Saturday, 30 July 2016

Only now does Mutsvangwa condemn violence - mauled hyena still love goat meat. By Wilbert Mukori

The lump rose in my throat to hear Mutsvangwa and Mujuru condemning Mugabe’s increasingly bullish behaviour not because they were wrong to condemn the tyrant but at the sheer hypocrisy of the other two!


"The violence in that language is totally uncalled for in a State that aspires to be a modern constitutional republic. Even unpleasant views should be entertained unless they carry with them the threat of illicit armed enforcement," said Mutsvangwa in response to Mugabe’s threats against the war veterans who have asked him to step down.

"To invoke the danger of armed mutiny among people that were demobilised and disarmed nearly four decades ago and are in their 60s is just misplaced."


Mutsvangwa and his rogue war veterans have terrorized defenceless povo for the last 16 years denying the people their freedoms and basic rights including the right to a meaningful free vote to impose this de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship. As the regime’s storm troopers, the war veterans led from the front in the violent white farm invasions and corralled civilians, especially in the rural areas, to attend Zanu PF rallies and vote for the party; they did not think of their advanced ages then.


The war veterans have played a key role is keeping Mugabe is power using brute force and it was none other than the war veterans themselves who administered the violence. They made Mugabe the monster he is today and it is rich for them to object now that the tyrant is using the same brute violence on them.


If anyone deserves to be roughed up then it is these rogue war veterans!


"We are shocked as ZimPF by President Robert Mugabe's rants against political opponents, especially his revelation that he used to throw political opponents from within his then Zanu into dungeons packed like mice,” added former VP Joice Mujuru.

"It is quite alarming that, of late, Mugabe has been using the spectre of macabre and grossly horrifying human rights abuses perpetrated by him, his government and his merchants of violence to ward off political opposition to his rule.”


This woman has been in Zanu PF throughout the war of independence and then was in Mugabe’s cabinet for 34 years, the last ten years of which she was the number two and she is shocked and alarmed that Mugabe has used violence against his political opponents! The regime has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans in its 36 years in power for Pete’s sake!


If she really did not know Mugabe was a vote rigging and murderous tyrant all these years then what the hell has she been doing other than looting and piling up the pounds in weight! And now she is out campaigning for the nation to put her back into office; what a sick joke.


Zimbabwe is in this economic mess with unemployment a world beating record at 90% plus and millions of our people living in abject poverty and despair because of decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. The people realised as far back as the mid-1980s that Zanu PF was taking the nation where we did not want to go but failed to force Mugabe to first of all change course and when that failed to remove Zanu PF from office. We would not be in this economic mess is the nation was able to hold Mugabe and Zanu PF to account in free, fair and credible elections.


The economic meltdown has not space Zanu PF leaders other than Mugabe, his family and a select few. It is no secret that Zanu PF grandees like the late Nathan Shamuyarira and Enos Nkala lived the last years and died in abject poverty. Zanu PF, with the cynicism of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, painted Shamuyarira’s Borrowdale house and filled the pot-holes in the road to his house to hide the decades of rot and decay betraying the sorry state of those who dwelled there.


The economic meltdown has been so serious Zanu PF members are fighting over the dwindling wealth like clans of hyenas fighting bones of any elephant whose flesh was picked clean a long time ago. Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF friends were the first to be booted out of the imploding Zanu PF and now it is Mutsvangwa and his rogue war veterans’ turn.


For Mai Mujuru and Mutsvangwa to accuse Mugabe now of being a corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant is as nonsensical as a hyena accusing another of being a ruthless killer. It would be foolish for the long suffering Zimbabweans to have any sympathy for Mai Mujuru or Mutsvangwa for any ill treatment they now getting from Mugabe, they dished out the same to us during the Zanu PF days.

It is not for the goat to feel sorry for a hyena that has just received a serious mauling from another hyena; a hyena is a hyena mauled or not it still loves goat meat, any goat foolish enough to think mauled hyena is a vegetarian will never live to tell the tale!


  1. The fighting between President Mugabe and his corrupt and incompetent henchmen and women is not of our concern. With the country's worsening economic situation we, the public have enough in our plates to worry us for generations to come. The only reason we must keep an eye on the imploding party is so the regime does not drag the nation into the abyss with it.

    Zanu PF has been a curse to this nation and anyone wishing to save any of the party's thugs is sick in the heard.

    1. Those siding with the likes of Mutsvangwa and Mujuru are not doing so because they can about justice and democracy. They are doing so because the see the potential of gaining power if they can somehow team up with these rogue war veterans.

      Mujuru is siding with Mutsvangwa so these rogue war veterans can join ZimPF so they can do for her what they have been doing for Mugabe. Watch this space Mujuru will be promising to double the war veterans' pension, anything they want as long as they accept her as the next president.

      Unless the people wake-up now all the change we will ever have is the swapping of one dictator for another.

    2. Tsvangirai has already welcome Jabulani Sibanda and his thugs! Ours is the politics of opportunity and principles and values are the first to be thrown out of the window. Tsvangirai has seen Sibanda harass and beat people forcing them to support Zanu PF and now that Sibanda has fallen out with his Zanu PF mas-ters, Tsvangirai seized the opportunity to have Sibanda work for him!

      The principle of free, fair and credible elections were chucked out the window of Tsvangirai's top floor Harvest House as soon as he got wind Sibanda was now on the market! MDC have regurgitated the call for no violence more out of the realization that more often than not they are on the receiving end of the violent encounters and so would welcome violence if they can help the pendulum swing in their favour.

  2. There are those war veterans who were genuinely appalled by the white colonial oppression and exploitation of the blacks in white ruled Rhodesia. They went to war risking their lives to end the injustice and so all Zimbabweans can live in peace, enjoy the freedom and liberty other the world over take for granted and to earn economic prosperity in accordance to the sweat of the labour.

    There also those war veterans who never really cared about freedom and justice for all. They saw the war of independence as their ticket to power and wealth.

    Sadly there are many war veterans who had their hearts in the right place when they first joined the war but somewhere along the line they lost direction and greed got the better of them.

    War veterans like Jabulani Sibanda, Chris Mutsvangwa and many, many others in the security sector and in leadership positions like Joice Mujuru and Simon Muzenda sold their souls to the devil when their helped deny ordinary people their freedoms and rights in order to create this Zanu PF dictatorship.
    There is no redeeming feature in this monster Zanu PF whose insatiable greed for money and power has brought the nation nothing but economic ruin and has shed innocent blood of so many of our people. Mugabe's Zimbabwe is not the Zimbabwe the true freedom fighters fought for and many died for!
    If there is ever justice in this world then these rogue war veterans must face justice for soiling the good name of freedom fighters and betraying the innocent. How ironic that both Mutsvangwa and Joice Mujuru should see the violent nature of Zanu PF now that they are feeling the business end of the whip but never saw it when the wielded the whip!

    1. I have to agree with you there, this regime and its rogue war veterans must be held to account for the gross human rights violations of the last 36 years and the looted wealth recovered, all of it. This should be done in the interest of justice and fairness, these people thrived on the misery of others and it is not right that they and their families should continue to benefit from their ill-got fortunes whilst their innocent victims and their family continue to suffer.

      Even if it takes a generation or more to hunt down the thugs and bring them to justice so be it. Nazi criminals have continued to be flush out 70 years after the end of the war. We will have plenty of time to do the same with our own corrupt and murderous tyrants.

      These corrupt and murderous thugs must face justice to send a clear message to those who may be tempted to follow their example that Zimbabwe has zero tolerance for thugs.

  3. Charamba says Zanu PF will win the next elections.

    Zanu PF is sure to win as long as no democratic reforms are implemented and so far none have been implemented, instead of focusing on implementing reforms our corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless opposition parties have now taken to matching and drumming pots. Zanu PF has access to billions of dollars looted from Marange and other places and has been able to hire even bigger crowds and thus beating the opposition on the street march!