Thursday, 18 February 2016

Musewe has chutzpah to warn against "focusing on wrong things" only to step on the banana peel himself. By P Guramatunhu

Every bird has his song and so too have people. Brother Vince Musewe has settled into a set pattern which he now repeats with unfailing regularity; he will say something very sensible one minute and then trip himself the next without failure.
“You see, we must not fall into the 2013 trap where ZANU (PF) gets organised while we are focusing on the wrong things. Things are not going to get any better until we have political change that addresses human rights, ushers in an inclusive democracy and creates a modern economy that meets the aspiration of all Zimbabweans regardless of race or political loyalties. That can only happen through comprehensive political reforms and economic revival. ZANU (PF), in any shape or form, are the least placed to bring this about,” he wrote in his latest article.
“First, we need a coalition of all opposition forces. I am rather disturbed that some opposition parties think that we can wait, but two years is not enough. We need the coalition to be in place now so that we can have enough time to counteract ZANU (PF) and strategize together for 2018, especially in the rural areas. Our people unfortunately still need to be re-educated on democracy, elections and their rights.  They still need to be liberated from oppression by chiefs including from lack of information and knowledge.”
He is 100% right that if we want democratic change and an end to the economic chaos we must not fall in the trap Tsvangirai and his MDC friends fell into of “focusing on the wrong things” throughout the five years of the GNU. MDC were supposed to concentrate on implementing the democratic reforms listed in 2008 GPA; they took their eyes of the ball, Tsvangirai over indulged himself with globe-trotting, chasing women of questionable morals, etc. At the end of the five years not even one reform was implemented. Not one!
SADC, the guarantor of the GPA, did they best to remind MDC to implement the reforms but they were ignored. SADC leaders, literally begged MDC not to take part in the July 2013 elections without reforms as former MDC Minister in the GNU Samuel Sipape Nkomo has admitted but again they were ignore. It was at this point that SADC, Pontius Pilate, washed their hands of Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis.
Implementing the GPA reforms was the only way sure way of ensuring the July 2013 elections were free, fair and credible it still remains the only way to ensure the next elections are free and fair. If SADC leaders had NOT given up on this nation they will be saying the same they told Tsvangirai – implement the reforms, do not take part in the next elections with no reforms implemented.
SADC leaders must be glad that they washed their hands of the Zimbabwe crisis because, other than President Jacob Zumu who is as bold as Homer Simpson, they will all be pulling their hair out to read Vince Musewe’s article.
Instead of focusing on implementing the GPA reforms, Musewe is asking the nation to form a coalition, educate voters in the rural areas, etc. He even has the chutzpah to warn the nation of the danger of wasting time on the wrong thing and then proceed to do just that himself. He is like someone who is warning of the dangers of stepping on a banana skin and then crosses the street to find a banana skin, steps on it and falls!
Description: C:\Users\Tapiwa\Documents\ZSD\February\Banana-peel.pngSome people never learn!
No wonder SADC leaders and the world at large have given up on Zimbabwe ever getting out of this economic and political hell-hole the nation has dug itself into; we are truly a hopeless lot. SADC has produced the comprehensive list of democratic reform we need to implement if we want free, fair and credible elections; we can implement the reforms or waste time on other trivial pursuits and repeat the reward or suffer.


  1. Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones especially when the stones are boomerang shaped! Grace is the one who took great pride in telling other people's dirty stories; "Ndinozi Mafirakureva!" (I speak the truth no matter what!) she said. Her dirty past has now been splash for all the world to see!

    Sure enough, the devil does find work for idle hands; she has been doing very little else other than producing dirty laundry according to a leak report!

  2. What is Biti talking about, he will never work with Tsvangirai. The two have worked together for years because they have a lot in common; they are both breathtakingly incompetent and corrupt and surely that is a lot!

    MDC wasted the GNU years chasing shadows and women with hairy legs for Tsvangirai instead of implemented the GPA reforms necessary for free and fair elections. Instead of taking up this important task after the rig July 2013 these village idiots at it again wasting time on coalition, electoral law reforms, etc. anything but the GPA reforms needed for free and fair elections!

  3. @ Marshalls 77

    Zanu PF did not refuse to have the reforms implemented during the GNU, SADC forced President Mugabe to agree to the reforms and sign the GPA. No reform was implemented because MDC are corrupt and incompetent. You must get your facts right otherwise you are lost!

    If Zanu PF was forced to accept GPA reforms in 2008, of course it can be forced to do so again. The problem here is that Zanu PF is being given the choice to either implement the tough GPA reforms or the useless electoral reforms and it has naturally agreed on the latter!

  4. @ El calbrito

    I do agree with you there but what we must be careful of is that Grace does not start a fire to burn Zanu PF and then the fire spreads and burn down the nation too! No matter a bad the rat infestation may be; you do not burn down your huts, granaries, everything to get rid of the rats! As the fire takes hold you will see a mad rush of rats escaping the inferno; they will find themselves a new temporary home under a log or something and the same cannot be said about you.

  5. Mujuru has played her part in the destruction of this country anyone who thinks that she can forget her incompetent and corrupt habits just because she is now with ZPF and not Zanu PF is naive!

    What the country need is real democratic change and not a reshuffle of the same deck of cards of incompetent and corrupt leaders!

  6. Zimbabwe wasted the GNU years chasing shadows instead of implementing the GPA reforms; that is very true. It is a great tragedy that the same village idiots who betrayed the nation during the GNU are still at it now; again wasting time chasing shadows. Zanu PF rigged the last elec-tions by corrupting the voters roll so that nearly a million voters' names were posted in the wrong constituencies, for example. How is an opposition coalition or voter education going to cure that?

    Of course there is a simple reason why Musewe keeps going back again and again to the coali-tion, voter education, etc.; these are the easy things to do. They are not the solution, he accepts that but will never come out and admit it. Tsvangirai and his MDC friends wasted the GNU years messing with the new constitution and would not touch the GPA reforms because the former was the easy one to deal with. The fact that Mugabe bribed them to do nothing about the reforms made it even easier for them to kick the reforms into the tall grass!

    We have choice of planting our crops on the plateau where the ground is sand soil a few inches deep easy to till and the weeds do not grow vigorously. Or plant our crops in the valley the rich soil a metre deep turning over the soil is hard work and one has to weed every two or three weeks. The maize on the plateau hardly reaches a man's waist and the cobs are not much long-er than the middle finger. In the valley the maize are as tall as the giraffe and the cobs are as long as a man's arm.

    We are stuck in this political and economic hell because for the last 36 years we have gone back year after year to plant on the plateau and the harvest has been poor. When are we going to admit it that we are lazy and do the right thing?

  7. @ Maita

    The trouble with people like you is you are naive and gullible, you only scratch the surface and so you understanding of the subject matter is very superficial.

    "But Vince is right zanupf is the least to be expected to have an reforms done and no one can force them to do so," you said. Only someone who completely failed to understand what the GPA was about would say that! .N

    After the wanton violence of the 2008 presidential run-off elections Mugabe claimed victory but no one else, not even SADC and AU known for giving their approval to dodgy elections, accept-ed the result. As a way forward Mugabe was forced to sign the GPA in which was listed a raft of reforms which the GNU was then tasked to implement to ensure the next elections will be free, fair and credible. SADC was the guarantor of the GPA.

    The fact that not even one GPA reform was implemented in five years was because MDC sold-out. Mugabe bribed the MDC leaders with the gravy train lifestyles and a $4 million highlands mansion for Tsvangirai and they took the bribe and kicked the reforms into the tall grass. SADC leaders reminded MDC to implement the reforms and they were ignored!

    It is really sad that even with the benefit of hindsight you and many others equally shallow mind-ed have still failed to understand what happened during the GNU. It is clear you will never understand what happened. Never ever! With such a thick and slow electorate it is little wonder we are in this hell-hole. But, worse still, with such an electorate we are stuck here.

    “Only God through his way of doing things can do it and we are seeing it happening these days with the revolutionary party turning into a counter-revolutionary party, eating its own children. Remember when God caused confusion in the camp of those who wanted to fight the Israelites?” you say.

    Zanu PF in fighting is going to weaken the regime but what makes you think whichever faction that will still remain standing is going to give up power and accept democratic re-forms? Zanu PF is imploding but the view that the infighting will not drag the rest of us into it is totally unfounded. We should know the mentality of these Zanu PF thugs by now; “If you are not with us you are against us!” If the factional wars in Zanu PF escalates into an all-out gun fight then there will be more graves of civilians than of the thugs!

    You need to look again my friend, what you think is the light at the end of a tunnel is in fact the light of a run-away train!

    God gave us the chance to get out of the tunnel safely during the GNU, only we had to do was implement the GPA reforms; we wasted that chance. By the time this El Nino drought blows over (another nine months still to go) and there is a clear winner in Zanu PF’s factional wars Zimbabwe may well be a war-zone and we, Zimbabweans, will be entirely to blame.

    Zimbabwe’s political and economic mess is man-made and therefore it is within our power to solve it. Those evoking the Almighty are doing so out of laziness because God does not do for mankind what mankind can do for himself!

  8. The opposition has been totally useless in the past, even in the heydays when MDC was one big happy family, because there was no quality leadership. It was Chris Dell, US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, who said Tsvangirai was "a weak and indecisive character"; that was back is 2004!

    Having failed to produce a effective opposition because there are no quality leaders some people have since embarked on a mission to forge an effective opposition by bringing together all the mediocre opposition into a grand coalition. For an effective opposition, or anything for that matter, the determining factor is quality; quantity is no substitute for quality.

    Indeed to concentrate on quantity in this case will make the situation even worse, the fight for position has paralyzed the coalition.

    The opposition, at least the little quality opposition that is there, should just focus on demanding the implementation of the GPA reforms so the next elections are free, fair and credible.

  9. @ Musewe

    You are here to waste the people's time talking about economic reform when it is the political re-form we should be concerned with first. There will be no economic reform without political reform; this is more than your chicken and the egg question, it is more like life and death!

    Discussing the economy is a dead end exercise; if you cannot see that after 36 years you will never see it. The most likely scenario is that you know discussing the economy is a dead end exercise and you are doing it deliberately to take the nation's attention away from the game change - political reform.

    I will leave it as an instructive exercise to the reader to figure out why someone would pay Musewe, and good many others just like him, good money to keep Zanu PF in power!

  10. Zimbabweans are pinning their hopes on things becoming rosy the day Mugabe although the evi-dence on the ground points the other direction. The dog-eat-dog fighting in Zanu PF shows we are dealing here with individuals who have got used to a life of absolute power, luxury and leisure and they are not going to give it up not now not ever. Whichever faction that emerges out of this holding the sceptre of office will turn on the nation with vengeance of a one-eyed dog punishing in advance every newcomer for laughing at its physical deficiency.

    Whilst Zanu PF was preoccupied with its factional wars the populous should have been mobilizing and building a formidable concordat demanding the full implementation of the democratic reforms designed to end the dictatorship. As it is, most of the people still do not know what it is exactly the country needs to get out of this political and economic hell-on-earth Mugabe landed them; they hope his death alone will change everything.

    The rest know there is need for political reforms but are wasting their time on electoral law reforms and building opposition party coalitions. The one-eyed dog will have a field day punishing the lot. The opposition will take part in the elections, with no reforms implemented as in 2013, which Zanu PF will “win” and the former will then, on cue, complain that the elections were rigged. The world will ignore the complains; it is tedious, they not only knew there will be violence and the vote will be rigged but had the option to implement the reforms to stop these things.

    The nation had the chance to implement the reforms during the GNU; MDC failed to get even one reform implemented in five years. Since the rigged July 2013 elections the nation has had the chance to revisit the GPA reforms and demand their implementation; they have not seized that chance.

    Zimbabweans are banking all their hopes of a brighter future on Mugabe’s death not knowing that the Zanu PF dictatorship is like the mythological Medusa, Mugabe was the better known snake of the monster but not the only snake! The only sure way of ending the corruption, vote rigging, political violence is be implementing ALL the democratic reforms. Killing of one snake off Medusa will not do the trick one has to cut off the monster’s head.