Sunday, 5 June 2016

Muduvuri risking all "to protect" Mugabe rule - but at what price to the nation By Patrick Guramatunhu

Former Zanu PF central committee member, Jimaya Muduvuri, tells war veterans to stop campaigning for VP Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe because that is divisive.

"If Mugabe is alive, then Zanu-PF is solid. I grew up in Zanu-PF and I won't be intimidated. If they think I will fear anything then they are wasting their time. I love my president and his wife. I am their child and I cannot be intimidated here in Zimbabwe as long as President Mugabe is there," he said.

"We will only start to fear when he is gone. I am trying to protect my father's throne and this is why I asked Vice-President Mnangagwa about those rumours that he wants to take over. I am glad he said he has no such plans."
If President Mugabe had not created this de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship to gratify his insatiable greed for political power and looted wealth, which is the root cause of the economic meltdown and political chaos we are facing today; then the nation would have nothing to fear now or when he is gone! It is naïve and gullible people Muduvuri who love burying their head in the sand like an ostrich who have help tyrants like Mugabe land the nation in this mess!
If Muduvuri opened his eyes for once in his life then he would see that it is President Mugabe himself and his wife Grace who are the divisive forces in Zanu PF.
Muduvuri should ask himself who falsely accused former VP Joice Mujuru of plotting to assassinate President Mugabe and then became hysterical about having her “baby dumped” out of Zanu PF. It was none other than Grace Mugabe herself.
It is all very well Muduvuri asking VP Mnangagwa to confirm he had no plans to succeed President Mugabe; why has he not asked Grace the same question. And just to make sure she does not get away with some blatant lie; he must ask her to explain the real purpose of her “meet the people” rallies if it was not to de-campaign VP Mnangagwa.
Zanu PF is imploding and, unfortunately, is dragging the whole nation into the abyss with it.
The economic meltdown and political chaos are causing untold human suffering and many lives are being lost unnecessarily; very survival of the nation is now at stake.
“I am trying to protect my father's throne,” Muduvuri tells us! It is sickening that people like Muduvuri should continue to put the selfish interests of a murderous tyrant above the very survival of the nation as millions of ordinary Zimbabweans’ very lives are now the price we are now paying for Mugabe’s continued rule!
Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess because of naïve and incompetent leaders like Muduvuri who have put their own selfish interests and those of a murderous above the very survival of the nation. We want regime change and get rid of the tyrant Mugabe and all his cronies, apologists, the lot!

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  1. When Mugabe announced that his regime could not account for $15 billion of Marange diamond revenue there was hardly a ripple in the public pond much less in the glass surface of parliament. Mugabe blatantly rigged the July 2013 elections that it can be rightly said that it was him who voted Zanu PF MPs into power and thus they are accountable to him and not the electorate.
    It is therefore not surprising that even now with all the evidence that the country is in serious economic trouble, 90% are out of work and millions are living in abject poverty and there is total political chaos in both the Zanu PF and the opposition camps; we are a failed state tittering on the edge of the total chaos that has befallen other nations like Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Syria, etc. social chaos; there still Zanu PF loyalists who fail to see reality and continue to treat Mugabe as an infallible god!
    People like Muduvuri have been mercerized by Mugabe’s absolute power and his extravagant lifestyle they have gone out of their way to prop the tyrant in the hope he will reward them with some of his dictatorial powers and a share of the looted wealth. Their greed has blinded them to the reality of the misery Mugabe’s corrupt and tyrannical rule has brought on the nation.
    Mugabe’s corrupt and tyrannical rule was doomed to fail because no nation can ever prosper given the criminal waste of human and material resources his regime engendered. After 36 years of the criminal waste the evidence of the economic meltdown and national collapse are there for all to see.
    It is a great pity that even now, with all the evidence of failure before them, people like Muduvuri still refuse to see Mugabe for the corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous tyrant he is. There is no one blinder than he who sees with their eyes but deliberately shut their mind’s eyes to block out reality in favour of idealized imaginary. To save this nation we must not only confront the tyrant Mugabe but his cronies like Mnangagwa and Mujuru vying to inherit his dictatorial power right down to the blind minions like Muduvuri who risk their own life to prop up tyrants!