Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Minister condemns Chiredzi ward - this regime is not fit for purpose. By Nomusa Garikai

Dr Parirenyatwa condemns Chiredzi General Maternity Ward as unfit for purpose.


 "We agree that Chiredzi Hospital does not have a maternity ward. The maternity ward is one of the buildings which we have condemned. It was built in 1967 by the Rhodesians to cater for a few people but we now see an overcrowded building which is unsafe for the mothers and the new born,” he said.

"Everything is being done in one ward, that is pre- natal, post and neo natal services, in-fact there are three groups of mothers under one roof and that is not safe. We need a new maternity ward urgently and I call upon local companies to assist with funding for the building of the new hospital through their corporate social responsibility programmes."


Zimbabwe’s health delivery service was at its best 1980, when we attain our independence; from that point on it has been a matter of steady-she-goes match into decline. Mbuya Nehanda Maternity at Parirenyatwa Hospital, the biggest referral hospital in the country and named after the Minister’s own late father, has been in a deplorable state for years. By the late 1980s the spotlessly clean floors was dirty with tiles missing and premature babies were dying unnecessarily because the hospital did not have enough incubators.


If a big hospital like Parirenyatwa does not have something as basic as an incubator one can only imagine what state rot and decay small backwater hospitals like Chiredzi General Hospitals must be in. For a regime that has presided over all this rot and decay and therefore has a very low tolerance level to condemn Chiredzi maternity ward; it must be because the ward is really in a mess.


What shocked me the most is that the Minister is calling on private sector to build a new ward! For a start, the Minister must be the only one in the country who does not know that the country’s economy is in total meltdown; companies have been closing down right, left and center and the few still operating are in ICU. There is no private sector left to help build the ward!


Second and most significantly, the Minister must have heard the news that Zimbabwe had $15 billion looted from Marange diamonds alone in the last seven years. The story shows that the country is rich and therefore can afford to pay for the up keep of its essential services like health, education, etc. It has failed to do so because there is corruption and looting at a grand scale.


Leaders like Minister Parirenyatwa and even more so President Mugabe and his family have long ago stopped relying on the country’s substandard health system. President Mugabe’s daughter is right now in the Far East in the state of the art hospital to have her baby; she will be seen dead in Chiredzi Maternity Ward! We the ordinary people have no choice but to rely on this rotting and decaying health system because that is all we have and can afford.


It is up to us the people, we are the ones wearing the pitching shoe and not the leadership, to make sure we have a health system that is fit for purpose. By doing nothing to stop the rot and decay we the people and no one else condemned ourselves to having a health service, education service, power supply system, etc. that are in advance stages of rot and decay and in many cases are no longer fit for purpose.

If we are serious about restoring our health service, the economy, etc. back on a healthy footing then we must accept that we have a corrupt and wasteful regime that has long stopped serving the nation interests. If we want change then we must seek to replace this tyrannical regime which has long seized to be fit for purpose!


  1. Everything happening in Zimbabwe today bespeaks of a nation of captive slaves who have taken leave of their senses led by lunatics! How else can one accept the reality of Mugabe and his family spending billions of dollars a year of their health requirements in the Far East whilst the nation's health services, starved of cash, is allowed to completely collapse.

    So whatever Ian Smith left for the people of Chiredzi nearly 50 year ago is all they ever had in terms of maternity facilities. It is when you look at it this way that one is given to ask whether our fight for in-dependence was a wise move.

    We were so focused on how to end white colonial rule we completely forgot to think about what will happen the day after independence. Lunatics like President Mugabe have taken full advantage of our failure to think of the day after to create this corrupt and tyrannical system which is destroying every-thing including our very humanity. It is now 36 years after independence and the lunatics have all but destroyed everything and yet still the nation continue to be indifferent to the tragic events happening.

    What kind of man or woman would see, read and live through the hell that is our Zimbabwe today and not be moved to demand an end to this criminal waste of human lives! Are we humans or are we ani-mals with the features of human beings?

  2. @ Mukumbo

    President Mugabe played a heroic role in the liberation of this country, no one dispute that. What every thinking man, woman and child is questioning is whether his liberation heroics also give him the right to deny the ordinary Zimbabweans their basic freedoms and human rights including the right to free and fair elections and even the right to life. Even Mugabe apologist like you John cannot deny that President Mu-gabe is a corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant. If the nation cannot have a say in who rules and are therefore stuck with such a tyrant, as Zimbabweans have been, it is nonsense to talk of that nation being free and liberated.

    It is a great pity that many war vets allowed themselves to be roped in to push Mugabe's selfish and tyran-nical no regime change agenda after the 1998 Z$ 50 000 bribe! Shame on them because they have tar-nished their own reputation and that of other freedom fighters forever.

    Only a seasoned moron like John Mukumbo will stupid enough to defend the indefensible!

  3. The reason why President Mugabe has managed to rig Zanu PF elections and national elections to stay in power for all these years is that the people of Zimbabwe, notably many of the war vets, have never really understood what freedom and human rights are all about. Whilst no level minded Zimbabwean would disagree with Chipoyera that President Mugabe is a "tyrant"; the real surprise is that people like Chipoyera have only just noticed this now!

    The minute some of these war vet mention Mujuru and condemn how President Mugabe has dismissed her; many Zimbabweans lose interest immediately because it is clear the individuals are not really interest-ed in freedom, justice and human right but are only using these as cover to advance their selfish factional agenda. President Mugabe has done a lot worse things than denounce Mujuru and rig Zanu PF elections and for anyone to sweep rigging national elections and murdering over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans to establish this Zanu PF dictatorship is an insult to the nation!

    The nation is rightly wary of war vets who are only now pretending to care about people's freedom and human rights as a way of getting back at their opponents in Zanu PF's factional wars. The people do not want to find themselves being asked to fight a tyrannical system only to be dumped as soon as the tyrant is defeated as happen in the fight to end white colonial oppression.

    Any war vet who was used by President Mugabe to deny the people their freedoms and rights must confess their betrayal and apologize to the nation. It is about time war vets stood up for the dismantling of the Zanu PF dictatorship and support the demand for the implementation of the far reaching democratic reforms as the only basis for building a free, just and democratic Zimbabwe.

  4. How many babies up and down the country die each year because of the country's poor health service. Bona says she flew to Singapore to have her baby because she is "more familiar with the health personal there". So how many times has she being going to Singapore for her health needs? How many babies could have been saved if the money used even for one of these trips was used to buy even something as basic as an incubator for our hospitals? What President Mugabe is doing here is morally and economi-cally inexcusable! This is treason!