe cannot charge war veterans with treason for firing him - he gave them carte blanche power. By W Mukori

Government threatens to seek out all those behind the widely covered war veterans statement calling on Mugabe to resign.


"Government, therefore, dismisses the said traitorous so-called communiqué which is treasonable in the constitutional democracy that Zimbabwe is, with utter disdain and all the contempt that it deserves," said Secretary for Welfare Services for War Veterans Brigadier-General (Retired) Walter Tapfumaneyi.

"While multi-agency investigations are underway to establish its origins, authorship, ownership and purpose which will bring all associated with it to justice, the ministry urges all patriotic veterans of the liberation struggle to remain loyal to His Excellency the President and to the party, to remain disciplined and principled while at the same time being wary of the divisive machinations of Zimbabwe's detractors.”


Loyalty is a double edged sword that cuts both ways; Mugabe cannot expect anyone, especial these rogue war veterans who have already betrayed the people by teaming up with him to impose this corrupt and tyrannical de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship, to remain loyal to him when he has not been loyal to them. The root cause of this dog-eat-dog fight within Zanu PF itself and between Mugabe and the war veterans is that they are poor and hungry and are sick and tired of waiting for him to throw scraps at them.


Whilst they have betrayed the people, denying them their freedoms and rights including the right to free, fair and credible elections to ensure Mugabe and Zanu PF remain in power all these years. Talk of blind loyalty! He has promised them a good life but has never honoured his promise. When they tried to demand greater loyalty from them; he tear-gassed the lot! How is that for repaying someone for decades of blind loyalty!


Now that the war veterans know Mugabe has declared war on them they know this is going to be a fight to the finish and no-holds barred.


The regime cannot charge any of these rogue war veterans “treason and trying to remove a democratically elected government” because these men and women were the regime’s storm troopers who carried out its order to cheat, harass, beat, rape and even kill to impose Mugabe’s no-regime-change mantra. One cannot cheat, harass, etc., etc. political opponents and the public at large and still claim to have been “democratically elected”; it is an oxymoron.


Mugabe is the one who granted the rogue war veterans carte blanche licences to ruthlessly to deny the people their freedoms and rights including committing murder. Many of these war veterans know they were committing high treason and hence the reason they have said nothing about their criminal activities, so far. The minute they feel threatened, they will sing!  

If Mugabe arrest any of the war veterans for demanding that he resign; they will hit back by revealing the details showing how they helped him rig the elections. No one can ever be guilty of “trying to remove a DEMOCRATICALLY elected government” if can be shown that the same said government was if fact NEVER democratically elected in the first place.


  1. Let us suppose for one minute that the war veterans, who are the only "stockholders of Zanu PF and Zimbabwe" as they have claimed and have shown graphically in practice by being the only whose vote counts; now want President Mugabe to go. Would VP Mnangagwa please explain what legal channel is open to them to do so? If he cannot tell the war veterans and the nation at large what they should have done then, he must shut his gab.

    The very fact that the ordinary citizens have been denied the freedoms and rights including the right to a meaningful vote is one of the greatest tragedies that President Mugabe and his corrupt and subservient cronies, "vakadzi vaMugabe" as Margaret Dongo so aptly called them, have brought upon this nation. The rogue war veterans accepted this abomination and became it principal enforcers thinking they will have their say in who rules the country. Well they have now exercised their say; they want President Mugabe to resign!

    If the regime is now telling the war veterans and the nation at large that the ordinary people and now the war veterans too have no say in who is to be president - absolutely NO ONE, except President Mugabe alone then this is totally, totally intolerable.

    The very fact that VP Mnangagwa, be it out of ignorance, selfish greed or subservience gone nuts somukadzi mukuru waMugabe, does not see how ridiculous and pathetic the whole sit-uation is should be yet another reminder of the folly of thinking suitable to hold the office of the president of our great nation.

    We cannot have one tyrant hold the whole nation to ransom!

  2. The rogue war veterans are fighting for dear life in that if they lose and President Mugabe appoints his wife to take over the war veterans will lose all their preferential treatment, it has never added up to much but it was nice to live in hope. If these village idiots had embraced democracy and we had a competent and accountable government from the word go the country would have prospered and everyone including the war veterans would be living a good life!

    The only reason the war veterans have never come out in the open to admit some of the evil things they have done in the name of no-regime-change is that they did not want to incriminate themselves. Of course they have known all along that they were committing serious crimes. However if President Mugabe was to start squeezing them they will spill the beans sure enough.

    Former VP Joice Mujuru was advising the rogue war veterans not to be intimidated by Zanu PF. She knows that the regime has been reluctant to squeeze her for the same reason - that she will spill the beans! She may be a simpleton but even a simpleton may reveal something that could be damaging to them but to you too!