Wednesday, 15 June 2016

If 2018 elections are rigged then MDC must walk the plank because they failed to implement reforms again. By N Garikai

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If 2018 elections are rigged; MDC lot will walk the plank to join Mutambara –  will put them to the sword!
MDC-T is scheduled to hold a demo in Bindura on Friday with another one chalked in on 25 June 2016 in Mutare.
This came as the MDC-T continues to roll out protest marches in all parts of the country as part of efforts to force President Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF-led government to quit over its failed policies. To date, MDC-T supporters have held similar demonstrations in Harare and Bulawayo,” Bulawayo 24 reported.

“On June 25, the party plans to hold another protest march in Mutare where members have reportedly embarked on a door-to-door campaign to ensure a large turnout.”
What exactly is MDC hoping to accomplish with these demos? Zanu PF had its own one-million man march last month where the party faithful called on President Mugabe to not only stay on president but to stand as the party’s presidential candidate for the 2018 elections. So these follow up MDC demos call on President Mugabe to go will be of no real political consequences and will be ignored.  
The next pertinent question is why is MDC-T wasting time in this rat-race, especially when the party has done nothing to implement the democratic reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging elections – the real political game changer?
The primary purpose of the 2008 GNU was to implement the raft of democratic reforms everyone agreed were necessary to ensure Zimbabwe’s future elections were free, fair and credible and not a repeat of that year’s elections which were marred by vote rigging and wanton violence. SADC Heads of State reminded MDC leaders to implement the reforms but were ignored.  President Mugabe went on to blatantly rig the 2013 elections precisely because not even one of the democratic reforms had been implemented.
MDC leaders complained that Zanu PF had rigged the 2013 elections and vowed to boycott all future elections until the reforms are implemented. We are two years away from the next elections and yet there have not been any moves to get the reforms finally implemented. Needless to say that with no reforms implemented, Zanu PF will once again blatantly rig the next elections!
If the 2018 elections  are rigged then Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends will walk the plank to join Arthur Mutambara into political retirement because they would have proven beyond doubt that they corrupt, incompetent and useless! I will put them to the sword myself just to be absolutely certain that this time these useless politicians finally retire from all public life for good!


  1. @ Zvenyika
    The trouble with Mugabe apologists like you is you say nothing when President Mugabe or his wife savage those they do not want but when anyone do as much as answer back you are all over the individual like a rash! Grace accused Mujuru of plotting to assassinate Mugabe and the President himself went on to fire her and many others without any regard to the law and there was a deafening silence, We must not forget that President Mugabe has shed the blood of over 30 000 Zimbabwe for selfish political gain.

    When the war veterans went all over the nation threatening and beating people forcing them to accept Mugabe the tyrant praised them for being the true custodians of the revolution and the nation. But now that the same rogue war veterans are preaching the same nonsense in the name of Mnangagwa he calls them dissidents!

    President Mugabe is a corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous tyrant; the war veterans are merely his unruly dogs. To foam on the mouth condemning the dog whilst saying nothing about the dog's master is hypocrisy at its worst. Zvenyika, your stupid criticism of the war vets is fooling no one; you are just one of the tyrant’s a paid dogs!

  2. @ yithilabo

    But even you must to accept that if the elections are free, fair and credible then the electorate will decide for themselves if they want a 94 year old to rule or someone else. What is the point of holding a thousand and one demos when Zanu PF can still impose the 94 year old because they are free to rig the vote.

    MDC can hold one million and one demos for all I care as long as they have implemented the reforms to ensure the next elections are free and fair. Implement the reforms and can do whatever else you wish or you lot will walk the plank or feel the point of the sword going up your back side!
    MDC has been warned on implementing the reforms for the last eight years already, if they fail to get any reform implemented they will be forced to retire from politics; that is not a threat but a promise!

    1. No my friend you start by putting the opposition to the sword. The people of Zimbabwe risked life and limp to elect MDC leaders like Tsvangirai and Biti on the promise that they will deliver meaningful democratic change. They failed to deliver even one reform when they have the golden opportunity to do so, during the GNU. The only reason these corrupt and incompetent leaders are still in power is because the majority of the electorate have never understood what the GPA reform were about and so never appreciated how MDC sold-out.

      It the nation is serious about ending Mugabe's corrupt and tyrannical rule then it is important for the nation to elect competent opposition leaders and to do the nation must necessary get rid of Tsvangirai and company who are now keen as mustard to hang on to power regardless of the fact they will never deliver any change.

      We not only have Mugabe and his cronies who are so determined to stay in power they are now threatening the nation with yet another Gukurahundi but we also have Tsvangirai and his lot who too would kill to get back on the gravy train if they had Mugabe's dictatorial powers.

  3. MDC leaders must be some of the most incompetent politicians in human history. If you asked anyone of them they would all agree that Mugabe and Zanu PF would never win free, fair and credible elections. Follow that up with, then why the Dickens they have not implemented the democratic reforms designed to ensure the elections are free, fair and credible; especially during the GNU when Mugabe had his hands tied behind his back by the GPA to resist the reform; that is when you will learn just how breathtakingly incompetent they are from the sheer stupidity of the explanation offered.

    We thought MDC had the mass support to overwhelm whatever "vote rigging shenanigans" Zanu PF may come up with, Tsvangirai explained. It was the MDC that was overwhelmed by the vote rigging shenanigans, showing just naive MDC had been.

    The democratic reforms such as freedom of expression and freed media were not only important to ensure free and fair elections but before and after elections to ensure the people are well informed on all the various matters affecting them and the nation at large. So it was pretty dumb not to have implemented the democratic reforms even if MDC was going to win the elections because the reforms were important for a lot more purpose than just the elections.

    After the rigged 2013 elections one had hoped that MDC leaders had learnt the importance of the reforms and would have implementing the reform top of their to-do-list. Sadly that has not been the case; as we can see we have had three out of the five to the next elections and still not even one reform has been implemented. Not even one!

    Yeah, it is really frustrating that MDC-T has now put the reforms on the back burner to concentrate on the trivial matters of demos, rallies, coalition building, etc. It will be absolutely necessary to have MDC leaders haunted off the political stage if the next elections are once again rigged because not even one reform was implemented.
    MDC leaders like Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube, Eddie Cross, David Coltart and many played a major role in the MDC’s failure to get even one reform implemented during the GNU. What excuse will they offer for doing the same since 2013? If they think they will be allowed to occupy opposition political space after 2018, then they are in for A BIG SURPRISE!

  4. Madondo the truth is Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had their golden opportunity to implement the reforms during the GNU and they wasted it for various reasons including being incompetent and corrupt. They really thought they would win the 2013 elections regardless of Zanu PF election "shenanigans" as Tsvangirai latter admitted; a tacit acknowledge of his incompetence, of course.

    President Mugabe had to put up with a lot of MDC nonsense during the GNU, as he said, just to make them believe they will win the elections even with no reforms. Now that the GPA is over and SADC are out of the picture it is naïve to think he would allow MDC to implement any reforms.

    MDC and all the other opposition leaders are expending their time and energy on demos, coalitions, etc. everything else expect implementing the reforms because they know they will get nowhere. I agree with you implementing the reforms and getting a level playing field is the key to meaningful elections the opposition know that but are cowardly avoiding it.

    What people must understand is the likes of Tsvangirai have settled for the few seats Zanu PF allow the opposition to win and so have given up the fight for democracy and good governance!

  5. @ Nomazulu

    When everything is upside down and things are falling apart it is tempting then to see those things that divide us. Whether we like it or not Mugabe's legacy of corruption and brutal murderers has divided Zimbabwe and it will take generations for the people to bury their difference. The tragedy is the divisions will hold us back and not help us advance!