Monday, 4 July 2016

Mujuru, knowledge is power so how does telling how Zanu PF rigs constitute "the greatest betrayal" By Patrick Guramatunhu

Many people have complained that Mai Mujuru and her ex-Zanu PF friends were taking forever to launch their new political party. They finally announced the formation of their new Zim PF party in February this year, over a year since they were booted out of Zanu PF. This was followed by months of silence; the restive public was told the new party was “strategizing”. After all that to be then told that the party will not discuss anything of substance as its plans are a “secret” makes one very suspension of Mai Mujuru and her Zim PF friends given they insistence that they are now committed to democracy and good governance.


Have they really abandoned their corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorial ways in favour of open, transparent and accountable government or are they conning the nation just to get back on the gravy train! We will be very na├»ve to take Mai Mujuru and her friends’ assurance that they have changed at face value without close scrutiny!


When Mai Mujuru was at the heart of the Zanu PF government she was rarely seen and, even more, rarely heard except on matters of corruption. She and her late husband were very busy getting their lion’s share of the looted wealth going on. The Mujurus’ have amassed a fortune and very few people were surprised to hear Minister Kasukuwere say she was responsible for “a chunk” of the $15 billion of the looted Marange diamonds.


Anyone who denies that Mai Mujuru, like most of her former Zanu PF fellow travellers, has benefited from corruption during her Zanu PF days lives in cloud-cuckoo-land. Then they are others who would have us believe that the very dramatic events leading to her and others being unceremonious booted out of Zanu PF was so shocking it was their Damascene transformative moment. She was cleansed of her infamy as a lazy, corrupt and incompetent simpleton to become a caring “mother Zimbabwe” keen to rebuild the nation out the ashes of Zanu PF corrupt and uncaring destruction.


There was no Damascene transformative moment, of that I have no doubt. Mai Mujuru and her fellow ZimPF friends had seen the growing poverty affecting the rest of the populous but have never worried that they too might face the same poverty until the day they were booted out of the party. They greatest pre occupation since then is how can they get back into power again and regain the economic comfort power brings.


Mai Mujuru has changed her party name, regalia and slogan less readily as she did when she changed her maiden name, after all she was booted out of Zanu PF; changing her persona is near impossible. She is still the same lazy, corrupt and incompetent simpleton she was during her Zanu PF days! Mai Mujuru a democrat; what a laugh! She does not know the meaning of the word.


"Sharing with you publicly our plans, our strategy would be the greatest betrayal I would have done to our people. Suffice to say, we know the shenanigans, and we have put in place plans to counter them to ensure our supporters' votes are not put to waste,"  she replied when she was asked what Zim PF was planning to do to ensure free and fair elections.


It did not take much for her secretive and totalitarian Zanu PF mentality to come bouncing back!


Mai Mujuru and her Zim PF friends should know by heart, as the born-again democrats opposed to the Zanu PF dictatorship, all the 2008 democratic reforms that must be implemented to ensure free, fair and credible elections. One of these reforms is media reform designed the freeing of the public media from the choking Zanu PF strangle hold and to scrap all the laws that have stifled public debate, freedom of expression and association and so there is free flow of information.


Mai Mujuru knows well enough President Mugabe’s secretive modus operandi where everything is considered a top secret to be kept away from cabinet members and even more so from the public which is the very antithesis of open, transparent, accountable and democratic government hence the need for media reform. Ministers and public officials must be open to public scrutiny; how can the public hold them to account if their work is all shrouded in secrecy and mystery!  


One can understand why Zanu PF would never reveal its vote rigging schemes; how can they claim the elections were free and fair if the vote rigging details were common knowledge. Why Mai Mujuru wants measures to stop Zanu PF rigging elections kept a secret too beggars belief.


If Mai Mujuru knows how Zanu PF rigged the last elections, as she now claims, then surely she should share this information with everyone because the more people know how the elections might be rigged the more people there will be collecting the evidence should that happen again. Knowledge is power and the more we empower the people the greater the chance of stopping vote rigging!


Only someone who is totally obsessed about secrecy would consider informing the public on matters of great public interest such as how to stop lawlessness, murder and rigging elections be “the greatest betrayal” of the people. We are in this political and economic mess because Mai Mujuru betrayed the nation allowing corruption run amok and vote rigging to be the norm how ironic that Mai Mujuru’s conscience should now be so pricked that she will not betray the people and tell them how they can finally reclaim their right to free and fair elections and even the right to life, knowing as we do Zanu PF’s murderous past.


  1. All Mugabe cares about is his continued rule. He rigged the 2013 elections and he has now failed to rig economic recovery - it is the economic meltdown that is fueling rioting sweeping the nation and the infighting in his own party Zanu PF is too fuelled by the economic meltdown.

    Mugabe must resign now and save the country from further destruction.

  2. In 1980 we had the opportunity to have a fresh start; to build a just, free and prosperous Zimbabwe we could all be proud of. Sadly it was not to be because of Mugabe and his cronies betrayed everything the nation had risked treasure, life and limp to get by denying the people their freedom, human rights, dignity and even the right to life to gratify their selfish hunger for absolute power and worldly pleasures it brought.
    Joice Mujuru and her Zim PF bandits have been bedfellows with Mugabe for 34 years and from their high positions in the party and government they have played their full blooded roles Zanu PF’s reign of terror and economic ruin. She and her bandits were booted out of the party whilst fighting for the control of the party. Joice Mujuru is lying when she says she was forced out of Zanu PF because she condemned corruption. She was certainly one of the most Zanu PF members in the party.
    The accusation that she looted “a chunk” of the $15 billion in diamond is not an empty one; she is as corrupt as they come. 10 February 2014 she addressed a group of Zanu PF women deny there was no corruption and after wards claimed she was misquoted but the video evidence has told its own story. See
    The nation is at the threshold of another historic point with a chance to finally get rid of the Zanu PF dictatorships and not just the dictator and a few of his close friends but the whole shooting match. It would be a great tragedy if the nation was to forfeit yet another opportunity to finally build a just, free and prosperous Zimbabwe because we elected a failed, lazy, corrupt and incompetent leader like Joice Mujuru! If we did that then we would have shown that we are incapable of learning from the past and thus incapable of anything remotely close to competent self-government.
    True but you should have asked why MDC failed to implement reforms during the GNU and you would understand our situation even better.
    Yes I agree that an opposition party that boycott elections will be replace by half a dozen other opposition parties but what of it. The party that decides to boycott elections should do so on principle and not on condition other parties boycott elections too. If the elections are not free, fair and credible then the opposition are fighting over the crumbs, scraps and the bones that Zanu PF thrown at them.

    Ask yourself, would you betray the whole nation's right to meaningful democratic say and even the right to life for the sake of scraps? For me the answer is a no. It is another matter for someone whose mind is set on getting a seat on the gravy train and how many others they betray along the way is of no consequence.