Friday, 29 July 2016

"You are Angel Gabriel!" recite Police recruits before Mugabe - Zim will never be DPRK. By Patrick Guramatunhu

I have heard of the mind numbing praise singing of such tyrants as the Supreme Leader Kim Il-sung of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) where soldiers would stand attentively first thing every morning for half an hour without failure reciting quotations from the great leader followed by the ceremonious polishing of his portrait. I never imagined such a thing happening in Zimbabwe and yet this is exactly what is happen!

"Like Jesus Christ who was crucified by a people whom He saved, you have innocently grappled with all forms of persecution. Your Excellency, the writing is clear on the wall that you are the angel Gabriel sent to deliver Zimbabwe and Africa.

"Because of you (Mugabe), Zimbabwe is a land of peace and tranquillity, equity, equality, freedom, fairness, honesty and the dignity of hard work. You have been attacked for championing the cause of the people, justice and equality, for denouncing racial segregation, immorality, corruption, human rights abuse and violence," reported Newsday quoting the parrot like reciting of Zimbabwe Republic Police recruits at Morris Deport.

They said this to Mugabe himself, not his portrait, as part of swearing in ceremony which he presided over! Anyone else would have been outraged at such misplaced flattery; not Mugabe, he approved and was pleased.

These Police recruits must be truly grateful to have a job, even if the pay is low and pay-dates are constantly shifting like sand dunes. In a country where unemployment rate has soared to 90% plus, where up to 76% of the population are living in soul crushing poverty, etc. you would be foolhardy to forfeit a job offer by refusing to recite whatever nonsense is put before you, even when it lies and downright blasphemy.

How can anyone believe Mugabe has liberated the people of Zimbabwe when he has replaced the racist and oppressive white colonial regime with a corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical dictatorship? He and his cronies have systematically denied the ordinary people their freedoms, human rights including the right to a meaningful free vote and ever the right to life!

A week or so ago President Mugabe was accusing Pastor Evan Mawarire of reading the Bible upside down; but even if one did that, there is no way one would find Angel Gabriel presiding over the cold blood murder of anyone let alone the over 30 000 President Mugabe has murdered for selfish political gain.

In spite of all his effort to get his wife Grace to take over from him and thus have the beginnings of his own dynasty comparable to that of Kim Il-sung; President Mugabe will never turn Zimbabwe into the North Korea of Africa. The people of Zimbabwe know they are being short changed, this Zanu PF tyranny is not what they fought Ian Smith for. The fight to end this corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe rule is gathering pace, change is now as certain as a ripe mango falling.  

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  1. Zimbabwe has always been a North Korea type autocracy where power has been concentrated in the hands of one man -Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He then surrounded himself with some of the most useless, corrupt and subservient lackeys. People like Simon Muzenda, Joice Mujuru, Emmerson Mnangagwa and so the list goes on saw themselves as there to do Mugabe's bidding and to whip everyone else to do the same. When Margaret Dongo said parliament and even more so cabinet was full of "vakadzi vaMugabe" (Mugabe's slave concubines), she was right.

    With cabinet and parliament stuffed to the rafters full of slave concubines it is a sick joke to talk of Zimbabwe being a parliamentary democracy.

    It is sad how quickly MDC members too quickly fell into line when they joined government, taking their positions in the harem. MDC should have never accept the junior positions they were offered in the GNU, they did because they never saw their position as that of member of parliament, who if need be would hold Mugabe to account, but rather as just another slave concubine in the master’s harem. Even with all the limited powers MDC members had in the GNU they still room to implement the democratic reforms if they had so wished. An MP would have implemented the reforms but not a slave concubine!

    Having subdued his cabinet and MPs Mugabe had no problem subduing the security sector to accept his tyrannical rule; he once again promoted the most incompetent members. When it comes to democracy vs dictatorship someone like Solomon Mujuru or Chiwenga do not have the foggiest idea what the difference is much less appreciate the consequences of supporting a dictatorship. They were given a share of the nation’s looted wealth and they were content and blind to the country’s remorseless slide into chaos.

    Mugabe promised the rogue war veterans that “tomorrow” they will be rich if they supported his dictatorship and they immediately betrayed they values of freedom, justice, human rights, etc. they had stood for as freedom fighters as they violate the people’s freedoms and human rights to impose Mugabe’s no-regime-change. 36 years later they are still waiting for the riches Mugabe promised and he still tells “tomorrow”! Most war veterans are poorer than the proverbial church mouse, it has a comfortable home they have no food and no home.

    The one thing that has resisted Mugabe turning Zimbabwe into the North Korea of Africa is the ordinary people; once they realized that he was delivering mass poverty instead of mass prosperity he promised they have resisted him in their own various ways. The country’s worsening economic situation has galvanized them into action be it risking life and limp to vote MDC or more recently to join in the street protests.

    The worsening economic situation has forced the war veterans to finally open their eyes, at least partially, to see that Mugabe has been taking them for a ride and thus they have now revolted against the tyrant. They still believe in sugar-candy-mountain thou, as they are now fighting to replace one dictator with another confident he will deliver the riches.

    The worsening economic situation has resulted in the breakup of the Zanu PF harem as the concubines fight over the scraps.

    Mugabe’s dictatorship is set to collapse and the root cause is the economic meltdown which he brought on himself as a result of the decades on mismanagement and rampant corruption! Zanu PF is imploding because the centre cannot hold, it is rotten to the core!