Thursday, 4 February 2016

Zanu PF is imploding, Mugabe would be desperate to stop it with a peace offer and a coup de grace! By Patrick Guramatunhu

If anyone thought kicking out Mai Mujuru and her supporters on the new and spurious charge of “factionalism” in 2014 would end the infighting in the party, events on the ground have proved them wrong. A new faction, G40 was created to replace Mujuru’s faction and the infighting took off with renewed vigour and urgency.


Zanu PF is imploding the whole nation is now waiting to see what President Mugabe going to say and do to stop warring factions at next week’s politburo meeting.  


It was none other than President Mugabe himself who created the G40 faction; after destroying the Mujuru faction, he needed a faction to counter balance the only remaining faction - the Mnangagwa faction. His wife Grace was to lead the G40 faction. But for all her huffing and puffing, Grace has failed to turn G40 into a powerful faction. She has made a complete fool of herself; a fool with truckloads of presidential ambition but, sadly, an empty head and a big mouth.

Many people have often said Grace and Joice Mujuru have one thing in common – an empty head. For all her 34 years in office no one can ever remember anything of substance Mujuru has said or done, the same is true for the period since her sacking from Zanu PF, and yet many would consider her a better presidential candidate than Grace. Both are empty heads but by saying very little Mai Mujuru has force people to give her the benefit of the doubt that she is not as dumb whereas by opening her mouth Grace has removed all doubt that she is dumb!


The G40 faction’s curse of having a hopeless leader has been compounded by the faction’s failed to attract any notable followers. Since Zanu PF has been unelectable for decades, the notable have all to be from within the party. Before the ouster of Mai Mujuru all the bigwigs in the party had nailed their colours with either Mai Mujuru or Mnangagwa; and most of Mujuru's followers were sack with her. Many Mnangagwa supporters, like Oppah Muchinguri, have not had the nerve to jump ship and join G40.


Only former Mnangagwa loyalist to jump ship is Zimbabwe's flip-flop king, Professor Jonathan Moyo. Given that Moyo was Mnangagwa’s co-conspirator in the 2004 Tsholotsho coup plot to ouster President Mugabe, he was the last person one expected to desert and join G40. With Professor Moyo, he could well be a double double-agent!


None of the former Mujuru supporters who were spare the sack, like Sydney Sekeramai and Simon Khaya-Moyo, have not embraced the G40 faction with enthusiasm, if at all. Sydney has attended one or two of Grace’s star-rallies and even joined in the rendition of Atlantic Star’s “Secret Lovers!” to the Zanu PF beat and lyrics but failed impressed the audience. The crowd was there for the freebees and clearly felt that attending the rally was payment enough, they did not have to listen too let alone cheer!


 VP Mphoko was roped in to join the G40 faction; he has had the singular honour of introducing the star attraction – Grace - at these Meet the People rallies. Many have questioned the protocol of the VP introducing Grace as if she was his senior. Grace had it known that the two VPs were her juniors and even took instructions from her. VP Mphoko has since public admitted to being Grace’s junior which has only served to undermine his standing in the public eye.


President Mugabe knows that if he was to kicked the proverbial bucket today; let’s face it at 92 years of age every day is now a Christmas bonus (he is getting his bonus pay unlike some poor sods who will lucky to get theirs to mark Jesus’ death instead of his birth); G40 faction will be dead and interned with his bones. The G40 faction is a President Mugabe child and is still totally dependent on him.  

There is no doubt having created and nurtured G40 faction President Mugabe would have wanted to see the faction standing on its own feed, a real challenge to the Mnangagwa faction by now. Reports of his stumbling and falling in public, in spite his determined effort to show the world he is still a spring chicken, confirms his worst fears that there are not many Christmas bonus days still left for him. The tank is empty and the engine is running on fumes; he is clearly running out of time on his G40 project.

My guess is, President Mugabe will speak very passionately and eloquently, at the next Zanu PF politburo meeting, for an end to Zanu PF’s factional fighting. Mugabe will be hoping that Mnangagwa, who has been shaken and stirred in equal measure by ferocity of the infighting of the last year, will welcome the seize fire offer, drop his guard to receive the olive branch and quick as a lightening President Mugabe will deliver his coup de grace!


  1. Offering a ceasefire in order to deliver the coup de grace would fit Mugabe’s tyrannical character and temperament to a T. We all know that for all his rhetoric on freedom, human rights, liberation war sacrifices, etc. when his iron grip on power is threatened he will stop at nothing to retain power and will even boast about it.

    The nation and the world will never forget his barbarism and wanton violence of the 2008 elections. "What was achieved by the gun cannot be undone by the pen!" He ranted and raved whilst his party thugs, brainwashed war vets backed by the CIO, Police and the Army carried out his "Operation Mavhotera papi!" (Whom did you vote for!) orders to harass, beat, rape and murder.

    The irony is Mnangagwa was Mugabe's most trusted right hand man in Operation Mavhotera papi! and many other of Mugabe's dirty schemes; it would be fitting justice if Mnangagwa was now to be the victim of one more Mugabe treachery!

    The double irony is the decapitating of Mnangagwa will still not be enough to secure Grace Mugabe the presidency; the party has never been more unpopular with the voters and rigging the next elections is not going to be easy. Zanu PF members are fight to the death over what is clearly a crown of thorns tipped with a deadly poison.

    Those who live by the sword must die by the sword!

  2. @ Mandeya

    The humiliation Zanu PF member have had to endure over the years is legendary. I still first it hard that in his 36 years in power Mugabe has insisted that there would be no cabinet meeting unless he was there to chair it and actually got away with that nonsense.
    The insulting looks from both Mugabe and his wife in the photograph speaks volumes! What makes the situation worse is that Khaya-Moyo had done nothing wrong in supporting Mai Mujuru, if anything it was the Mugabes who had connived to falsely accuse all those who dared to support Mai Mujuru of “factionalism” to stop her being elected VP. It was a typical Mugabe move, he has only accepted elections if he was sure to win otherwise he has always come up with all manner of excuses why the elections should be cancelled or else he would rig the vote one way or the other.
    Khaya-Moyo’s hands were clean and the Mugabes’ hands were stinking with dirty intrigue and still they made him and all the other Mujuru supporters feel they were the criminals!

    The only reason why these Zanu PF chefs have put up with the humiliating treatment from Mugabe is because their greed is greater than their pride, sense of duty to the nation and even reason itself. No wonder the nation is in a real mess, we have had an incompetent, corrupt and murderous tyrant running the nation surrounded by brainless cabinet members and MPs cheering the tyrant along as long as he kept throwing scraps at them.