Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Mnangagwa calls on all to fight corruption - case of new broom sweeping clean or what! By Patrick Guramatunhu

New brooms sweep clean! There is no doubt that VP Mnangagwa is trying his best to portray himself as a new broom that sweeps clean – as contrast to President Mugabe’s corrupt, incompetent and failed tyrant that has allow a mountain of dirty to accumulate. His appeal to all Zimbabweans to fight corruption had the distinct note of one trying too hard to be someone he is not!

"Where ever it raises it ugly head, it must be fought" he said. "We need to stop talking about it and start fighting it.”



Look in the mirror, sir and you will see who has been doing all the talking all these last 36 years!

Corruption has been happening in high places by those in positions of power and authority; the very men and women who should be stopping corruption are the once who have committing the crime. You, Mr VP are one of those people in position of power and authority; why have you done nothing to end corruption after all these 36 years in power? 


Surely VP Mnangagwa must have known about the $15 billion looted from Marange; what did he do to stop it?

Now that VP Mnangagwa’s faction has won the phony factional war against the G40 faction he wants to present himself as presidential material and what better way of doing so than condemning corruption. Some champion fighter against corruption given he has done nothing to end the scourge in all his 36 years at the heart of this corrupt and tyrannical regime.


Mnangagwa has master minded the vote rigging and wanton violence that have become the hallmark of this regime and his hands are red with the innocent blood of Zimbabweans he was instrumental in their cold blooded murder during Gukurahundi and thereafter! Is he going to appeal to Zimbabweans too to fight vote rigging and political murders?

VP Mnangagwa is corrupt, incompetent, a vote rigging and murderous tyrant; he can try all he can to portray himself as a competent and caring leader the whitewash will not fool the people of Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa will never ever win free, fair and credible elections to be president. No doubt, he will try to rig the next elections, as he has done with Mugabe so many times in the past, but this time he will not get away with it because the serious economic meltdown will only get worse.


So if the people are denied the meaningful vote to stop Mnangagwa getting into State House the economic meltdown will force him to vacate that august house!


VP Mnangagwa is no new broom sweeping all the dirty away! He was President Mugabe’s most trusted confidant when it came to carrying out some of the regime’s dirties and darkest work and hiding the truth from the nation. He is sweeping furiously to raise a dust cloud to discourage the nation from taking closer look and see the true extend of the looting and the many skeletons in the closets!  


  1. Bulawayo based journalist Annastacia Ndlovu took vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa to task today over missing $15 billion in diamond revenue.

    Thank you brave heart!

    VP Mnangagwa said he wanted the nation to fight corruption and when asked he pretends there is no corruption. So why is he asking the nation to fight a phantom, something that is not there???? He is desperate to be seen as presidential material and yet his true corrupt and murderous thug qualities cannot be exorcised even for a few minutes!

  2. You keep wittering about ending corruption and having competent and accountable leaders and yet will not start by cleaning up your house. The $15 billion looted from Marange happened during the GNU and PDP leader Tendai Biti was Minister of Finance. What did he do to stop the looting? Nothing and you have never held him to account!

    We cannot keep talking about democracy and good governance and pretend we will ever achieve these goals with corrupt and incompetent leaders! Your continuous blabbering about a better Zimbabwe whilst hanging on to the same fail leaders is now down right irritating! We are not going to accept you recycled deadwood so shut up!

  3. Comrade Mnangagwa has done a lot of dirty things in his career to help President Mugabe stay in power by hook or by crook; it is only now that he wishes he had never done these things.

    He was no popular in Zanu PF and that was why he going to lose the race for VP to Mujuru in 2014, party members thought he a devious man would not be trusted. He is already finding out how much the nation loath him. Mnangagwa will never ever win free and fair elections in Zimbabwe's has so much baggage no markup artist can hide all those scars and evil mannerism a carryover his man-of-blood past !