Sunday, 27 March 2016

"I am a freedom fighter" says Mugabe's discarded thug Jabulani Sibanda. By Patrick Guramatunhu

When President Mugabe unceremoniously booted out Jabulani Sibanda in 2014 no one had any sympathy for him; he had terrorized the nation on behalf of the tyrant and was getting his just reward – a kick in the teeth! If anyone thought Sibanda had learnt the lesson, they were wrong!

“The party's (Zanu PF) pronouncements are in vain; instead of protecting the people, the party has groomed and protected counter-revolutionaries,” Sibanda told Richard Chidza of the Standard, with the same arrogance of yesteryears.

“Zanu-PF has organised genocide against unarmed civilians who looked up to their government for protection.”

So Sibanda is aware that President Mugabe has groomed thugs to deny the people their freedoms and democratic rights including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country and even the right to life. However he is still not aware that he was one of those murderous thugs who was groomed and deplored to intimidate, harass, beat, rape and even murder innocent civilians to perpetuate Mugabe’s corrupt and tyrannical rule.

The fact that war veteran association is not a statutory body, members took their instructions and encouragement from Zanu PF leaders and the Police and CIO were instructed to facilitate war vets activities but otherwise to stay out, meant they were above the law and off the radar of cooperate accountability. Mugabe deplored the war vets to terrorize the masses, the electorate’s soft under-belly, forcing the nation to accept his no-regime-change mantra.

Of all the war vets, Jabulani Sibanda has stood head and shoulders above the rest for his cold-hearted ruthlessness; a man after Mugabe’s own heart being a cold-hearted and ruthless tyrant himself who has often boasted of having “several degrees in violence”. Mugabe picked and groomed Sibabnda to lead the war vets to carry out his dirty tyrannical work.

The privilege of being President Mugabe’s number one war vet thug got to Sibanda’s head and he was punch drunk and has considered himself a great visionary leader, philosopher and the nation’s king-maker. The public attention and media coverage has tickled his ego sending soaring into the stratosphere from these nauseating heights he has clearly become too light headers to distinguish good and evil, revolutionary and counter-revolutionary, famous and notoriety, etc.

If Sibanda had been brought crashing down to ground when President Mugabe unceremoniously kicked out of Zanu PF, then it was not for long. Sibanda, like Mujuru and all the others booted out of Zanu PF, has taken great comfort in the worsen factional fighting in Zanu PF; to him it is proof President Mugabe and Zanu PF are nothing without people like him!

“If he (Mugabe) was serious about salvaging the revolution, he would invite every war veteran and we would have told him where he has gone wrong,” said Sibanda with the air of this is the guru speaking, pay attention and take note.

“However, Zanu-PF has become some kindergarten playground.”

After decades of working as Mugabe’s cold-hearted and ruthless thug, Sibanda still considers himself a freedom fighter fighting on povo’s side.

“I am a freedom fighter and a revolutionary,” Sibanda still claims.

No Mr Sibanda, you are just a fighter with a penchant for gratuitous cold-hearted brutality who will sell his services to the highest bidder regardless the cause. You risked life and limp during the fight to end colonial rule but since independence have willingly denied the very people you helped liberate their freedoms and human rights in the service of a corrupt and murderous tyrant. President Mugabe has used and abused you then discarded you; he booted you out of Zanu PF without so much as a thank for all the dirty work you have done to keep him in power.

Ever since Mugabe fired you, both Joice Mujuru and Morgan Tsvangirai have shown great interest in employing your “specialized services”. Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant who needed a cold-hearted and ruthless thug like you, Sibanda to herd the electorate to vote for him. So why would Mujuru or Tsvangirai want a notorious political thug; you are a political liability not an asset. So why are the two fighting over you like hermit crabs fighting over some gutter pipe!


When you are desperate for a home, anything to hide your soft behind will do!  

It so happened that since neither Mujuru nor Tsvangirai have had the foresight to implement the democratic reforms necessary to end Zanu PF’s culture of violence, they will all be venerable the savage attacks by Zanu PF thugs. No doubt each one of them would like a cold-hearted and ruthless thug like you Sibanda on their team – a homeless hermit crab will take a gutter pipe as long as it offers protection to its soft behind.

Besides, given that both Mujuru and Tsvangirai are corrupt and incompetent, they too will need thugs to coerce the electorate to vote for them; if not now, then in the future.

As long as nothing is done to implement the GPA democratic reforms and end the Zanu PF culture of vote rigging and wanton political violence; there will always be cold-hearted and ruthless individuals like Jabulani Sibanda will terrorize the people denying them their freedom and humanity claiming they are “freedom fighters and revolutionaries”!


  1. Dr Mujuru and the rest of her ZPF team are corrupt and incompetent and they have proven this beyond all reasonable doubt in their 34 years in Zanu PF. They are showing once again just how naïve and incompetent they really are by thinking they can pretend they had nothing to do with the political and economic hell the country is in right now.

    Worse still, they say they have nothing to do with creating the mess and yet claim to know what to do to get out. So for all these years they have known what needed to be done to end the mismanagement, the corruption, the lawlessness, etc. but have done absolutely nothing about it until now they are in no position of power to do anything. Well if that is not one hen’s teeth story then I do not know what is!

    I hope Zimbabweans will finally come to their senses and go back to demanding the implementation of the democratic reforms and thus open up the country’s oppressive political environment to meaningful debate and democratic competition, the pre-requisite for competent and quality leaders. We are busy recycling deadwood like Mujuru, Mutasa, Tsvangirai, etc. because the political atmosphere is so oppressive there are no quality leaders in the political field to choose.

  2. You are right people like Sibanda have become punch drunk on power and notoriety they really believe their God's special gift to the nation when in reality they are a curse. As a nation we have failed to really take these people to task about their evil past, even when we do get a chance to do so, and it is little wonder then that these people like Sibanda still call themselves freedom fighters.

    How many times have people like Sibanda, Mujuru, Mutasa, Tsvangirai, etc. been interviewed and yet again and again they have been asked the trivial questions or else questions design to portray them as great national treasures.

    Are we really that desperate for ideas and solutions to the nation's myriad of problems that we have to turn to an empty drum making a lot of noise like Sibanda or Mutasa?

    Zimbabweans love recycling but in portraying thugs like Sibanda and Mutasa as future leaders, shows we are not serious about getting out of the hell-hole we are stuck in, not yet!

  3. @ Stobart

    You are right to call our politicians actors for that is what they are, actors. When they are seeking our votes to get into power they pretend to be the most caring parent figure the voters could ever wish for. As soon as they are in power they stop acting and be themselves - the corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrants with an insatiable appetite for power, wealth and influence.

    We the electorate are so naive and gullible we have been taken these third grade actors again and again. Worse still even with the mountain of evidence of these actors' pathetic failures and betrayals, we have swept that aside and elected the same corrupt and incompetent individuals back into leadership positions.

    Those who will not learn from the past will be forced to repeat the same mistake again and again and pay the price again and again. We certainly deserve this corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF regime complete with its coterie of equally corrupt and incompetent opposition parties!

  4. I think you have come up with an idea that should help us understand what has happened in this country. This nation has gone out of its way to honour those who risked life and limp to liberate this nation and yet since independence the nation has been left traumatized and confused when the national heroes like Jabulani Sibanda right up to national leaders like President Mugabe himself have turned on the people to deny them the very humanity. The people would not be confused if they stood that not everyone who fought in the liberation war believed in fighting for freedom, liberty, justice and human rights; some fighters did, the real and true freedom fighters, others did not, they fought for a reward, they are the mercenaries.

    It is high time that Zimbabweans learnt to differentiate a freedom fighter from a mercenary the consequences of failing to do so have been as deadly to the nation as sheep failing to differentiate wolves in sheep’s clothing. We have all seen that Sibanda does not care about the wellbeing of ordinary Zimbabwe no more than President Mugabe himself who has sent these war vets to harass, beat and even murder defenseless civilians.

    To still consider people like Sibanda and Mugabe liberation heroes is as foolish as sheep still considering wolves in sheep’s clothing sheep even after seeing them kill and feast on one of their own! We must now have the necessary sophistication to know who is a true hero and who is not and to denounce the later as loudly as we have praised the former!