Friday, 22 April 2016

I am 'stockholder' of Zimbabwe says Chiwenga - echo Mugabe did not want to hear. By Patrick Guramatunhu

“We are stockholders of the country,” said Zimbabwe’s Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga. “Some are stakeholders. Stakeholders will come and go, but stockholders have nowhere to go, so we stockholders, we come with it (Zimbabwe).”



These are echoes of “We will never salute anyone with no liberation war credentials!” by the General and other top brass securocrats! It was a pre-emptive warning in case the people elected Morgan Tsvangirai president! This time the remark is directed at Grace Mugabe and her G40 faction.



“To the extent that stockholders are stakeholders, the people are the only stockholders in and of Zimbabwe,” twittered Higher Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, the self-appointed spokesperson of the phantom G40 faction – President Mugabe keeps warning against factional fighting in Zanu PF but has yet to acknowledge the G40 faction.



One is tempted to agree with Minister Moyo but must resist the temptation. The Minister cheered and applauded when the securocrats issued the same treasonous statements when it was Tsvangirai who was their target.



Besides nothing Professor Moyo says should ever be taken at face value; since when has he become the champion of the people? It is no secret that ever since Professor Moyo returned from Kenya and joined Zanu PF in 1999, he has played a pivotal role in the party’s vote rigging shenanigans. He clearly did not believe the people were the “only stockholders in and of Zimbabwe” then!



To comeback to General Chiwengwa, he is just a simpleton who was promoted way above his level of competence and hence the reason he is wittering.



The real stockholders of Zimbabwe are the people and they, and they alone, have THE say on who should be president of the country and who should step down. It is not for General Chiwengwa or any of his fellow security services chiefs to tell the people who can and cannot be president.



President Mugabe brainwashed the General and his fellow securocrats into believing they are more important than the people and they have the power to veto the people’s democratic wish. What goes round comes round the General is now parroting what he was taught and so he will not salute Grace Mugabe since she too has no liberation war credentials. None!


  1. You are right Chiwenga and his fellow securocrats are simpletons who, having been promoted far beyond their level of competence, now thinks they are God's gift to the nation! Idiots like him will never understand that the Mugabe dictatorship is the root cause of the nation's many teething problems and to solve them we must end this corrupt and tyrannical autocracy. He is having his share of the looted wealth and that is all that matters to him. He does not see or understand that an unemployment rate of 90% plus is socially and politically unsustainable.

    During the 7 April meeting with the war vet Mugabe said Chiwenga and other were kept in power although they were overdue for retirement because he needed them to help him win back power after the 2008 elections. One can try to explain to someone like Chiwenga that Mugabe's extended stay in power has not been good for the country, he will never understand that.

    It is a great pity that MDC sold-out during the GNU, if they had implemented the reforms the country's political sys-tem would have been reset so that people like Chiwenga are told to carry out their duty of soldiering and stop messing around being politicians, diamond miners and worst of all tyrannical powers to veto the democratic wishes of the people.

    The right to free, fair and democratic vote is a birth right of every Zimbabwean and not a privilege to be granted to some and denied others by anyone especially a upstart ignoramus who still does not understand what the role of the Army is in a nation. How such a nincompoop was promoted to General beggars belief!

    Chiwenga, Zimbabwe is going to implement far reaching democratic reforms to end the Zanu PF dictatorship and bring in a free, democratic and progressive Zimbabwe. You, are like every other citizen, will have a vote but not a veto: that is not negotiable! We are not going to tolerate this nation being held to ransom by a few selfish idiots for one more day!

    1. Could not agree with you more! We have allowed morons like General Chiwenga have their way for far too long it is high time they are told that the nation's survival of more important that gratifying their insa-tiable appetites for power and loot!

  2. The people of Zimbabwe do not realize how much tyrannical regime dependent on mindless morons like General Chiwenga, VP Mnangagwa, former VP Mujuru and all the other Zanu PF thugs to do its dirty bidding without asking any questions. General Chiwenga is just a Frankenstein monster that the creator can no longer control.

    After 36 years of tyrannical rule and with the country in a real mess one would expect even a slow learner like General Chiwenga to finally realize that the Zanu PF dictatorship has failed and it is long overdue for change. It is shocking therefore to notice the moron is still solidly behind the dictatorship. He really believes he is the stockholder of Zimbabwe.

    Some people believe that things will change for the better as long as the nation get rid of President Mugabe. The dictatorship is a lot more than the one person, Mugabe. If we are serious about meaningful democratic change then we must implement all the democratic reforms design to restore the people's power and authority over rogue Generals like Chiwenga!

  3. @ Mudhara

    What is worth noting here Mudhara is how people like General Chiwenga, the war vet and, of course, President Mugabe and his fellow Zanu PF leadership have always seen themselves not just as the stockholders of Zimbabwe but the only stockholders. They have never believed that the ordinary people have a say in the governance of the country or have a right to a meaningful share in its wealth. As far as these Zanu PF people are concerned povo must be grateful for whatever they are given.

    Povo have never made a concerted effort to demand their freedoms and basic human rights. Yes for the last 20 years the people have risked life and limp for democratic change but, as we can see, nothing has changed because it was a half-hearted fight.

    It was not enough to demand democratic change at MDC rallies with the "Chinja maitiro!" (Democratic change!) slogans but without bothering to understand what these changes are. The country had the golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms and restore the people's freedoms and human rights and, most significantly of all, their position as the rightful owner of the country. The opportunity was wasted because MDC failed to implement even one reform and the people themselves failed in their duty to force MDC to carry out this important task.

    It is one thing for you and me to claim that the people are the stockholders what really matters is what is happening on the ground. President Mugabe and Zanu PF have routinely rigged elections and to rub red chilli to the jury claimed the elections were free and fair. Even after the wanton violence of the 2008 elections where President Mugabe boasted repeatedly that "what was achieved by the bullet would not be undone by the ballot!" He still went on to claim the elections were free and fair and the result was the democratic wish of the nation!
    If we are to be the stockholder of Zimbabwe in practice then we, the people, must first understand what is it we want and then go out and demand it. We should know that having freedoms and rights comes with a price, when these are threatened or denied it our duty defend them or demand their restoration.