Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Davos interview unmask real Mnangagwa - unrepentant thug , no one would do business with W Mukori

President Mnangagwa went to Davos for one purpose and one purpose only; to try and convince the world that Zimbabwe was now a law abiding nation and is ready to do business. The lady who interviewed him at the World Economic Forum, in Davos Switzerland, asked him such searching questions, she ripped off the democrat mask to expose the real Emmerson Mnangagwa – an unrepentant and thoroughly unpleasant Zanu PF thug.

“You said that you need to correct for the bad economic situation Zimbabwe found itself in,” the Lady asked. “You pointed to international isolation. You would acknowledge, would you not, that it was also bad decisions by the Zimbabwe government over many years?

“The government, the ruling party, of whom you had been a key figure for many years, in many role; that made those bad decision?”

“That is correct!” acknowledged President Mnangagwa. He then immediately took off at a tangent wittering on and on about why the land issue was a sore colonial injustice and how British had failed to honour their Lancaster House promise over the land issue. In other words Zanu PF did nothing wrong, the regime made no bad decisions.

By the time the land issue came to the boil, in 1999, the Zimbabwe economy was in serious trouble already. The country had already gone through two five-year, WB and IMF supported, Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes to try to resuscitate the national economy. Nearly two decades of mismanagement and corruption had taken their toll.

The seizure of the white owned farms from 2000 onward was by a regime that was fast running out of loot to give to its ever demanding but wasteful cronies. The regime made a big song and dance about giving the land to the landless peasants, the truth is it was Zanu PF party loyalists and their families who got the farms with people like Mugabe getting as many as 14 farms.

The gratuitous violence that have become the hallmark of the chaotic white farm seizures were a sinister political ploy to justify the politically motivated violence Zanu PF unleashed on the nation at large. The violent farm seizures have always flared up during elections and would quickly spread into rural areas and urban centres.

The mismanagement, corruption, systematic political repression and lawlessness are some of the “bad decisions” by the Zanu PF government the lady was talking about. How can the world believe Zimbabwe has change and is now ready to do business when Zanu PF leaders still continue to look for scapegoats when they should confront their own demons!

Whilst the world may over look President Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies’ reluctance to admit they messed by big time what they, especially the would-be foreign investors the regime is desperate to woo, would not tolerate is a regime that refuse to be held to democratic account going forward. They want concrete proof Zanu PF now accept democratic change and will hold free, fair and credible elections.

President Mnangagwa and most of those in his Zanu PF administration are nothing but old wine in a new bottle because they, like Mnangagwa himself, have occupied key leadership positions in Mugabe’s Zanu PF, as the interviewer rightly pointed out. For the last 38 years, the regime has failed to hold free, fair and credible elections. Indeed, the regime, dismal human rights record including repeated failure to hold free and fair elections was one of the reason the regime was a pariah state. Even the AU and SADC, the continental body and regional body respectively had censored Zanu PF following the blatant vote rigging and wanton violence that happened in the 2008 elections.

SADC forced Zanu PF to agree to the implementation of a raft of democratic reforms designed to end the party’s carte blanche powers to rig elections. The reforms were supposed to be implemented during the five years of the GNU which included Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party. Sadly, not even one reform saw the light of day because Zanu PF bribed MDC leaders with trappings of high office and they, in return, kicked reforms into the prickly pear thicket.  

It must be noted here that Mugabe entrusted the dirty work of vote rigging, using violence and looting to bankroll the party’s vote rigging activities to none other than now President Mnangagwa, he was the tyrant’s right-hand man and chief enforcer. It must also be noted that Mnangagwa was “in touch throughout”, by his own admission, with those who carried out last November coup that ousted Mugabe. It is therefore understandable why many people have doubted President Mnangagwa would keep his promise to hold free and fair elections.

Doubt has quickly turned suspicion and scepticism when President Mnangagwa refuse, as he did here, to acknowledge Zanu PF made some monumental blunders, refuse to implement any of the reforms agreed with SADC, continue with Zanu PF’s vote rigging activities such as bribing traditional Chiefs with new trucks, etc.

“Chawawana batisisa midzimu haipe kaviri!” (Make the most of every opportunity you get because you may never get another!) so goes the Shona adage.

President Mnangagwa had his greatest moment to launch his message that Zimbabwe had forsaken its lawless ways and was now ready to joined the league of nation in which there is rule of law and the state honours individual freedoms and human rights including the right to free elections and the right to life! Instead of seizing the moment and speak plainly of his regime’s commitment to the rule of law, etc. he fluffed his lines and started defending the lawless and murderous past.

Poor Mnangagwa, he clearly accepts that Zimbabwe’s economic situation; with it unemployment rate of 90%; with its basic services such as education, health, clean water supply, etc. all but collapse; ¾ of the population living on US$1.00 or less a day; etc. is unsustainable. He knows that there will be no economic recover unless the country get help in the form of financial assistance and foreign investment. He knows too that price Zanu PF will have to pay for being readmitted to the league of law abiding nations is for Zimbabwe to be a law abiding nation too. That, he knew was a bridge too far, not without breaking with Zanu PF’s ethos of holding on to power at all cost.

If President Mnangagwa thought he could bluff, pretend Zanu PF has changed when in fact it is still a party of corrupt and vote rigging thugs, then the interview exposed his bluff. What a stage to choose to have one’s bluff call! If President Mnangagwa genuinely wanted Zanu PF to turn away from its Mafia past, then the thugs must be celebrating because they have reclaimed him as one of their own. as a   and dare talk about the rule of law and even talk of holding free and fair elections.

Just to be absolutely clear, President Mnangagwa, your World Economic Forum interview has left very few people in any doubt that Zimbabwe is still being ruled by thugs – your failure to implement the reforms before elections will settle this point beyond debate. A country ruled by thugs is not ready to do business and therefore you must expect very little direct foreign investment. 


  1. Speaking to Mishal Husain, he said: "If we lose elections, that's it."

    Zanu PF lost in the March 2008 vote and it was none other than Mnangagwa himself who carried out the coup to stop MDC getting into power. What has changed now?

    If he meant it, then why has he not implemented the reforms Zanu PF agree must be implemented at the start of the GNU?

  2. @ Chiremba wamatombo
    “Devil because he says the truth??? When did the Zimbabweans economy commence its march towards demise? Was it not when Zanu made crazy thuggish decisions to issue unbudgeted payouts to War Vets leading to the collapse of the Zimbabwean dollar in November 1997?? Was it not the thuggish intervention in the DRC war which further destroyed the Zim economy?? Was it not the corruption and plunder which led to the demise of the economy? Why hide behind land reform, which Zanu thuggishly implemented in 1999/2000 as a response to the formation of the MDC and the eventual threat of a real opposition party??? On this one Mukori is right that you cannot hide behind land reform, it was a series of thuggish political boobs instead!!!!” you said.
    Well you said it so beautifully, thank you!
    President Mnangagwa cannot have his cake and eat it too! He admitted, the Mugabe regime, of which he was a senior member of, made some serious mistakes but would not name even one such mistake but instead launching into a torrent, attacking everyone else for what happened. He can fool his fellow Zanu PF dimwits but not the world.
    He did not have to launch into this new dispensation ethos but now that he has he cannot hold on to the old nonsense of Mugabe days of taking the public stage to give middle finger salute to everyone! He was very foolish to even think he could pull that off!

  3. @ Baramanza
    Dream on! Zimbabwe is in this hell-hole today because of decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption, President Mnangagwa was a senior member of the Zanu PF regime, why did he not stop the rot all these years?

    The man is a thug who is not prepared to implement even one democratic reform to ensure free, fair and credible elections. Investors can see that and they are not going to be fooled. There will be no gold rush of investors flooding into Zimbabwe because investors do not want to invest their money in a country that is set for yet another military coup as the only way to change leaders!
    "The man has a different approach to resuscitate our economy," you say.

    That is just wishful thinking and you will not have long to wait to know you were dreaming! Wake up, we are talking of a seasoned Zanu PF thug here, who has just staged a military coup or have you already forgotten that too!

  4. @ Sarah Mahoka
    “Mukori hates Zimbabwe so much he would rather see the country collapse than see zw prosper under Munangagwa. His articles are so toxic he does not acknowledge any good coming from zw,” you say.
    Well you are the one who cannot stand criticism and has the knee jerk response of spitting poison like a snipping cobra. Zimbabwe has completely collapse, in case you have not noticed. Your Mnangagwa you are so cocksure will make the country “prosper” was a senior member of the Zanu PF regime that has presided over the country’s demise. Was it Mukori’s hatred of Zimbabwe that has cause all that?
    Mnangagwa is not going to make Zimbabwe prosper by telling the world the country has ditched its thuggish arrogance to embrace the new ethos of rule of law. But when he is asked about rule of law he immediately falls into his default position of defending the indefensible. A Zimbabwe still ruled by lawless thugs is NOT “ready to do business”, period!

  5. Zimbabwe is in a mess,truee that is negative but are you going to blame me for saying it? If the message is negative do not blame the messenger for it!
    Zimbabwe is not going to get out of the mess it is in by having people who bury their heads in the sand and pretend everything is fine. Zanu PF is a party of corrupt, vote rigging and murderous thugs; they ditched Mugabe two months ago in a coup but that is not enough to change the nuture and character of the monster.
    All this talk of new dispensation is just wishful thinking and to get out of this hell-hole we, Zimbabweans, need to snap out of our comatose slumber and look the beast - Zanu PF dictatorship - straight in the eyes and tell it enough is enough!
    If you think Mnangagwa fooled the world with his Davos nonsense then you can dream on!

  6. @ Bigdave
    “Mr Mukori, with all due respect, you have clearly shown that your work is not guided by professional independent journalism, instead you are probably funded by j moyo, and clearly you are extremely bitter.. like the president said and i quote..,” you say.
    "'VANOUKURA, VACHAGARA VACHINGOUKURA'".. please dont insight us kuti tikuudze zvauri..”

    It must be said about Zimeye, they have publish articles that are have covered the whole spectrum, the good, the bad and the ugly. If you are a professional, independent and talented journalist then why have you not been writing your excellent articles? The country is in this s***thole, pardon my French, when we could all be living in a Blue Roof type mansion if you have not denied the nation your insightful enlightenment! I am rivet with anger!

    As for the quote of President Mnangagwa that is one more piece of evidence to prove the man is a thug and not fit to be president. The people of Zimbabwe have been calling for democratic change so they too can enjoy their God given freedoms and human rights including the right to a free vote and the right to life itself. Instead of listening and implement the reforms the SOB has the chutzpah to add insult to injury to dismiss the people as barking dogs!

  7. @ Karonyo

    ED is not building the nation, you are just one of those naive individuals who see what they want to see and not what is there. The would-be investor can see that Zimbabwe is still ruled by thugs who think they can con the world into believing Zimbabwe has changed.

    If investors saw a first-class performance by Mnangagwa in Davos then ignore what Wilbert Mukori said there will be investors with truck loads of cash flooding into Zimbabwe tomorrow!

    Why should Wilbert need Jonathan Moyo or anyone else as his master? You are so used to having masters you really cannot imagine anyone else not having one, can you? You really are shallow, thick and slow!

  8. @ Munya
    “It's unfortunate that we have some Zimbabweans who are dying to see the present government fail and will go out of the way to do everything possible to make sure Zimbabwe fails economically so as to please detractors of Zimbabwe' s economic progress,” you say.
    No wonder the country is in a real mess! Instead of addressing the problem you shoot the messenger because you do not like the message.
    Zimbabwe is a failed state right now not because “there are some Zimbabweans who are dying to see the government fail” but because of four decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption. The nation could not get rid of the failed regime because the thugs rigged elections and stage coups.
    The corrupt and vote rigging thugs staged a coup to remove one of the own from power and they think they can con the world with their new dispensation nonsense. You and others are bowled over but not so with the would-be investors they know a thug when they see one – they saw Mnangagwa and they know he is the same thug he has always been! You can dream all you like of investors flood into Zimbabwe, the reality on the ground will not change, there will be no investors!

  9. @ Progidy

    Sanctions were still in place in 2009 and yet the economy recovered to have a 12% growth rate from the negative on the Zanu PF days? The EU sanctions were lifted three years ago and yet there has been no meaningful economic recovery.

    Two years ago Mugabe admitted that $15 billion was being swindled from the economy. What nation on earth can sustain that level of corruption especially one whose GDP is $10 billion?

    Sanctions have just become a ready-made excuse for Zanu PF's corruption and failures.