Monday, 18 July 2016

Dube calls for AU to "expel Zimbabwe" - this is the dangerous highroad Libya took. By P Guramatunhu

“MLO Supreme Council calls for the continental and world bodies like African Union and United Nations to expel Zimbabwe over occupation of Matabeleland, human rights abuses and Matabeleland genocide,” wrote Israel Dube. The AU, UN and anybody who is anybody will ignore the call.
One of the first resolution of the AU (OAU as it was then) founding fathers was that post-colonial Africa must not indulge in any time wasting talks much less wars to redraw country boarders; that was a wise decision back then and it is a wise decision now.
When this Zanu PF dictatorship finally collapses and it is collapsing; this nation will need to get cracking straight away with the very difficult task of rebuilding the nation after all these years of ruinous misrule, death and destruction. The last thing the nation wants is to be dragged into a tribal / regional tussle or worse to gratify those itching for a fight.

Gukurahundi was about President Mugabe crushing PF Zapu to create a de facto one-party - Zanu PF - dictatorship and not about Shona tribal hegemony; even the late Dr Joshua Nkomo admitted this much on BBC at the height of the conflict.

Since the end of the Gukurahundi Mugabe has gone on to harass, beat, rape and even murder more innocent Zimbabweans right across the country wherever he found anyone who dared threaten his strangle hold on power.

The last 36 years have been hell for the people of Zimbabwe because of the corrupt, vote rigging and tyrannical rule of President Mugabe and his subservient cronies, "vakadzi vaMugabe" as Margaret Dongo called them. Vakadzi vaMugabe have been drawn from every corner of Zimbabwe although those with their own hidden agenda pretend they are all Shonas!
For the last 20 years this nation has been united in the fight to end the Mugabe tyranny and replace it with a healthy and functional democracy. The regime is collapsing but we have yet to deliver a healthy and functional democratic Zimbabwe; it is important that we keep our eyes on the ball and not be side tracked
“MLO is ready to take over Matabeleland and govern,” said Dube.
Of course this is all this Mthwakazi is about – political power and you desire to govern.
You are no different from Robert Mugabe for it was his insatiable lust for absolute power that driven him to commit all the corruption and murderers dragging the nation into this hell-on-earth. He did not give a damn about the suffering he caused or how many innocent lives were lost as long as he enjoyed absolute power and remain president for life!     
Zimbabwe is at a cross roads; as the final curtain falls on the Mugabe dictatorship, we can choose to pursue the democratic route which we have been advocating all along as other nations Tunisia has done when they too deposed their dictator. Or we can take the highroad that Libya and Iraq took that has thrown these nations into an endless and mindless cycle of conflict.
To look at what has happened since Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi’s death it is easy to see why many Libyans now wish the tyrant was still in power! We want to end the Mugabe dictatorship and not have similar regrets!


  1. Promise Mkwananzi has been very active in Zimbabwe politics for years now and therefore should have learnt by now what MDC has done wrong during the GNU; sadly he has learned nothing.
    “An inclusive transitional authority should be put in place to deal with the outstanding issues of institutional, economic and political reforms,” he said.

    “The transitional process should ensure that the country's electoral environment is sorted out, Zec, voters' roll etc.”
    “Outstanding issues!” what nonsense is he wittering about?!
    If he still does not understand that what Tsvangirai and the rest of his MDC friends did during the GNU will never deliver the free, fair and credible elections the nation has been fighting for then he has no business talking about things he does no know about. It is disappointing that Tajamuka should appoint someone who has no clue what they are talking about to be their spokesman.
    Tajamuka/Sesjikile is supposed to mean you have woken up! So what kind of awakening is this if the grouping is being led by someone who is sleep-walking!

    1. Exactly why they call themselves Tajamuka/Sesjikile when they are in their usual comatose state is beyond. It is just like MDC calling themselves a movement for DEMOCRATIC CHANGE and yet they have failed to deliver even one single democratic change even when they had the golden opportunity to do so! Or Mugabe with his Zanu PF "The People's Choice" and yet proceed to rig elections and even commit wanton violence to force people to vote for him!

  2. @Nomazulu

    One of the tragic consequences of having a tyrannical dictatorship is that it erodes the democratic trust so even after the dictator is removed people will still find it hard to trust each other. The argument Patrick is making here and I agree with him is that by turning on each other as has happened in Libya and Iraq these nations have, since the fall of the dictator, accomplished nothing but make their situation worse.

    How many country do you Nomazulu, know that have split without spilling a lot of innocent blood? It will be a great tragedy is this is the fate that befalls Zimbabwe after Mugabe goes.

  3. The last thing Zimbabwe needs is to be dragged into a mindless conflict. The possibility of Zimbabwe breaking up into bloody conflict is real given that this Zanu PF has caused so much suffering and anger amongst people whilst the regime has spent billions of dollars buying all manner of weapons

  4. @ Nomazulu

    I have no intention of belittle anyone because I have nothing to gain from that. I have con-demned what President Mugabe did during Gukurahundi and thereafter to cement his dicta-torship and will continue to condemn the barbarism. However I also condemn those who knowingly or otherwise are taking the nation's focus away from the important task on hand of restoring peace and good governance to this nation.

    Dictators like Gaddafi and their supporters drive a lot of comfort from see the nation descend into the hell now affecting Libya since the fall of the tyrant because it makes his reign look so faultless and progressive in comparison. Ian Smith went to his grave gloating of how Zimbabwe was better off under his racist regime than it is under this Mugabe dictatorship. If Zim-babwe should descend into a tribal conflict or worse after Mugabe, he and his supporters will love every minute of it.

    Our people have been let down by Ian Smith, let down by Mugabe and now we have a chance to put that right. Those drumming the tribal and regional drums are not doing the nation any favours if they do not see it I do see it and I am not afraid to say so! Indeed I owe it to the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans whose lives will be affected by this nation's failure to deliver meaningful economic recovery in post-Mugabe era or worse still whose lives will be at stake if the tribal conflict was to escalate!

    We have a serious problem here in Zimbabwe but breaking up the country is NOT the answer!