Thursday, 30 June 2016

MDC-T has no "clue" how to stop Zanu PF meddling, admit MP Cross - what good is a clueless opposition. By P Guramatunhu

“A MEMBER of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)'s shadow cabinet has admitted that his party does not know how to deal with Zanu-PF's strategy of meddling with urban constituencies,” reported Bulawayo 24.

“MDC-T's secretary for local government, Eddie Cross, told the Financial Gazette that the opposition was in the proverbial catch 22 situation over the ruling party's intensive drive to expand urban constituencies in selected towns and cities by creating new settlements under the National Housing Delivery Programme through which it plans to deliver over 300 000 housing units before the 2018 elections.”

Well if the truth is to be told, and it must be told because the nation’s very survival is now at stake here, MDC has no clue on not just how to stop Zanu PF meddling in urban centres but how to stop the regime looting in Marange, rigging national elections, you name it! MDC leaders are corrupt, incompetent and utterly, utterly useless and this nation is paying dearly for failing to see this all these years.

After MDC failed to get even one democratic reform implemented during the GNU, SADC leaders and all the MDC’s donors deserted them in droves. The Zimbabwe electorate has continued to sheepishly follow and trust Tsvangirai, Biti, Cross and others to this day even with the benefit of hindsight of GNU events and the disaster of the rigged July 2013 elections because they have failed to understand that MDC sold-out during the GNU. If the Zimbabwean people were not so thick, naïve and gullible then they too would have finally deserted the clueless MDC in droves by now.

The country’s worsen economic meltdown has push the panic button in the Zimbabwe public, they are shoaling round MDC like herring under attack. What the country needs is to implement the democratic reforms and as long as nothing is done to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections nothing will ever change, the economic meltdown will get worse. Holding endless demos and rallies has become an excuse for doing nothing to implement the reforms; no doubt Zanu PF is doing its best to encourage the demos just as killer-whales would encouraged the panicked herring to form a tighter ball for easy picking!  

If we are serious about getting out of this hell-on-earth that President Mugabe has dragged us into then we must start thinking like humans and not panicked herring. We need to take our duty to elect competent leaders with the seriousness the matter demands.

We are in this hell-hole because we have been a naïve and gullible electorate that elected a corrupt and murderous tyrant and failed to him as such for 20 years. When we finally realized we had a corrupt and murderous tyrant for president we put our trust in Morgan Tsvangirai, a corrupt, incompetent and clueless village idiot, to remove the tyrant. God only knows how long it is going to take this nation to realize that a clueless village idiot will never remove a cunning fox like Mugabe from power!  

It has taken 16 years of MDC blundering from pillar to post to force MP Eddie Cross to admit MDC leaders have no clue what they are doing; this is the nearest he has ever got to apologizing for selling-out the nation on the critic matter of democratic reforms. As for resigning, this is the one thing Mr Cross or any of his MDC friends will ever do; they clearly have no clue what they are going in parliament but they will fight like devils to hang on to power.
If this nation wants leaders who have a clue what they are doing then it is the voters themselves who have to finally wake up to that political reality because it is the people themselves who keep voting corrupt and murderous tyrants, corrupt and clueless village idiots, etc., into power again and again.

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