Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mujuru mimic Tsvangirai in calling for "electoral law reforms", like him she too in breathtakingly incompetent. By P Guramatunhu

Many people have said Mai Mujuru is incompetent, amongst many other weaknesses, and she did not waste time in proving them right. 


We need electoral laws reformed to ensure a free and fair election. The suffering masses need to make this loud and clear to ensure elections are not stolen or rigged,” said Mai Mujuru at her first press conference to launch her Zimbabwe People First party.


She has been in this Zanu PF government for 34 years; she was there throughout the years of the formative years of the dictatorship and therefore one would expect her to the workings of the dictatorship, if she had been awake. She would know that the Zimbabwe Republic Police, for example, has been thoroughly indoctrinated by Zanu PF that Police Officers across the land have been forced to subscribe to the view that stopping regime change is part and parcel of their duty.


Again if Mai Mujuru had been awake during the GNU years then she would know that President Mugabe saw to it that the new constitution approved in the March 2013 referendum did not in any way weaken his dictatorial strangle hold on any of the state institutions including the Police.


So, one has to ask Mai Mujuru, what electoral law reforms does she want implemented that would force the Police to focus on their duty of maintaining law and order instead of fighting in Zanu PF’s corner to ensure there was no regime change?


A few months ago Morgan Tsvangirai launched MDC-T’s National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA), in which he listed eight or so electoral law that needed to be re-aligned to the new constitution. Zimbabwe’s opposition parties are renowned for being corrupt and incompetent but even they saw point in supporting NERA because it was clear none of the proposed reforms would stop the vote rigging or the political violence.


A local NGO on legal matters has describe the electoral law reforms proposed in NERA as ineffective in delivering free and fair elections because the reforms are “inadequate and incomplete”. NERA is dead in the water.


If Mai Mujuru had been awake throughout the NGU years then she would know that the comprehensive democratic reforms agreed in the 2008 GPA are what the nation needs to implement. Being corrupt and incompetent herself she will have good reasons to fear the implementation of all the GPA reforms, she will not be able to compete in a democratic Zimbabwe complete with a free press and free and fair elections.


Making sure the next elections are free, fair and credible is the greatest political challenge in Zimbabwe today. There is no doubt that Mai Mujuru, just like Morgan Tsvangirai, does not have a clue how to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections; she and Tsvangirai have one thing in common, they are both breathtakingly incompetent!


  1. As a nation, we made a very serious mistake in trusting and electing Mugabe in 1980; we did not know the man or his Zanu PF friends other than they risked their lives to liberate the nation. It was natural to assume the liberation war heroes and heroines cared about freedom, liberty, justice and human rights for us all and we trusted them to continue to care.

    We made a big mistake because they did not care about freedom, liberty, etc.; all they ever cared about is absolute power and they were willing to deny the people their freedom, liberty and even their right to life itself to secure absolute power. It took the best part of 20 years to discover our mistake and it has taken just as long to extricate ourselves from the regime.

    We had our best chance of ending the Zanu PF dictatorship during the GNU but wasted it be-cause we elected Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends to carry out this task. It turned out that MDC leaders were corrupt and incompetent. We blindly trusted the corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe and we should have learnt from that mistake instead we went on to blindly trust the corrupt and incompetent Tsvangirai.

    We already know that Mai Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent and it would be folly to trust her with our destiny.

  2. @ Themba

    Mai Mujuru has been in power for 34 years and who stopped her "trying her Kevel best to make a difference" i all those years? All she has ever done in all her years in power is sit there and let Mugabe dragged the nation into the abyss whilst taking her share in the looting orgy.

    To elect a corrupt and incompetent leader knowing that he/she is corrupt and incompetent is unforgivable folly!

  3. When ZBC TV's Tazzen Mandizvidza suggested that perhaps the lack of a clear succession plan was fuelling Zanu-PF's infighting, Mugabe retorted: "You want a successor when I'm still there?

    President Mugabe is known for sticking to rule of law but only when it suits his purpose all these talk of the people will elect his successor is nonsense. When was the last time Zanu PF party members let alone the ordinary Zimbabwean had a free vote!