Tuesday, 30 January 2018

White farmers must heat-seeking-missile target chefs for $8.6 billion compensation - no to double dipping/jeopardy

“Former white farmers who had their properties and assets seized during the Fast Track Land Reform Programme in the early 2000s are reported to have written to President Emmerson Mnangagwa demanding a compensation of US$8.6 Billion. The farmers wrote to the president just after his inauguration in November last year,” reported Spotlight Zimbabwe.
There are many Zanu PF chefs, who became millionaires literally overnight, because they got a piece of paper saying they were the new owner of Farm XYZ measuring so many thousand hectares complete with all the fixed and movable assets including buildings, animals and crops on the said property worth millions of dollars. The evicted farm owner was often forced to leave with the shirt on his back and very little else. Some were hurried off the farm with a boot or worse.
Many thinking Zimbabweans have condemned the barbarism and gross injustice of the Zanu PF’s racist and politically motivated land reform; at the time and still do so to this day. Zanu PF allowed the farm invasion to flare up during elections periods; the violence would spread to include the rest of the country – directed at the opposition supporters who were accused of siding with the white farmers.
However, the white farmers demanding compensation must accept that their demands must be directed and single out, like heat seeking missile, those individuals who benefited from the farm seizures. The white farmers must seek out those overnight millionaires, many of who are still living at the farms and demand they be paid fair compensation and recover what they can if the individuals cannot pay.
Many of Zimbabwe’s ruling elite, who are the new multiple farm owners, are filthy rich.  The white farmers will only have to shake them a little and $1.3 million diamond rings; 40 gold watches; mansions in Singapore, SA, Zimbabwe; posh cars; millions is bank accounts under different names; etc. The white farmers will be cursing themselves for having demanded only $8.6 billion compensation!
The idea that bill to compensate the white farmers must be added to the nation debt is a none-starter. Ordinary Zimbabweans, who include the white farmers’ workers who were booted off the farm too at the same time as the white farmers, are as much victims of the farm seizures as the white farmers themselves.
It is a matter of historic record that farm invasions was one of the major causes of Zimbabwe’s economic collapse; the country is yet to recover. Today 90% of our people are out of work and a staggering 72.3% of the population are living on US$1.00 or less a day. If these people are going to be burdened a massive US$ 8.6 billion debt then to whatever economic recovery period the nation was projecting one must add 50 years – not that economic recovery to a nation that has sunk this deep is ever a certainty, it is not.  
Those who benefited from the seizures of the white farms must pay the white farmers their dues. To ask the Zimbabwe taxpayer to foot the compensation bill is collective punishment designed to allow the looters to continue to benefit from the ill-got loot – double dipping – whilst the ordinary people who have paid dearly because of the economic collapse the farm invasions brought are being forced to pay dearly to compensate the white farmers – double jeopardy. 


  1. @ Nomazulu

    "Who ill-advised President Mnangagwa to go to Davos?" you asked?

    It is not just a rhetorical question; it is a loaded rhetorical question! Of course, no one would have walked into President Mnangagwa's office and said: "Sir I am ill-advising you no go to Davos. I know you will make a complete ass of yourself!"

    The truth is he went to Davos and make a complete ass of himself. But even if you, Madam, were his adviser and you knew he was going to make a complete ass of himself there was nothing, short of pointing a gun at him, you or anyone could have done to stop him going to Davos. Nothing!

    Look at Mugabe in all his 37 years in power he never doubted for even one second that he was God Almighty's gift to humanity, not just Zimbabwe. Even with the country in total meltdown and himself admit corruption in the country had become so rampant the country was being "swindling of $15 billion in diamonds revenue alone"; he still never admitted that he had failed. Never!

    When Tsvangirai was sworn in as PM he was telling leaders like Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama that they should like all sanctions against Mugabe because "he has tea with him every Tuesday, he has changed!" Of course, Mugabe had not change one bit, Tsvangirai was so full of himself he told he could beat Usain Bolt when he could not even crawl!

    President Emmerson Mnangagwa too believes he is extra, extra special; he is so full of himself he does not believe there is anything he cannot do. He made a complete fool of himself in Davos but try telling that to him. He still believes that he bowled everyone over. He is expecting a flood of would-be foreign investors now that he has assured them that Zimbabwe "is open for business."

    He told everyone in Davos Zimbabwe was going to hold free, fair and credible elections meanwhile his man back home, retired General Rugeje, is reminding voters the violence of 2008 and 2013 will return if they do not vote for Zanu PF. After 37 years of rigging elections he believes Zanu PF can rig the elections and get away with it.

    "Who ill-advised President Mnangagwa to go to Davos?" You might well ask "Who ill-advised Mugabe to rig elections all these last 37 years?" Soon you will ask the same of Mnangagwa. The answer is the same; he is so full of himself that he even believes rigging elections is nothing given the nation will have the privilege of having him as president!

  2. This is the same foolish binary that the nation was subjected to for decades after independence now creeping in again. If one dare criticise Zanu PF one was immediately accused of wanted the white back! Mnangagwa made a complete ass of himself in Davos, saying so does not mean one must want the tyrant Mugabe back. Zimbabwe has a population of 14 million people one can reject Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Tsvangirai and all the useless politicians on the stage and strike out in search for quality leaders beside that lot!

    You need to open your eyes and see all the colours of the rainbow and not just limit yourself to black or white!

  3. These Zanu PF idiots have lived in their own world a far cry from the real Zimbabwe in which unemployment has soared to 90%, 72.3% of the people live on US$1.00 or less. The tyrant and his minions used to spend US$1 million on his birthday bash when the is failing to buy essential drugs for the sick; the country needs $65 million per week to buy essential drugs but was only spending $3 million, less than 5%, because that was all treasury had.

    If anyone thought the November coup had seen the end of the madness in Zanu PF, they now can see that nothing has changed. President Mnangagwa assured Mugabe he could continue to enjoy his health tourism to Singapore at $3 million a trip plus all his other benefits plus keep all the billions of dollars he and his family have looted over the years. Now the Zanu PF youths are shamelessly organising a birthday bash for the tyrant.

    The local (Nyanga) Newsday reports that the Zanu PF youth League is planning Mugabe's birthday and will take cake to his Blue Roof residence.

    "Mugabe didn't wrong (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa, but was being influenced by his wife. The party asked him to rest after realising that he had no capacity to lead, as Grace was now running the show. The former President admitted to that and he voluntarily agreed to resign. He (Mugabe) is the father to (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa," youth league deputy secretary, Lewis Matutu is quoted saying.

    Only a first-class idiot would believe that nonsense! Even if one believed that Mugabe was under the spell of his pushy wife, the country was already in serious economic and political trouble by 2014 when she busted onto the political stage like freak hail storm!

    For Pete's sake! The country is in a serious mess because of his decades of corrupt, vote rigging and murderous rule. The nation should be demanding that he gives back what he looted and face justice for all his treasonous crimes against the good people of Zimbabwe and not showering his praise, honour and more lavish gifts!

  4. @ Tiger Shona

    Some those who got the farms, some even got as many as five farms or more, are all saying they cannot pay the compensation but povo of whom 3/4 now live on US$1.00 or less a day can afford to pay? Where is the common sense and justice in that?

    Many of the chefs who got the farms live in multi-million dollar mansions, a loud "here lives a wealthy man" statement if you ask me. Just because we have the same thugs in government who benefited from the looting and thus are making decision to favour the looters; it does not mean that makes sense or that justice is being served. Those who benefited from the farm invasion must pay the compensation even if that means losing their mansions!