Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Accept Mujuru and focus "where we are going" argue Musewe - for 34 years she did not know. By N Garikai

Brother Musewe just join ZimPF in a coalition or whatever just do not try to hoodwink the people by falsely portraying people like Joice Mujuru as reformed democrats; being booted out of Zanu PF did not cure her of being the lazy, corrupt and incompetent she was in her 34 years in Zanu PF.
“This also applies to Mujuru et al. We must admit from where we are coming from that nobody has been left unscathed by a toxic political environment that required some amongst us to take the wrong side of history for reasons best known to themselves. Their fault was because they were more concerned about their personal ambition than the fate of the country, but now that they have realised that supporting evil is wrong, even with the comforts it may temporarily provided them, we should therefore celebrate their revelation because it adds more voices to our cause,” said Musewe.
My brother, you have your eyes on securing a seat on the political gravy train; you are so desperate to get that seat you have thrown all caution to the wind. You really do not wish to see Joice Mujuru and her ZimPF team for the corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrants they are and hence the reason you have those rose tinted glasses on. Your choice! What some of us find nauseating about you is your pathetic attempts to force us to see the falsified image to justify and thus hid your blind greed!
You say “nobody” has been left unscathed by the toxic Zanu PF politic; that is rubbish because not every Zimbabwean is corrupt and certain not everyone has shed innocent blood for selfish political gain. Indeed the overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans are the victims of the regime’s ruinous misrule and not co-actors in this macabre tragedy.
We all know the reason people like Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and the rest of her ZimPF members have played their part of establishing and imposing the corrupt and murderous Zanu PF dictatorship for all those 34 years they were at the heart of the regime – greed. You say only they know why they were “on the wrong side of history” and then admit it was greed, or “personal ambition”, to use your words.
So Mai Mujuru stayed in office for 34 years to pursue her personal ambition; she joined as  deputy minister was elevated to minister and then Vice President and God knows she did her best to get her lion’s share of the looted wealth that went on during all these years. She was doing just fine and would have remained in Zanu PF forever if she had not been booted out. She should have seen it coming, everyone knows Mugabe is a cunning fox with a knack for rigging elections, but the fact that she was caught by surprise only shows just how naïve and incompetent she and her ZimPF friend are.
Mujuru and her ZimPF friends were booted out of Zanu PF and they failed to mount any effective defence only because they are naïve and incompetent. How anyone can now twist the facts and claim what happened was an awakening as the group members suddenly “realized” they had been supporting evil.  
Mai Mujuru and friends had smart enough to know that if they are to be elected back into power they have denounce corruption and political oppression they took part in during their Zanu PF as evil. Brother Musewe wants us to take the denunciation as proof Mujuru and friends will never ever be corrupt and oppressive ever again.
We are to believe that if Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF were to win the 2018 elections, they would  implement the democratic reforms necessary for free, fair and credible elections. They will do this regardless of the their Zanu PF track record as corrupt and incompetent which means they will be setting themselves up to lose the next elections. Brother Musewe is painting a false picture here which only the naïve and gullible will believe.
It is no secret that Tendai Biti and his PDP,of which  Musewe is a member, is seeking to form a coalition with Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF, hence the reason Musewe is as rose a picture of the latter to justify why the coalition.
Musewe and Biti are smart enough to know Mai Mujuru has not change one bit, she and her ZimPF friends are the same corrupt and incompetent politicians they were during their days in Zanu PF. PDP is forming the coalition to enhance its own chance of being elected back into office and if painting a false picture of Mai Mujuru will help then great.
“We need to move away from debates on the pros and cons of others joining the struggle. Let all Zimbabweans join the struggle en mass regardless of where they are coming from because what is more important is where we are going and not where we have been,” Musewe argues.
But that is exactly the point; will Mai Mujuru know take us where we want to go or back where Zanu PF dragged us to? We are still struggling for freedom, human right, free and fair elections, etc., 36 years after independence, because Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies, Mujuru and her ZimPF friends were among them for 34 years,  betrayed us. It is downright naive to think that just because Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF friends were kicked out of Zanu PF they have also forgotten the sweetness of absolute power and will never seek for themselves.
Mai Mujuru will never ever implement the democratic reforms necessary for free and fair elections if ZimPF was to win the 2018 elections. She is corrupt and incompetent but not that incompetent not to realize that it is not in ZimPF’s interest to have free and fair elections and lose.
Musewe you see in ZimPF your chance to get into power, you also know ZimPF will never deliver the free, just and prosperous Zimbabwe we want but are going out of your way to deny this because admitting it will endanger your seat of the gravy train.  
Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown and political mess are all man-made problems born out of failed leadership. We are cursed with a whole army of political leaders but few, if any, are competent and have any moral scruples. President Mugabe has enjoyed absolute power because he was able bribed Joice Mujuru, Mnangagwa, Tsvangirai, Biti, every one!  
If we are serious about ending Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess then we must start looking for quality leaders with a political spine and not be fooled by conman like Musewe pedalling recycled yesterday’s proven corrupt and incompetent sell-outs who are only interested in chance to continue the looting from where they stop last time they were in power!


  1. A country's political leadership is as good as the people who elected the leaders. The quality of the Zimbabwe electorate leaves a lot to be desired, their understanding of important issues is superficial at best and it is therefore not surprising that the country has some of the most immoral and ruthlessly exploitative politicians ever exploiting them.

    Of course Vince Musewe knows that Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF friends are Zanu PF thugs through and through, one does play his/her full role in the building and retaining of a well-oiled tyrannical dictatorship like Zanu PF for 34 years without realizing the regime is evil. The reason why even grandees like Didymus Mutasa, who should have retired a long time ago, are fighting tooth and nail to get back into power is, having tasted the sweetness of absolute power, they are hooked, they want back on the gravy train. He killed to hang on to power during his Zanu PF days and he would do so again if he got back into power.

    It is naïve to think that having inherited the dictatorship a man like Mutasa would willingly disman-tle the system that guarantees him absolute power!

    The only reason people like Musewe are saying Mutasa is a changed man, a democrat, who will implement the democratic reforms is because Musewe knows that the electorate are naïve and gullible they will believe anything. And that tomorrow, should ZimPF win and then refuse to implement reforms, the same electorate can be told some hen’s teeth story and they will, again believe it.

    MDC leaders told the Zimbabwe electorate the 2013 constitution would deliver free and fair elec-tions. It failed to do so and no MDC leaders have ever been held to account because the electorate did not have a clue what really happened. Musewe will have no problem selling the new system as a democracy even if nothing has changed!

    As long as we have a naïve and gullible electorate we will always have people like Musewe selling them recycled rubbish like Mujuru, Biti, Tsvangirai, Mnangagwa and Mugabe as quality leaders!

  2. It is a great pity that people like Musewe have taken advantage of the fact that most of the electorate cannot tell the wood from the trees on even a critical subject like have people like Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and all the other ZimPF leaders really changed to be trusted to deliver the democratic Zimbabwe we want. So instead of being force to present a coherent argument supporting his call that they have change and we can trust them; all Musewe has done is argue that it would be ideal if they have changed and we can trust them.

    Since the ideal situation also suit Musewe and PDP who desperately need a coalition partner to bolster their political fortune; the ideal situation of ZimPF leaders' being transformed from the corrupt, incompetent and murderous Zanu PF thugs of yesteryear is now being presented to the undiscerning voters as an established and confirmed fact.

    34 years of Mai Mujuru and her friend freely doing and behaving like every other Zanu PF thugs are all airbrushed from their CV by Musewe's assertion that "they have realized supporting evil is wrong". Musewe wants all debate on the matter quashed.

    How I wish we had an electorate that is on the ball who would refused to be bullied and demand a detailed explanation from all those who are selling the nation these corrupt and incompetent leaders as if they are the best thing to ever happen in Zimbabwe politics. An electorate who will hold people like Musewe to account tomorrow should Mujuru and others revert back to their typical Zanu PF corrupt and arrogant behavour.