Thursday, 17 March 2016

"We are prepared to die for the people," says Bhasikiti - rich, they killed just as readly! By Wilbert Mukori

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti is just a confused and greed individual who is so desperate to get back into power and the gravy train he is displaying the most common characteristic behaviour of villain; “Sell –out your fellow villains for whatever you can get; they will do the same for you!”

There is no doubt that Bhasikiti knows a lot of dirty about Zanu PF; even a simpleton would get to know a lot after a few years at the heart of power given the depth of corrupt and murderous intrigue that has been going on in the party. It is impossible to loot $15 billion in seven years, rig a nationwide election, murder over 30 000 innocent people, etc. and think the details will never leak out.

Now that the leaking has started Mugabe must know that there is no stopping it now. It will be drip, drip, drip, splash, splash, splash; with the only variation being in interval between each drip or splash and the severity of the damage inflicted! Not even the tough Robert Mugabe with the political skin as thick as a hippopotamus’ hide will survive this Chinese torture.

Mugabe told Bhasikiti that he was in the “wrong basket” a cruel play at words with his name before he booted him out of the party and government for belonging to the Mujuru faction. When Grace Mugabe started her campaign to “baby dump” and to “just unemployed” Mai Mujuru and her supporters she never thought she would never see or hear from them ever again.

When USA President Lyndon Johnson assumed the presidency, he thought of appointing someone else to head the FBI but in the end kept J Edgar Hoover. When he was asked why he plied “It's probably better to have the son-of-a-bitch inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.”

Mugabe is going to get a lot of s***t from all these all these Zanu PF members he is purging from the party on a weekly basis; he would have many occasions to reflect on what President Johnson said on what to do with one’s political enemies!

"It is a revolution that we have dedicated ourselves to see to the bitter end, being killed is no longer an issue of option," said Bhasikiti, to justify why he was now spilling the beans on Zanu PF.

"We have just dedicated our loyalty to the people, the masses, and that is why we are called People First. We are prepared to die for the people."

Hold it one minute here! Mr Bhasikiti, you are a Zanu PF villain and thug who played his party in creating and retaining the incompetent, corrupt and murderous dictatorship; your hands are red with the blood of innocent victims you shed; your took your share the spoils in political power, influence, farms and very much treasure!

For 34 years, until the day you were unceremonious booted out of Zanu PF, you showed that there was nothing you would not do for the party. You have harassed, beaten and even murdered innocent people, the very people you now say you are “prepared to die for”, for selfish political gain.

Mr Bhasikiti, whatever you and your many ex Zanu PF bigwigs, did before independence it was not out of love for freedom, liberty, justice and povo; for the last 34 years you have proven beyond all doubt that you do not care about any of these things, you do not have any human compassion for the suffering of others. All you care about is absolute power and the prestige and wealth it brings. Your appetite for absolute power is insatiable and you have shown that you would stop at nothing; you even killed innocent people; to get more and more of it.  

Now that Mugabe kicked you out of Zanu PF and the gravy train you have decided to tell the truth of the corruption, murder and other dirty you and the party got up to in the hope of winning back the people’s trust and confidence in you so they will elect you back into power. The truth about Zanu PF tyrannical rule is coming out with or without your help. As for winning the public trust to be elected back into power; that will never happen, take my word for it! You are too dirty to fool anyone with half a brain into believing you are clean; the change of name from Zanu PF to ZPF will not fool anyone!


  1. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely but what I did not realize until now is that power is addictive too and having enjoyed absolute power for decades people like Bhasikiti are hooked.

    "We are prepared to die for the people," he said. You are right to point out that before he was kicked out of Zanu PF he killed innocent people in his drive to get absolute power. I have heard of drug addicts become very violent and reckless; they would break into a car risking jail term or even their life to steal as little as $10, enough to buy some drugs to feed the habit.

    Bhasikiti, Mujuru and the other ZImPF members are so desperate to get back into power they will put their own lives on the line to win the next elections. Once back in power they will, once again, not hesitate to kill anyone who threatens their hold on power just as they have done during their Zanu PF days. ZimPF people denounced violence now that they are in no position to use violence but if things change these guys will be back to using their Zanu PF dirty tricks harassing, beating, murder, the lot!

    Electing leaders like Mujuru will remove one dictator but only to replace him/her with another dictator because ZimPF will never be a democratic party espousing and defending democratic values. Never!

  2. @ Kajau

    “Hence, no stone should be left unturned in search of justice to bring the culprits to book,” you said.

    “The merciless and illogical looting of diamonds proceeds amounts to gross violation of state inter-ests. This makes it imperative for any citizen to have insatiable desire for due diligence to ensure the meticulous tracing, and the ultimate reimbursement of such cash for public good, as opposed to serving and/or protecting selfish personal interests by rowdy and greedy citizens that are involved. No-one is above the law, and so the state is urged to take stern measures in investigating the perpetrators and bring them to book.”

    It is totally refreshing to hear a government apologist like you say it even though you do not mean it. If you meant it then you would never have said “no-one is above the law”, that was a dead giveaway, because we all know President Mugabe, his cronies and anyone else doing his dirty work are above the law.

    Still it is good to hear an apologist like you admit this is grand theft at monumental scale and the consequences of the theft to the nation’s economic prospect is equally monumental. You will spare us the usual sing song of denying there is no corruption and blaming the country’s economic woes on sanctions!

  3. No single opposition party has emerge as strong enough to give Zanu PF a run for its money because none of the opposition parties have any quality leaders. When a coalition is proposed to cover up for the lack of quality this will always come through at the end of the day!

  4. @Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye
    Dr Nkrumah was a visionary leader, he made some mistakes but still, he inspired his people and many is Africa. Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous demagogue whose love of absolute power and wealth has result in the destruction of Zimbabwe's economy with tragic human misery. Any-one praising Mugabe insult the people of Zimbabwe who have to rebuild their lives from the ruins he left and bear the scar of his tyrannical rule for generations to come!

    “Those amongst us who feel the overthrow of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah's government could have been prevented, let us do all in our power to ensure a US-EU-driven regime change never prevails in Zimbabwe,” you said.

    Only a thoroughly brainwashed moron would say such nonsense. Mugabe has denied the people of Zimbabwe a meaningful vote for the last 36 years under the pretext that it was the West and not the people of Zimbabwe who wanted regime change. In 2008 he resorted to such wanton violence millions were harassed, beaten and/or raped and over 500 were murdered in three months. Even the AU and SADC, who had endorsed his dodgy elections in the past, would pretend this was a free and fair elections.

    It is therefore shocking that anyone, a pretentious Pan Africanist at that, would still be pedalling this nonsense of “US-EU driven regime change” defending a vote rigging tyrant at the expense of the long suffering ordinary Zimbabwean. If Pan Africanism means defending murderous tyrants then we in Zimbabwe will have none of it!

    Mugabe is an incompetent, corrupt and murderous tyrant anyone who portrays him as a states-man is a brainwashed apologist and a liar!

  5. @ Musewe
    There is no point is asking people to go out on the street in protest without telling them what exactly they would be asking for.

    You have said that it is pointless asking Mugabe for meaningful political change because he will say no so what will people be demanding then?

    Listen and listen good; your idea of a second GNU in which no attempt will be made to deliver free and fair elections at the end is not just a waste of time but it is downright stupid! Why should people risk life and limp protesting to retain the status quo!

  6. Something is fishy here; Mphoko reject a $4 million house a few months ago and now he accept a $1.9 million house? Are you sure this was not the price of upgrading the security fence or replacing the window curtains alone? It would not be the first time the regime has grossly understated the cost of something like this; official Mugabe's Blue Roof costed $20 million (all paid for from Zanu PF membership subscriptions and donations from foreign nations) many people believe the true value is $2 billion (all paid for from looted national treasures)!

  7. Bhasikiti was prepared to kill for Zanu PF and he did play a major role in the harassment, beating and murder of many opposition members in 2008. It was not for the love of the people, just or freedom he killed but the love of power and Mugabe rewarded him with a ministerial appoint-ment.

    He is now telling us he and his ZPF friends are "prepared to die" in the struggle to end Mugabe's rule. We would be foolish to believe they are risking life and limp for the love of freedom, liberty human dignity or because they feel sorry for the long suffering povo; they do not give a damn about any of these things, the have shown this during the 34 years at the heart of the Zanu PF regime, they never did. These are hard-core mercenaries who are risking all for a reward – to reclaim their seats on the gravy train.
    The people of Zimbabwe have a clear choice either take the responsibility of demanding the full implementation of the GPA democratic reforms and see this through themselves or allow merce-naries like Bhasikiti lead the fight. The first route will dismantle all the vestiges of the dictatorial system and build in its place a healthy and functional democracy complete with guarantees of free, fair and credible elections not just in 2018 but for all future elections. The second option will remove Mugabe and Zanu PF, at best – no guarantees since Mugabe will still have all the opportunity to rig the elections, but only to replace the Zanu PF dictatorship with a ZPF dictatorship.

    Having risked his life and limp to end the Mugabe rule, people like Bhasikiti, Mutasa, Sibanda, etc. will demand absolute power as their just reward; they will never accept the principle of free, fair and credible elections in which povo can remove them from office. Never!

    There people out there who are arguing that Zimbabweans must focus on removing Mugabe and Zanu PF and thus back ZPF to do this. Once Mugabe and Zanu PF are out of the way the nation can then remove Mujuru and her ZPF if they so wish. In other words elect ZPF as a half-way stop gap measure to removing Mugabe and Zanu PF. This is pure nonsense!

    If we elect Mujuru and her friends back into power in 2018, there will be no fresh elections until 2023; enough time for ZPF to consolidate the party’s hold on power. ZPF will not implement any meaningful democratic reforms that will weaken their own hold on power; that is obvious.

    If we are serious about ending the corrupt and oppressive dictatorship then we must demand the democratic reforms ourselves and not entrust the task to mercenaries who will end the Zanu PF dictatorship, yes, but only with a ZPF dictatorship!

  8. The looting of the diamonds has been going on for the last "seven years or so" Mugabe admitted. In other words it was taking place during the GNU and Biti confirmed this because he, as Minister of Finance, complained that he was not getting the tax revenue he expected from Marange and Chiadzwa. MDC as the partners in the GNU had the majority in parliament and cabinet and therefore they could force a thorough investigation into the matter but they did nothing. It is rich that the party should not be grandstanding and demanding an investigation into the looting.

    So PDP are concerned the money from the looting may be used to finance Grace Mugabe's ral-lies and so it has never occurred to these fools that the looted money was used to bankroll the elaborate but clearly expensive vote rigging shenanigans of the July 2013 elections!

    We owe it to ourselves as a nation to thoroughly investigate the wholesale looting and plunder that has been going on in Marange. I am sure the investigation will name Mugabe and many of his Zanu PF cronies, including Mai Mujuru, as the beneficiaries of the looting and that some of the looted wealth was used to finance treasonous act such as the blatant vote rigging of national elections. I am cock sure that MDC leaders like Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti will be found guilty of complacent connivance and gross negligence in the looting, at the very least!

  9. People like Bhasikiti, Mutasa, Mujuru and the rest of the team in ZimPF are not different from their former colleagues still in Zanu PF including Mugabe himself; they risked their lives in the liberation war because they wanted to be the next rulers. Once they got into power they did not hesitate to harass or even kill to stay in power. These people have used the cover that they are the ones who did the donkey work in the liberation struggle and thus deserve the lion's share of the spoils of independence - the lion's share has meant everything but what of it.

    The fight to end the Zanu PF dictatorship must not be left to people like Bhasikiti because they will be claiming the special privileges all over. This is a fight the people have to take part in and participate to the full.