Thursday, 9 June 2016

Mugabe has fooled war vets every time for 36 years - he is shocked that he cannot do it now. By Patrick Guramatunhu

The trouble with President Mugabe is he is a ruthless tyrant and thus per se has no regard for the rule of law and he routinely broken the law when it suits his selfish needs and then surprise, surprise he will adhere to the letter and spirit of the law like a stamp to a letter when it suits him.


“Mugabe said he is not happy with the utterances and activities of the war veterans some of which he said are tantamount to dissidentry as they are creating discord and disunity within Zanu PF,” said a ZBC report.

“The President said war veterans should act and work within the party saying the gun does not lead politics. “


It was President Mugabe himself who egged the same war veterans he now calls dissidents to harass, beat, rape and murder innocent civilians to force them to vote for the tyrant in the presidential run-off in 2008. “What was achieved by the bullet cannot be undone by the ballot!” he argued.


Today the war veterans are using exactly the same thug bullying tactics to impose Mnangagwa as his Mugabe’s successor, Mugabe wanted someone else to be his successor and so he accuses the war veterans of being thugs!


“You can everyone some of the times; fool some people every time; but what you can do is fool everybody every time!” said for USA President Abraham Lincoln.


President Mugabe has fooled most of the war veterans every time for the last 36 years but one can safely say he will now learning a very important lesson – that not even he can fool these fat headed war veterans all the time!  


The war veterans have told President Mugabe in no uncertain terms that they are the “stockholders of Zimbabwe and he is merely a stakeholder who will come and go”. He is threatening them in turn. The point is the dye has been cast there is no going back by other side now. What both sides do not understand is that the nation at large is sick and tired of these thugs imposing leaders on them. The people’s position is that there must be free, fair and credible elections!


  1. Fear and mindless blood shed has ruled this land for 36 years and look where the madman has landed us! It is time this nation to say no we will be ruled by law and reason! And if Mugabe thinks he can stop this nation coming up for air then he is in for a surprise because not even he can stop the tide of change that is sweeping the nation!

    Free at last! Free at last! Thank God we are free at last! No mortal can stop a nation on the move!

  2. What is this Nyandoro fellow talking about, calling Joice Mujuru "Mother Zimbabwe!"

    For 34 years she has done nothing to stop the looting and plundering of the nation's wealth resulting in the sorry state we are in with 90% out of work and millions living in abject pov-erty! The only time she been active is in claiming she share of the loot.

    Of course Mai Mujuru is corrupt how else did she amass all her huge fortune; she has no know talent in anything!

    We must never ever forget that over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have lost their lives to create and retain this de facto one-party dictatorship. Mai Mujuru was a very senior member of this murderous cabal and is therefore answerable to what happen.

    Just because she was booted out of the party does not wash her clean of her party in the ty-rannical regime; on the contrary, it is just part and parcel of restorative justice.

    These Zim PF are nuts if they really believe the people of Zimbabwe will ever be fooled into see Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and all the other Zim PF leaders as anything other than the corrupt, incompetent and murderous ex Zanu PF thugs they are!

    The era of thugs masquerading as liberation heroes is over! President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs' reign of terror is drawing to a close. It is no surprise that Joice Mujuru and all the other thugs out there are coming out of the woodwork hoping they will be the one to replace Mugabe and establish their own dictatorship. Let me say it once again; the era of thugs and dictators is over!
    We are going to implement democratic reforms to make Zimbabwe a health and functional democracy; all those hoping to perpetuate the dictatorship by fudging reforms are not going to succeed.
    Joice Mujuru “mother Zimbabwe”; some mother considering all she is fighting for now is the chance to get back into power so she can take off where she left with her looting!

  3. Vince, I could not agree with you more: “it is very obvious that the problems we face in Zimbabwe can never be solved by Mugabe and his coterie of ministers who are in fact the chief architects of the problems in the first place.”
    By the way the “coterie of ministers” includes Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and the other Zim PF leaders. Just because they were kicked out of Zanu PF and your political party, PDP, is desperate for a political partner has changed nothing; these Zim PF leader are just as corrupt and incompetent as they showed when they were in Zanu PF.
    MDC leaders like Tendai Biti, Morgan Tsvangirai, David Coltart and all the other MDC leaders have played their part in landing us into this mess. Their failure to get even one reform implemented during the GNU is unforgivable because that was not a mistake but a deliberate act of betrayal!
    If we are serious about creating a healthy and functional democratic Zimbabwe then we must have the foresight to have competent people to build it. Those advocating for recycling and using the same corrupt and incompetent leaders, be they from Zanu PF, Zim PF, MDC, etc., shows lack of seriousness, vision and ambition!

  4. Morgan Tsvangirai has reportedly reunited with his ex-secretary general and former finance minister in the Government of National Unity (GNU), Tendai Biti, behind the curtain to synergize and synchronize protest votes, in a bid to push Zanu PF out of power in the upcoming 2018 watershed presidential and parliamentary elections.

    Tendai Biti and Morgan Tsvangirai were even more united in 2013 than they will ever be now and yet MDC lost that year's elections. It was not that the two were united that they lost but that with no reforms to stop President Mugabe rigging the elections they never stood a chance.
    Why not even one reform has been implemented since the 2013 elections is beyond me.

    Zimbabwe's opposition parties must implement the reforms and stop wasting time on demos, coalitions, etc.!

  5. The danger of President Mugabe and these mindless war veterans dragging the nation into yet another 2008 or worse still a full blooded Gukurahundi is real and we must not ignore it. All President Mugabe has ever wanted is absolute power and he has already shown that he will not hesitate to do anything including looting the nation bling and corrupt those around him to rig elections, harass and even murder innocent people just to stay in power.

    After having been in power for 36 years his appetite for absolute power and loot has not diminished, indeed if anything it has grown and grown. Grace has absolutely nothing to offer the nation as a leader, especially given the sorry state of national affairs given the decades of his misrule, yet he is determined to impose her on the nation.

    President Mugabe should have been held to account for Gukurahundi and all the other vote rigging and acts of violence that have followed. It is not too late to do so now but most important of all he must be left in no doubt that the nation will never again be cowed into submission to his political machinations, trickery and barbarism!

    We need democratic change to move this country out of the nightmare Zanu PF has landed us; we must not allow President Mugabe or his misguided thugs side track us!

  6. It is easy to see why Mugabe was able to fool these war veterans again and again for all their bravado as liberation war heroes and heroines they have all to the man and woman from the chimbido and mugimba running errands for the freedom fighters to those who commanded the fighting remain simpleton. When Mugabe boasted that Joice Mujuru was a "simple" woman he was being frank and honest; a very rare thing given he is such a devilishly devious character.

    The freedom fighters went to war to fight for liberty, justice, one-man-one-vote, etc. but because they are simpletons they never realized when the revolution was hijacked under their own noses to fighting for one-party dictatorship and that in turn was hijacked to become one-man dictatorship. All Mugabe had to do to fog these simpletons to go along with his tyrannical schemes is promise them a share of the absolute power and of the looted wealth.

    Mugabe took away the member's right to a meaningful vote in the elections of party leaders so he alone elected the leadership. By electing simpletons like Simon Muzenda and Joice Mujuru in the top positions Mugabe was assured to a compliant top leadership and he instructed them in turn to ensure the lower ranks were too filled with simpletons. Only a cabinet of simpletons would tolerate the nonsensical arrangement where there is no cabinet meeting unless Mugabe is there to chair it. The Zanu PF cabinet has tolerated this for the last 36 years!

    When it comes to having a share of the country's looted wealth Mugabe has allowed the few at the top to loot but only for him to meticulously collect the data on all their corrupt activities to blackmail them. There is no doubt that Joice Mujuru is corrupt and that Mugabe will leak out her corrupt activities if she and her Zim PF should ever be a serious threat to his rule.

    As for the minion war veterans Mugabe has kept them on a strict drip feed; many of they are as poor as the rest of the population but have remained as faithful to him as Napoleon’s dogs in Animal Farm to the point of betraying all they stood for before independence. Each time they have become restless because of their economic situation, Mugabe has thrown a bone or two at them to gnaw.

    The reason why Mugabe and the war veterans have crossed swords is that Mugabe wants to pass the leadership of the party to his wife and her friends, they have their own dogs to feed and so the old guard of the war veterans will not be getting even the bones to gnaw.

    But the real dead giveaway that the war veterans are simpletons is their failure to see that the one-man dictatorship has failed to create economic prosperity. They are still confident a Mnangagwa led Zanu PF dictatorship will still deliver a happy and prosperous Zimbabwe regardless of all the mismanagement, corruption and lawlessness. How naive and gullible is that!

    1. Promoting useless simpletons like Joice Mujuru has certainly made life easy for Mugabe but at a big price, he has had one of the most incompetent regimes ever!

  7. In the 2008 presidential run-off Mugabe threatened and killed over 500 innocent civilians to achieve his political end of forcing the people to vote for him. Some of the war veterans who carried out his dirty work in 2008 are threatening to do the same again if their preferred candidate does not win. Mugabe and Moyo are the political opportunist quick to condemn the war veterans this time and yet egged them on in 2008! Indeed Mugabe is threatening these war veterans with bloodshed because he has never shied away from shedding blood to achieve his selfish political ends.

    What both Mugabe and these pro-Mnangagwa war veterans must understand is that the country is sick to the back teeth of the de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship; we want free, fair and credible elections. No amount of threats and bloodshed will stop us having a free and democratic Zimbabwe!

  8. Yes President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs have failed the nation but we should not be naive and gullible and be conned into believing that anyone else as long as he is not Mugabe or Zanu PF will deliver the free, just and prosperous Zimbabwe we want. We made that mistake when we risked life and limp to remove Ian Smith and his Rhodesia Front and thought Mugabe was the answer. We must not make the same mistake again.

    We have people like Vince Musewe telling us remove Mugabe and the like of Tsvangirai, Biti and even ex-Zanu PF members like Joice Mujuru who have already proven beyond all doubt that they are corrupt and incompetent will deliver the $ 1 trillion economic boom in 30 years from the current $15 billion GDP.

    The only sure way to make sure we have quality and competent leaders, the only leaders who will indeed deliver the free, just and prosperous Zimbabwe we want, is for us to ensure we implement the democratic reforms to ensure from hence forward we has free, fair and credi-ble elections and all our leaders are always accountable to the electorate.
    We must not allow ourselves to be stampeded by the likes of Musewe into focusing on re-moving Mugabe and thus lose sight of the fact that we do not want to remove one dictator only to replace him with another!
    We had a golden opportunity to end the Zanu PF dictatorship during the GNU, MDC wasted that chance. We must not allow the same MDC village idiots mess things up for us this time!

  9. President Mugabe is facing pressure to give up power from within his own imploding party, Zanu PF but this in nothing compared to the pressure he is under outside the party from the economic meltdown to accept Zanu PF has failed and meaningful political reforms.

    Unemployment has soar to 90% plus and millions are living in abject poverty, this is socially and politically unsustainable. Talks of introducing bond notes have send shock waves in the economy threatening a run on the bank. The Zanu PF politburo met on Thursday but failed to come up with any answers because the only solution to the economic meltdown is for the country to implement far reaching democratic reforms followed by the holding of free and fair elections. Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies may be divided on many things they are one on holding on to power.

    Coups are notorious for destabilizing the economy, when you have an economy tittering on the edge of total collapse already it will be foolish to stage a coupe and send the economic tumbling down the abyss and be blame for it.

    Yes Mugabe rigged the last elections but it would be rich for the security sector chefs and the war veterans to stage a coup under the pretext of restoring democratic rule since they have all played very significant roles in the vote rigging!

    Mugabe’s grip on power is very weak and feeble because of the economic meltdown; the tyrant knows that he is going one way or the other and so too does Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa will have a lot more to lose in a coup even if it succeed in forcing Mugabe to surrender power to him because the total economic collapse that will follow will in turn force him to give up power.

  10. “What was achieved by the gun cannot be undone by the ballot!” President Mugabe said unleashing the war veterans on the defenceless civilian in the 2008 presidential run-off campaign of wanton violence to reverse Mugabe’s earlier defeat. So the gun was bowling over the politics then!
    Now President Mugabe is telling the same rogue war veterans the gun must not lead the politics! “Politics should always lead the gun and never the gun leading politics," he said.
    Throughout his political career President Mugabe has willy-nilly changed or disregarded the rules when it suits his selfish purpose and the next minute he the one right at the front campaigning for rule of law if that suits his agenda. It was just a matter of time before even these slow thinking war veterans realized he is playing games with them and they said enough is enough.
    As the nation we must stand firm against President Mugabe and the war veterans in our refusal to accept that the bullet tramps the ballot; we must demand free and fair elections as the only way out of this mess!

  11. It was US President Abraham Lincoln who said "You can fool some people all the time, you can fool all the people some of the times but you can never fool all the people all of the times."

    After 36 years of fooling the war veterans, security chefs and his fellow Zanu PF leaders Mugabe must have thought that he can fool them all at all times. He is now learning that is indeed not the case.

    Mugabe's whole world is now unraveling and collapsing on him; the economy is in total meltdown after decades of misrule; his party is imploding even the half wit minions are giving him the middle finger and, most serious of all, the people are sick and tired of the corruption and tyranny, they are now demanding democratic change.