Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The dictator is but the dominant snake on Medusa, the monster, the dictatorship. By Patrick Guramatunhu

The people of Zimbabwe are making one big mistake in pinning their hopes of getting out of this political and economic hell-on-earth the nation finds itself on the on-going factional wars destroying Zanu PF and the evil party being buried with President Mugabe on his death. As long as anyone in Zanu PF continues to have a firm hand on unreformed state machinery the Zanu PF dictatorship will continue to rule and ruin our lives!
The dog-eat-dog fighting in Zanu PF shows we are dealing here with individuals who have got used to absolute power and a life of luxury and leisure. They all know Mugabe’s days as the top-dog are numbered and each one of them wants to be the new top-dog and will fight to the death for it. Whichever faction emerges with the sceptre of office firmly in its hands will use the existing dictatorial powers to consolidate its power and assert its authority on vanquished factions and the nation at large.
The victorious Zanu PF faction to emerge out of the dog-eat-dog fight tearing the party apart will have the mean-spirit of a one-eyed dog punishing friend and foe in advance for laughing at its physical deficiency.
Whilst Zanu PF is preoccupied with its factional wars the populous should have been busy building a formidable concordat to confront the one-eyed dog with demands for the full implementation of the 2008 GPA democratic reforms designed to dismantle the dictatorship Zanu PF imposed on the nation. As it is, only a tiny minority of Zimbabweans are aware of the critical importance of the reforms as the key to open the only door out of the hell-on-earth Zimbabwe is in.
Most of the country’s opposition politicians are wasting time their demanding that the regime must implement electoral law reforms which will do nothing to reduce the dictatorial powers of whoever inherits Mugabe’s post.
As for the majority of the people, they are hoping that the death of Mugabe will be the transformative moment the nation has been waiting for. Of course this is naïve because the death of the dictator does not equate to the death of the dictatorship.
So the nation is remorseless matching on to the next elections, set for 2018; still with not even one democratic reform in place as was the case in 2013. The one-eyed Zanu PF dog will once again use violence and use its dictatorial powers to blatant rig the elections. The opposition and the populous will raised their voices and complain about the violence and the vote rigging and the whole world will turn a deaf ear to the complaining.
Zimbabweans complaining about violence and vote rigging is now a tedious theme; since we will not take the cure, implement the GPA democratic reforms out of sheer laziness, we should not complain incessantly of the ailment!
Think of the Zanu PF dictatorship as the mythological Greek monster, the Gorgon, Medusa with snakes growing out of its head like hair. President Mugabe is not Medusa but, for the last 36 years, was the dominant snake. The other snakes can see President Mugabe, due to old age and ill health, is losing his bite creating room for a new dominant snake to emerge and they are all swelling around fighting for dominance.
Description: C:\Users\Tapiwa\Documents\ZSD\February\medusa-vector-poison-snakes.jpg
The dictator is but the dominant snake on Medusa, the monster, the dictatorship!
Our task is to kill the monster that has held the nation captives for the last 36 years. Hoping that the snakes will kill each other is naïve because fighting cobras wrestle each other, they do not bite each other otherwise there will be no poisonous snake left in the world. Cutting of one snake, even if it should be the dominant one, will solve nothing because another snake will grow in its place.
Whilst Medusa is distracted by the swelling mass of snakes wrestling each other for dominance it is time to cut off the monster’s head. Implement all the GPA democratic reforms and we will cut all the undemocratic control the regime has over the Police, CIO, Judiciary, ZEC, etc., etc.
During the GNU we had five years to implement the GPA democratic reforms and end the Zanu PF dictatorship we wasted that chance because Tsvangirai and his MDC friends sold-out. President Mugabe offered them seats on the gravy train and they forgot about the reforms. Since the rigged elections of 2013 Zanu PF has been distracted and weakened by the infighting in the party and the country’s worsening economic meltdown due to the decades of misrule; we have yet another golden opportunity to demand the implementation of the GPA democratic reforms. We must not waste this chance too!


  1. Uganda has just held its elections and Museweni won again after harassing the opposition candidate; the latter knew this was going to happen and still took part in the elections and no doubt now he is telling anyone who cares to listen to him that the elections were rigged! This is how stupid these opposition leaders are; they agree to play knowing the other part will cheat and then complain about being cheated

  2. If Zimbabwe's next elections are marred by the usual violence and vote rigging the world will not be interested in listening to Zimbabweans mourning about that because we knew this would happen in advance, had a cure for it but lack the foresight to take the medicine!

    We know Zanu PF does not hold free, fair and credible elections, has never done than in its whole history. After 36 years of being beaten up and cheated surely we should be smart enough to realize this is not working and change tact.

    One can understand people like Tsvangirai or Mujuru wanting to take part in the elections without reforms; they have no clue what needs to be reformed, for a start.

    Second, they are dum but not that dum not to know that in a democratic Zimbabwe they will have no chance of even getting a look in! Can you imagine these two in a public debate comparable to what we are seeing happening in America!

  3. Look who is talking! Obert Gutu was a MDC candidate in the 2013 elections which MDC claims were blatant rigged, and we agree the elections were rigged; but what evidence did he come up with to prove it? Not that there was no evidence, we all saw the bussed voters, the nearly one million de-nied the vote because their name were deliberately posted in the wrong constituency, the failure to produce the voters roll (the smoking gun), etc.; there was a mountain of evidence. The problem is there was no one smart enough to see the evidence.

    Only in Zimbabwe would someone blatantly rig the elections and get away with it scot-free; thanks to the breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent opposition.

    Obert Gutu and his friends in the opposition are disappointed Mai Mujuru and her ZPF cronies can-not fill in the yawning gap left by their own incompetence. No one from ZPF can give them any in-formation on how Zanu PF rigged past elections because they too have the same deficiencies as MDC - they too are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent!

  4. @datbrother
    As if the Zanu PF media has done anything of substance!

    The international media said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction but when that turned out to be a lie they came out right and admitted it. Your Zanu PF media denied there was no corruption in the country and blamed Zimbabwe's economic meltdown on sanctions and continued to lie even in the face of the evidence that President Mugabe alone was looting $2 billion per year from Marange!
    You are just a Zanu PF apologist who cannot change his tune after so many years of writing non-sense!
    @ Raath
    The whole constitution writing process was reduced into a farce, a very costly one at that but then so are many things in a corrupt and incompetently ruled country like Zimbabwe!

  5. So Mai Mujuru knows her late husband was murdered but does not know by whom. She knows there was a "small clique" that rigged the elections but she has no clue what they did. One could write volumes about things Mai Mujuru does NOT know but virtue of her office as VP should have known! The woman is lazy, incompetent and corrupt (she played her part in the looting that much she knows and has been at great pain to deny); Zimbabwe is in deep political and economic trouble and needs a competent leader not this crap!