Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Mugabe's admission of $15b looted in 7 years is suspicious too precise - a warning to Mujuru. By P Guramatunhu

MDC-T and other opposition political leaders have joined the bandwagon of Zimbabweans citizens calling for detailed investigations in the looted $15 billion by President Mugabe’s own admission earlier in March 2015. One has to question the intentions of the opposition in joining in the condemnation of the looting and Mugabe in making the admission.

The proverb “Charity begins at home”, in its benign and charitable original meaning, means that children learn good habits at home from their parents.  The proverb, in its less charitable and corrupted meaning, means that we should look after our own kids, family and nationals before donating anything to help faceless stranger be they the victim of an earthquake, drought, etc.

All our political leaders would do well to know that criticism, like charity, begins at home otherwise it becomes the classic case of seeing the blade of grass in someone else’s eye but failing to see the log in one’s own eye.

“We are dealing with gang of plunderers who have no conscience whatsoever and whose greed knows no bounds,” wrote Vince Musewe, joining the bandwagon condemning the looting of the $15 billion by government.

President Mugabe admitted that $15 billion in diamond revenue was looted in the last 7 years. Ordinary Zimbabweans have very good reasons to be angry with this given that government collects $3 billion in taxes a year and therefore the looted fortune is the equivalent to 5 years of paying no income tax, no sales tax and the multitude of other charges the government wrings out of us! Five years! Blimey, this is like having a Christmas bonus three or four times a year!  

When one politician whose greed, we all know, “knows no bounds” condemns the greed of another politician whose greed, we also know, “knows no bounds”; the condemnation loses its cutting edge, there is a ring of hypocrisy and mockery of us, the people, the real victims of the looting in this case.

President Mugabe was very clear on when the looting took place, “the last 7 years”, 5 of which include the GNU. People like Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, Joice Mujuru, etc. cannot therefore, in all honesty, condemn the looting that took place when they were senior members of the GNU.

President Mugabe was also very precise about the amount that was looted $15 billion and the time period the looting took place; for a country in which corruption has become the norm for the last 36 years, how can he know the amount and the period with such surgical precision? There is clearly a lot more to this story then he is letting on; this smacks of a carefully stage managed story.

It would not be surprising that if at some point of greatest strategic importance to Mugabe and Zanu PF, information is leaked out leading to the discovery and accounting of every dollar of the $15 billion. All those involved in the looting and plunder will be arrested and punished and all of them will happen to be Mugabe’s political opponents. President Mugabe and all his friends will not be implicated in any of the looting; they will all be squeaky clean!

Since all the $15 billion would have been accounted for, all corruption investigations particularly those into Marange diamonds will stop and the subject closed!

Instead of the grand theft of $15 billion Marange diamonds being a serious political setback for President Mugabe, it is turning into his greatest weapon with which to frighten or fight off his political enemies. It is no secret that former VP Joice Mujuru was up to her eyes in the looting of Marange diamonds and Mugabe will have all the details on all her dealings. When Grace Mugabe launched her campaign to “baby dump” Mujuru in 2014, she accused Joice of being corrupt and, more specifically, of dealing in diamonds; so she too knows some of the details, at least.

President Mugabe’s timely admission of looting in the diamond industry was a warning shot across the bowls for Zimbabwe People First ship and its captain Joice Mujuru. Next time, he is going for the jugular vein and he is not one to miss or have mercy!


  1. Mutasa and Gumbo withdraw their court case challenging the Zanu PF 2014 congress on the grounds that the case has been overtaken by events – formation of ZPF.

    When it comes to dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship Vince Musewe has become its great-est and fiercest defender. He has made up his mind President Mugabe and Zanu PF have the divine right to rule the country and to hell with the fact that this has been achieved by deny-ing the people by freedoms and rights. The fact that the dictatorship has been a total disaster for the nation is of no consequence to him. Why he still considers himself a democratic and fighting on the side of the people is beyond me!

    As if the above was not bad enough, he actually believes his vision of a prosperous Zimbabwe co-existing with the Zanu PF dictatorship is possible. Well is his sugar-candy mountain utopia he can do anything all one needs to wish it so and it is so.

  2. Corruption has been problem in Zimbabwe ever since the nation attain her independence the first major corruption scandal was the 1980s Willowvale Motor scandal where Zanu PF bought cars at low controlled prices only to resell them at high black market prices. Mugabe did nothing to rein in the problem, if anything he punished the Chronicle Editor, Nyarota, who broke the scandal and introduced even tighter controls on the media to ensure no one will dare report of future scandals.

    Over the years corruption has got worse and worse. In Marange the looting dates back to the discovery of the diamonds. Obert Mpofu, then minister of mines, was one of the beneficiaries of the looting and he became a multi-millionaire. There is no doubt that Mugabe knew about the looting and pocketed his own share of the loot.

    Mugabe must have spent at least $4 billion in election expenses in 2013 alone; he paid NIKUV $10 million to corrupt the voters roll, spend millions buying new cars for each Zanu PF candidate and other key officials to use in the elections, spend millions paying over due fees of students on President Mugabe Scholarships, etc., etc. Where did he get all this money from, if not from the looting and plunder of the nation's wealth!

    He has been have precise in the amount looted and the period over which the looting took place for good reasons - he will carefully manage the expose limiting the investigations to a select few victims and then quickly kill it off before too much is uncover and too many questions are asked! I agree with you he has Joice Mujuru on his cross-wire and will take her and her ZPF down the damaging revelations if she should become a serious political threat!

  3. Mujuru and her ZPF will do everything in their power to wrestle power from President Mugabe and Zanu PF; of that there is no doubt. As for ZPF "rescuing the country from misrule" that is one promise ZPF are making but will never keep because they are just as corrupt and incompetent as the rest in Zanu PF.

    Mai Mujru is as corrupt as anyone else in Zanu PF; how else did she get her fabulous fortune? If she was not incompetent then why has she already lost so much of her ill got wealth already?

    As soon as ZPF is elected back into office Mai Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo, etc. will move swiftly to consolidate their own power base by establishing their on patronage system complete with conduits to channel wealth their way. They will be taking up their corrupt activities from where they left off in December 2014 except that this time they will be the bosses with no Mugabe to fear.

    Mai Mujuru was up to her eyes in the looting of Marange diamonds, if anyone thinks she would want the $15 billion investigated then they need their heads examined!

    As for ZPF using violence that is another given; ZPF have thugs like Didymus Mutasa, Jabulani Sibanda and Kudakwashe Bhasikiti already in their midst; they will form the nuclei of the new CIO and militia who will be deployed to strike fear in the nation.