Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Police Commissioner "says no" to violence - must be a publicity stunt. By Patrick Guramatunhu

"The message is saying no to those given to perpetrating domestic violence and any other form of violence" said Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri.

"When the family is destabilised, the centre of our values cannot hold. This is why as an organisation we call upon the citizenry at all levels from parents, relatives and traditional authority to come together to ensure that the same message is communicated," he said.



This is laudable if only you are being honest and consistent!



Cannot comment on the Police’s effectiveness or otherwise in stopping domestic violence but can comment on their ineffectiveness in stopping politically motivated violence by Zanu PF supporters. Political violence has become a permanent fixture of Zimbabwe’s political discourse precisely because the Police have done nothing to stop Zanu PF thugs intimidating, harassing, beating and even murdering innocent civilians.



Word is out that Zanu PF thugs are above the law!



Indeed it is a matter of public record that the Police officers have been known to arrest the victims of the political violence and accuse them of disturbing the peace and allow the Zanu PF culprits go free.  In 2008 the Police and other State security personnel especially the CIO were the masterminds behind the wanton violence that swept the nation that year. Why the Police were doing this becomes immediately clear when one reads Police Commissioner Chihuri’s doctorate thesis.



The Commission revealed that the Police were there to stop “regime change agenda”.  So the Police were there to stop the opposition winning the elections even when that meant the Police aiding and abetting those denying the people their basic right to a meaningful free vote.



It is a great surprise to hear Police Commissioner Chihuri condemning “domestic violence and any other form of violence” because he has certainly said YES to Zanu PF motivated political violence all his working life! This must just be a publicity stunt comparable to VP Mnangagwa and President Mugabe calling for an end to corruption and yet the continued to preside over the looting of $15 billion of revenue from Marange diamonds alone!  

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