Thursday, 9 June 2016

What is NIKUV still doing in Zim - selling the people for another 30 pieces of silver! By P Guramatunhu

“Opposition MPs have mockingly suggested that government ropes in shadowy Israeli security company, Nikuv International Projects Ltd accused of rigging the 2013 general elections in favour of President Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF party to help Tourism minister Walter Mzembi win the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) secretary-general's post,” reported Bulawayo 24.
The very fact that NIKUV is still continues to openly ply its nefarious trade in Zimbabwe shows just how unrepentant the company is to what it has done. Zimbabwe is in serious economic and political trouble, millions of our people are suffering untold misery and many lives are being lost unnecessarily and the Genesis of it all is the country’s failure to hold free, fair and credible elections.
NIKUV played a pivotal role in Zimbabwe’s rigged 2013 elections and the company has retained its presence in the country so it can gloat about its role in keeping President Mugabe in State House and see how much the ordinary people are suffering!
Rigging elections is a very serious crime and it is bad enough for locals to be involved but for foreign nationals it is intolerable but, worst of all, that a foreign government, supposedly a democratic one at that, should be involved in any way. It is an established fact that the Israeli government, if it did not know already, was warned about NIKUV’s sadistic vote rigging activities in Zimbabwe and the Israeli government did nothing to stop NIKUV..

Israel is the only democratic country in the world whose nationals and government officials continued to work hand in glove with SA to undermine the UN imposed sanctions on the racist apartheid regime all the way to the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison! There is no doubt that successive Israeli governments and individuals have treatment Africans as subhuman.
To this day, over 70 years since the end of the WWII, Israelis have continued to hunt down Nazi officials who took part in the murder of the Jews during the war; and rightly so too. Those who ill-treat other humans causing untold human suffering and deaths must be held to account regardless who they are and how long ago it happened.
We in Zimbabwe must not leave even one stone unturned to uncover the truth about the blatant vote rigging in Zimbabwe, this is a very serious crime, it is high treason, and all those involved, be they Zimbabweans or foreigners, must face justice. Mugabe paid NIKUV a princely sum for tampering with the voters roll; every penny of this must be recovered even if that takes another 100 years and an even bigger fortune to do so!
As long as companies like NIKUV are allowed to abuse their technological and financial power and sophistication to hold back other weaker nations for selfish gain with totally impunity then we, in Africa, will never ever emerge out of the dark ages. NIKUV sold the people of Zimbabwe for thirty pieces of silver and are hanging around for more! There is no doubt in my mind that God Himself never chose NIKUV to be the cursed Judas Iscariot of Africa! 

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  1. Yes, NIKUV was pivotal in helping Mugabe rig the 2013 elections and the company was paid US$10 million for its Judas kiss. The company is still in Zimbabwe and very active, no doubt advising Mugabe on how he can rig the next elections and rack in another princely sum.

    It is unforgivable that anyone should be allowed to commit high treason in another country, condemning the locals to hopelessness and death to gratify their insatiable greed for silver and gold!

    It is interesting to note that many countries, including leading western democracies, were aware of NIKUV's "nefarious and sadistic" activities and the Israeli government's usual total indifference and they all turned a blind eye to it. There is no doubt that none of these nations would have permitted to blatantly interfere and destabilize any European nation much less their own country. This is not the first time the West has turned a blind eye to treason and murder in Zimbabwe; over 20 000 were murder by Mugabe during Gukurahundi and the British even honoured the tyrant with a knighthood!

    Millions of Zimbabweans have suffered and will continue to suffer for generations to come, hundreds of thousands have died and millions will follow them; all these people have suffered and died directly or indirectly as the result of Mugabe's continued misrule of this country because he rigged the 2013 elections. We owe it to all these victims, to ourselves and to posterity to document every detail of how Mugabe, with the help of NIKUV, rigged the 2013 elections.

    We must erect a monuments to the victims of rigged elections and put aside a remembrance day to remember them and to remind all future generations to be on their guard against those from one of our own aided and abetted by outside who will commit treason and rig elections because their love of power and silver knows no limits.