Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Musewe is becoming the hated nightmare leader - always wittering about things we already know. By P Guramatunhu

The real quality visionary leader is he/she who knows where they are going and how to get there and can explain and inspire others to follow. They will lead from the front to help define the direction and set the pace for other to follow. A good leader must be willing to drop back, lead from the middle, and allow others to leader and everyone the freedom to use their own initiative as long as the group does not lose its momentum and sense of purpose. The leader must drop back and lead from the back, helping the stranglers so no one gets left behind.



It is good that people get to their destination. It is better if you reached the destination by the easiest route because beside the leader, others too knew where they are going and the responsibility of leadership is shared; two or three heads are better than one. But best of all is reaching the destination by the easiest route and everyone is safely accounted for!



The worst leader is one who abuses their position as leader to force other to go where they do not want to go! President Mugabe is one such nightmare leader.



Of course the people of Zimbabwe did not want to live in a country with 90% unemployment rate, where millions now live in abject poverty whilst the few ruling elite waste the nation’s wealth of extravagant lifestyles. Mugabe has systematically corrupt the country’s state institution, rigged elections and used all manner of violence including cold blood murder of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabwean impose and sustain his corrupt and tyrannical one-party cum one-man dictatorship. 



Whilst leaders like Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, Joice Mujuru, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Grace Mugabe and many others have not reached the nauseating heights of nightmare leadership Mugabe has but only because they have not yet occupied the highest office. They have already proven beyond all doubt that they are corrupt and incompetent and given their vaulting ambition to be president and arrogance, given the chance to be president they will be just another nightmare leader.



One of the dead give-away of an apprentice nightmare leader is they propensity to tell you what you already know and pretend it is new and novel; brother Vince Musewe has become a master of this.     



“It must be now crystal clear to the majority of Zimbabweans that our economy is spiralling downwards and this spiral can only be arrested through a rapture from the past and a drastic change of political leadership and economic policy direction. Poverty, high unemployment, cash shortages, continued theft by ministers and their cronies are now normal as Zimbabwean families disintegrate through abuse and lack of money. That cannot be sustained,” wrote Musewe in his latest article. See Bulawayo opinion, Zanu PF will never deliver the Zimbabwe we want.



Actually the overwhelming majority of Zimbabwe came to the conclusion that Mugabe will never deliver the mass prosperity he promised as far back as the mid-1990s. The people also realized that they only viable way to save the nation from the growing mass poverty was by removing the Zanu PF from power is any election.



The people were aware that Mugabe rigged elections and hence the reason the people called for democratic changes to ensure the elections are free, fair and credible. The people risked life and limp to elect Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends because they promised to deliver the democratic changes the nation needed for free and fair elections.



What is the point of Mr Musewe (other than to gain relevance by offering to lead where no leadership is not required) tell the people they are poor, unemployed, there is cash shortage, etc. when they unemployment has been 80% plus for the last ten years. Even those too poor to have bank accounts have seen the queues at the banks to make withdrawals.


Mr Musewe, please tell the people something new that they have failed to figure out for themselves, that they need made “crystal clear” for them to get out of this hell hole they find themselves stuck in. Tell them how your PDP leader, Tendai Biti and his fellow MDC leaders betrayed the nation and failed to implement even one democratic change the nation needed for free and fair elections and thus allowed Mugabe to blatantly rig the 2013 elections.



Zimbabwe would not be in this economic and political mess if MDC had implemented the democratic reforms during the GNU because Mugabe would not be in power and making our lives a misery!



Tell the people of Zimbabwe the truth of how Mugabe is set to blatantly rig the next elections in 2018 because PDP, MDC-T and all the other equally corrupt and incompetent opposition parties have still done nothing to implement the democratic reforms necessary to stop Zanu PF rigging elections. Go on, tell them!



“As PDP we have continually warned that Zanu-PF has no solution to this disaster which they have manufactured over the last 36 years. What they have been successful at, is to continually lie to Zimbabweans and create false hope that the economy is on the mend while diverting our attention to their endless internal succession battles which benefit nobody but Mugabe,” continue Musewe.



Well it is true that Zanu PF has no solution to the nation’s teething problems and has lied again and again to the people of Zimbabwe but then so has PDP; PDP, MDC-T and the other opposition parties will never deliver meaningful democratic change necessary for free and fair elections, that is a fact.



Zimbabwe is stuck in this economic and political mess because whilst it was crystal clear twenty years ago to the Zimbabwe electorate that Zanu PF is corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical, it has not yet dawned on the majority of Zimbabweans that the opposition parties are equally corrupt and incompetent.


Yes Zanu PF has been weakened considerably by the factional wars that have raged on and on since the dramatic entry of Grace Mugabe on the political stage. However Zanu PF still remains unbeatable as long as the party continues to have billions of dollars looted from such places as Marange diamonds to bank roll it vote rigging schemes, total control of the whole electoral process from start to finish, etc.



Yes “Zanu PF will never deliver the Zimbabwe we want” but, like it or not, as long as the party is free to rig elections it will continue to impose the Zimbabwe Mugabe and his cronies want regardless! Instead of wasting the nation’s time wittering about something we already know why does PDP implement the democratic reforms and deliver free and fair elections, something useful, we really want and elected you lot to do!


  1. “On times without number, the MDC has stated that the July 31, 2013 elections were stolen. Zanu-PF massively rigged that plebiscite and since then, Zimbabwe's economy has been on an endless tailspin. The world over, sound and prospering national economies are anchored upon a legitimate and credible political infrastructure. Put alternatively, there can never be economic development and prosperity against the bedrock of political instability and upheaval,” wrote Obert Gutu.
    Yes Mr Gutu we have all heard you each time without number that Zanu PF stolen the 2013 elections. It is you and your fellow corrupt and incompetent MDC leaders who have cotton in your ears and have failed to hear what we have said each time without number. Let me ask you again;
    a) Why did MDC fail to implement the 2008 GPA democratic reforms which everyone agreed were necessary to stop Zanu PF stealing elections?

    b) And more significantly, why has MDC done nothing since the rigged July 2013 election to implement the democratic reforms to stop Zanu PF stealing the 2018 elections?

    The people of Zimbabwe risked life and limp (I do not need to remind you that hundreds of thousands have beaten and hundreds murdered) to elect MDC into power on the understanding you lot will implement the reforms and deliver meaningful democratic change. You had the golden opportunity to implement the reforms during the GNU but failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!

    You and your MDC friends were elected to deliver meaningful democratic reforms; get on with it and stop wasting time giving us a lecture on things we already know. Implement the reforms or ship out! It is hard to get the message through that trifoliate orange (damba) of yours but you can be assured the message will be hammered in even if that means using a six-inch nail to do it!

  2. So Minister Parirenyatwa asked the Pope to pray for an end to Zimbabwe's economic meltdown but the minister has never had the common sense to tell President Mugabe to stop looting!

    So what exactly does the Minister expects God to do? Even if Zimbabwe was to have another ten Marange diamond fields, one for each of the country's ten province, that will not end the economic misery Zimbabweans are facing today because President Mugabe's insatiable greed will expand twenty fold over night and so will that of his cronies!

    So Minister Parirenyatwa went all the way to Rome to ask this nonsense of the Holy Father? No wonder the nation is in a real mess, it is not just President Mugabe who is corrupt and incompetent but he has a whole cabinet of utterly useless idiots!

  3. “In an unexpected statement yesterday that marked a radical departure from their quiet diplomacy towards local politics, the county’s churches as represented by the evangelical fellowship of Zimbabwe and the influential Zimbabwe catholic bishops conference among others also said Zimbabwe reserved leaders who had the interests of the people at heart.”

    The Catholic Church has already said the 2013 elections were rigged, they must now demand the implementation of democratic reforms followed by free and fair elections as the only way forward because it is the only way out of the mess!

  4. "As PDP we have continually warned that Zanu-PF has no solution to this disaster which they have manufactured over the last 36 years,” Vince said.

    Well he is lying because until recently he is the one who has argued that we should give up the demand for democratic change leading to free and fair elections because Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies will never concede to those demands because they know they will never win free and fair elections. The right to a meaningful say on who rules Zimbabwe is not a privilege or a favour that can be granted to some and denied to other at the political whim of a corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous tyrant.

    To give in to such whimsical diktats of a mentally deranged thug is downright stupid and a betrayal of the common people and the millions people who have suffered and hundreds of thousands who lost their very lives fighting for freedom, human rights and human dignity.

    Whilst it is true that Mr Musewe was not a member of the MDC who sold-out on implementing the democratic reforms during the GNU he has since forcing forces with these corrupt and incompetent sell-outs. He has pointedly refused to condemn the MDC leaders for betraying the nation but, worse still, has argued the nation to embrace these sell-outs as the nation’s saviours.

    Musewe has misled the people of Zimbabwe by joining Tendai Biti, Morgan Tsvangirai and all those who have deliberately informed the people, especially those not able to see the wood from the trees for themselves, that the nation can get out of the hell-hole Mugabe has dragged the nation into by forming a coalition, implementing wishy-washy electoral reforms, staging street demonstrations, etc., just to avoid the difficult task of demanding and implementing the 2008 GPA democratic reforms. People like Musewe have become the purveyors of false hope and deceit!

    Mr Musewe has joined the bandwagon of the typical Zimbabwean politician who will lie, cheat, sell their own mothers and be proud they had a mother to sell, absolutely anything just to secure a seat on the public office gravy train! He is using his intellect to impress the naïve and gullible public just as other intellectuals like Professor Jonathan Moyo have done in his UZ days but only to cast off his sheep skin coat to show the heartless and mean turn-coat wolf we now know him to be.

    Zimbabwe has certainly more than her fair share of intellectual sell-out preying on their own people like a wolf in sheep clothing. Mark my words; Vince Musewe is one such wolf in sheep clothing!