Saturday, 6 February 2016

Musewe the truth is Mugabe is Don Quixote on 'pink face' charge to hide his misrule. By Patrick Guramatunhu

Comrade Vince Musewe set out to tell the President and the nation at large the truth as to why Africa and Zimbabwe in particular was in such a political and economic mess in his article “If the truth be said Mr President”. He was responding to President Mugabe’s usual bombastic attack of the West at the AU summit. Vince ending up asking irrelevant questions and giving the wrong and equally irrelevant answers; he succeeded in mudding the waters and telling a dangerous lie.
“The questions we therefore need to ask ourselves are why the West has developed so fast and continues to dominate on the international geopolitical agenda and why the East is fast rising in dominance on the economic front and is demanding and rightly entitled to the same political rights as the West,” he asked. 

These questions are irrelevant because they only seek to give mileage to the lie that it is the West and more recently China that are holding back Africa. We are our own worst enemies in having mismanaged our nations economically and politically. Any roles outsiders have played in our downfall have been minor and they did so because we let them.
The single most important lesson Africa should have learnt by now is accept we, Africans, have failed ourselves and to stop hiding behind the finger and blame outsiders. President Mugabe has become the self-appointed Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote, out to fight for justice Zimbabwe’s sovereignty, Africa’s permanent seat at the UN Security Council, etc.
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Don Quixote: on a full single cavalry “pink face” charge!
For the last 20 years President Mugabe has used every international platform lead his one Sir Knight Cavalry charge at the West, like Don Quixote charging at the windmill and all to no consequence. Even those who had supported UN reforms in the past must have dropped the idea like a hot potato; who would want a foul-mouthed President Mugabe on the Security Council wielding a veto?
If anything Zimbabwe’s knight in shining armour has used his Don Quixote battles to draw attention away from the evil he is has been doing. Corruption is rampant in Africa and when his history is finally uncovered President Mugabe will be one of the most ruthlessly corrupt leaders in the world.
In 2012 Africa Partnership Canada reported that President Mugabe pocketed $2 billion in that year alone from the grand theft of Marange diamonds. His looting assumes it full enormity when viewed in the light of the heart breaking poverty and despair gripping the nation; most towns and cities have no clean running water, there is a 18 out 24 hours power cut, etc. because there is a serious shortage of cash!
“First, we must stop being a consumption society and move towards being a productive society. Second, we must stop being a continual recipient of international tied aid and developmental loans and create our own capital base while creating environments in Africa, which offer real investment value and then some to the international free market capital sector,” Musewe answered his own irrelevant question.
Zimbabwe is facing its toughest year yet since independence with the country in a real economic and political mess. After 36 years of mismanagement, corruption and lawlessness the national economic is in total meltdown and still the regime continues blame the West instead of dealing with the underlining problems. The economic meltdown has trigged an all-out fight for power in Zanu PF as the party leaders fight over a piece of the shrinking cake. They are not paying any attention to the dangerous situation the nation is in.
The El Nino induce drought is making the situation even worse; 3 millions are facing starvation.
President Mugabe was very slow off the mark in declaring the drought a national disaster so the international community can step in a help. He did not want to do so before he had delivered his anti-West speech at the AU summit. Still, he is appealing for help from the West, the very people he rubbished in his speech, calling them “pink face”!
What is sad is that even now after 36 years with Zimbabwe in the gutter because of his corrupt and tyrannical misrule, there are still Zimbabweans who fail to see President Mugabe’s Don Quixote antics for what they are tactical diversions to draw attention away from his misrule.  


  1. As Don Quixote had to be helped onto his old horse our modern day Sir Knight had to be helped on the rostrum, he stumbled and nearly fell down, before delivering his "pink face" charge. All the leaders in the west were soiling their pants with fear!

    Mugabe called for the reform of the UN. "We are also human," said Mugabe. "Africa shall not tolerate slavery by denial of rights!" And yet he continues to deny the people of Zimbabwe. The AU knows this only too well for they are the ones who put him in the sin-bin after the violent elections in 2008. Now the collective body of the busy bodies has clearly forgotten!

    Mugabe is trying to put the world to right when he has failed to put Zimbabwe to right because of what he himself is doing! He is making his "pink nose" charge to cover close scrutiny of the worse things he is doing in Zimbabwe! We must not allow him to get away with it!

  2. The Genesis of Zanu PF's demise was written a long time ago when the party along President Mugabe to hijack the party, abandon its commitment to freedom, justice and human dignity to create this de facto one-party, one-man, dictatorship. Zanu PF stifled debate and the democratic competitive spirit turning even the average member into a mediocre and ever since the party has blundered from pillar to post. Zanu PF has adopted policies without proper debate and critical analysis and thus ended up pursuing policies that defy common sense.

    It is not surprising that the nation's economy has been in trouble ever since Zanu PF took office. In the last few years the economy has taken a nose dive triggering the panic within Zanu PF itself as members now fight each other for a piece of the fast shrinking national cake just to escape poverty gripping the nation.

    Zanu PF is doomed to imploded because short of a miracle to turn the economic meltdown into an economic doom so every Zanu PF member has a secure economic future there is nothing anyone can do to stop the implosion now. The nation needs this implosion to have a chance of creating a new political system and hopefully a brighter future, if we can finally get our thinking caps on and get a working political system not allow another scatter brain to lead us astray again.