Saturday, 2 April 2016

It is not enough for ZPF to admit ZRP "never act" to end violence the challenge is to force them to act. By Wilbert Mukori

“Our focus is on the economy which is in such a bad shape. And indeed, we cannot wait for 2018 with things going this bad. We have said it time and again that we want to create a peaceful, democratic and stable nation where people can live well, decide their own future and find space to express themselves,” said Rugare Gumbo.

The Zimbabwe economy is in very bad “shape” that is true but that did not happen in the last year but has been a long protracted process that started soon after Zimbabwe attained her independence in 1980. You Mr Gumbo and your fellow ZPF members were key players in the Zanu PF regimes for the 34 years of the 36 years! Why did you do nothing all these years to stop the economic rot?

Surely, if you knew what to do to stop the economic rot; you did not need to wait until you were finally forcefully removed from Zanu PF to stop the rot and save the nation!

For 34 years Mr Gumbo, you and your ZPF have played your full part in the creation of this corrupt and murderous de facto one-party Zanu PF dictatorship. Ever since the time you were kicked out of Zanu PF, in December 2014, you have done nothing to “create a peaceful, democratic and stable nation where people can live well, decide their own future and find space to express themselves,” other than talk and make empty promises.

You have said ZPF will “implement electoral reforms” but have failed to say what these reforms are and, more significantly, how these said reforms will stop Zanu PF rigging the elections and it’s culture of political violence, for example.

According to Zimbabwe Peace Project the cases of harassment and beating have gone up from 346 in January 2016 to 441 in February and over 60% of these crimes were committed by Zanu PF thugs and operative on MDC-T or ZPF supporters. As the nation moves toward the 2018 elections, there is no doubt the violence will escalate, the number of cases will go up and the degree of violence will be more brutal. Unless something is done to stop the wanton violence many innocent people will lose their limps and even their very lives!

ZPF does not have a plan on how to stop the vote rigging and wanton violence!

ZPF leaders played their part in creating this culture of vote rigging and wanton violence when they were Zanu PF members because they did not care about peace and the rights and freedoms of the ordinary people. All they wanted was to retain absolute power at all cost.

“Although we know the perpetrators by name, no one has been arrested in all the cases, so we don’t take any solace from the police because they have never acted. I also don’t see them doing so now and that is what is giving these guys the guts to continue harassing us,” said Farai Kuveya, a ZPF leader. She was commenting of case of a ZPF supporter who was attached by Zanu PF thugs and needed hospital treatment.

What comfort will that bring to the nation? We want peace, economic prosperity, etc. but surely these will only be achieved if we have free and fair elections, free of violence and vote rigging.  

If ZPF leaders were serious about bringing about meaningful democratic change in Zimbabwe then they would know the country must implement the democratic reforms MDC should have implemented during the GNU. How Mr Rugare Gumbo can expect to deliver peace, economic recovery, etc. whilst Zanu PF is allowed to blatantly rig elections, beat up people and worse shows he is not serious!


  1. This is a catch-22: Mujuru and others in ZPF did not act to force ZRP to act to end politically motivated violence when they were in Zanu PF and had the power to force change because the political violence worked in their favour. Now that they are in the opposition they wish they had stopped the violence but it is too late because now they are powerless.

    If ZPF was to win the next elections then they will be back in the driving seat again, their supporters will be doing the intimidation, beating and even murder to help ZPF in power and so they will once again encourage it.

    The electorate are the unlucky sods caught up in this unhappy situation because they elect leaders who promise them peace whilst they are seeking power and once in power they do nothing to deliver peace because their continued stay in power depends on maintaining the lawlessness. Mujuru was the liberation heroine before independence but became the oppressor after independence; she will become the oppressor again if she got back into power of that there is no doubt.

    I can see why the people will vote for ZPF, they are desperate to end Zanu PF's corrupt and tyrannical rule and have no choice but to vote for ZPF since MDC have been a total failure. The people are risking all to vote for ZPF just as they risked all to vote for MDC and then hope that ZPF will keep their promises!

    How do we break this mould of yesterday's liberators becoming today's oppressor?

    1. How do we break the mould of yesterday's liberators becoming today's oppressor is the billion dollar question. The irony is the answer has been staring us in the face all along only we refuse to open our eyes.

      Zimbabwe is not the only country that has faced the difficult question of how to stop liberators becoming tyrants or, more specifically in our case, how to end tyrannical rule. We have the answer to that, what we have lack is the courage to grasp the nettle and implement the solution - implement the democratic reforms!