Friday, 12 February 2016

Zim opposition fiddling whilst country burns - what else, they are fiddler crabs! By Patrick Guramatunhu

“Zim Opposition Fiddles While Zanu PF Burns” wrote Sij Ncube in Radio VOP.
Sure enough, Zanu PF is imploding and the opposition has done nothing of note to show they are ready to form the next government.
“It is disunited and all the political parties of note do not have effective strategies. They suffer leadership poverty hence the failure to seize on the opportunities provided by the disharmony in Zanu PF,” lamented Tawanda Majoni in the article.
“Instead of turning themselves into terrace commentators of what is happening within the ruling party, they ought to focus on real social, political and economic issues. They need to combine efforts to or separately protest against poor service delivery, the liquidity crunch, failure by the executive to discharge its duties and absence of reforms.
“The opposition must take a lesson from how the opposition in South Africa combined to protest against Zuma in the on-going Nkandla saga. The bottom line is Zanu PF is taking everyone for granted because the opposition and civil society are too dislocated to act, in the wake of the 2013 general elections,” said Majoni.
Zimbabwe's opposition has proven in the past that they are incompetent and corrupt, especially the MDC factions and the opposition parties of former Zanu PF members. The trouble is not so much the opposition but the electorate; we have never taken the trouble to formulate what want is it we would want in a good and competent leader and then go out there are get him or her. We have been too lazy to do so and so, like a mud crab, settled for whatever the current washed ashore.
Even when we have been sick from eating the rotting food no one else would touch, we have forced ourselves to hold our breath and eat some more. We have developed knack recycling the same incompetent and corrupt leaders, regardless how many times they have betrayed us already and no matter how serious the treachery.
MDC failed to implement even one democratic reform in the five years of the GNU, for example, because they were breathtakingly incompetent and corrupt. Of course they sold-out! In any other country where the electorate are awake and vigilant, all the MDC leaders would have been forced to resign from public life en mass but not Zimbabwe, we still want them as leaders and we  expect them to perform wonders.
After 36 years of independence it is fair to say we have the government we rightly deserve; the corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical ruling party, Zanu PF complete with the cluster of opposition parties equally incompetent and corrupt that follow and copy Zanu PF’s every move like Saturn and its many moons.  
Description: C:\Users\Tapiwa\Documents\ZSD\February\Saturn.jpg
Saturn and her cluster of moons, like Zanu PF and opposition parties, all devoid of life and sense.

Sij, you are right, Zanu PF is imploding and Zimbabwe is burning and instead of the opposition stepping in to save the nation they busy “fiddling”. But if the truth be told, it is naïve to expect them to do anything else; we elected fiddler crabs and they in turn are fiddler crabs do best – spend all their time fiddling!

If we are serious about getting Zimbabwe out of this political and economic hell then it is incumbent on us to elect competent men and women to lead us, carefully separating the wheat from the chaff.


  1. Grace is the only one allowed to hold rallies and she can say what she pleases and do as she sees fit! This is like going into a boxing ring in which the opponent is blind folded and has their hands tied behind their back.

    The fight to "baby dump" Mai Mujuru was short and decisive, the fight to "baby dump" Mnangagwa is proving to be mess and inconclusive. The campaign to have Mnangagwa replaced by a woman when it would be more logical to have Mphoko replaced by a woman since the last woman VP was from Zanu PF. There are former PF Zapu women who competent to fill that post. The G40 pretend they have no ambition to replace Mugabe and yet everything they are doing is clearly to achieve that objective.

    G40 cannot afford to purge Mnangagwa and his supporters out of the party the same way they purged Mujuru because there will be no one left in the party! On the other hand as long as Mnangagwa remains in the party he will continue to be a serious threat to the G40 faction.

    What a mess!

  2. The issue of competent and quality leaders is important and the people of Zimbabwe have not considered this matter with the seriousness the matter deserves. Until we start electing competent leaders then this country is not going anywhere!

    Good and competent leaders are not a matter of lucky, we have to earn them by working hard and understanding what the nation's problems are so we are not easily bamboozled.

    1. Our cultural norm dictates that women accept the men's leadership without question and the followers accept the leader without question; holding leaders to account is not in our blood. We must now learn to question everything the leaders say and do, how else can we hold them to account; that is going to be a tall order!

  3. Grace Mugabe had a first rally of the year and she took off from where she left – this is about power and she attacked Mnangagwa.

    “In 2014 we went around denouncing factionalism but what we did not know was that we were empowering the other. So, we are saying to the other faction; stop it!”

    So you started a new faction to stop the only faction left in the party; you have made that as clear as mud!

    Zanu PF is imploding any talk of stopping it is a waste of time!

    The real tragedy here is that the country is drifting into very dangerous water and the people who are in charge do not even notice it because they are fighting over who will rule tomorrow.

    The challenge for the nation is to ensure we have a say in who is to rule tomorrow unlike in the past when we did not because the elections were rigged!

  4. Zanu PF and its cluster of opposition parties will never come up with one useful idea even if the current leaders were to live for another hundred years just as Saturn and her moons will never support any living thing given another billion years from today. How would have thought it possible that anyone would destroy a nation like Zimbabwe that had so much going for it is so short space of time as Zanu PF have done! Who would believe that MDC would be so incompetent they would fail to get even one democratic reform implement in five years, FIVE YEARS!

    What did they think would happen at the end of the five years? Did they really believe Zanu PF would give up vote rigging after all they had seen them do in 2008? The more ask the more one is forced to concluded that Tsvangirai and his MDC friends are incapable of thinking. That does not say much for us the electorate for having elected them into high office in the first place.

  5. @ Nhamodzenyika

    Culture in this case is a double edged sword which cuts both ways. The women have to learn not to be so subservient and accept whatever the men say as if they are special and know best.

    The subservient role women have played in Zanu PF has been shameful. The promotion of someone like Mai Mujuru was for no better reason than to placate the women by giving the im-pression President Mugabe is interested in advancing women's interest when in fact he is doing the opposite. He has used the women league to do some of his dirty work just as Napoleon used the sheep in Animal Farm.

    If he really wanted to promote women then he should have promoted a woman with brains who would have advanced women's issues. I cannot think of anything Mai Mujuru ever accomplished other than lead the women in groveling at the airport!

    Women, especially Zanu PF women, have played a key role in helping President Mugabe as-sume tyrannical powers and becoming a tyrant. The tragedy is they have suffered the most un-der the dictatorship at the hands of thugs like Sibanda.

    The men too must learn to be humble and accept that a woman questioning them is not insulting them. Some men will start raising their voices in a threatening manner the minute they are questioned, especially if questioned by a woman and even if they are losing the argument they very quickly go through the gears!

    1. Mugabe has been good at exploiting others and then make it all appear as if he is doing them a great favour. His promotion of useless leaders like Simon Muzenda and Joice Mujuru is a typical Mugabe move. A Zanu PF with more competent leaders below him would have stopped him dead on his tracks before he even started. With idiots like Muzenda and Mujuru, they were so glad and thankful to be holding such a senior position they never dreamt of criticizing Mugabe.

      Weaknesses in society such as cultural weaknesses are the very thing Mugabe would exploit for his own selfish gain. He wanted a subservient nation and what better way of getting it than pro-moting the most subservient individuals in that nation.

      There is no doubt that the simpletons in Zanu PF were very pleased to see idiots like Muzenda and Mujuru promoted since the latter was one of their own. Now that the nation is in a total mess it is the simpletons who have suffered the most!