Thursday, 25 January 2018

Mnangagwa emerged out of Mugabe's shadow in Davos only to prove what a fool he is! P Guramatunhu

For 37 years President Mnangagwa has lived in the shadow of Mugabe, rarely seen, much less, heard. The odd occasion he has opened his mouth, many thought him a fool but they were not 100% certain of that.
Ever since the day he seized power to become President, two months ago, he has been under the spotlight; he had nowhere to hide. With everything he has said and done, the world has seen that he is indeed a first class idiot.
“There is no figure, but it is a question of him continuing to enjoy his salary, his allowances as before, offices, security and travel by first class. My Government will also facilitate him going to Singapore for medical check-up. All those things including the First Lady. We are going to do that,” he told the world from a world stage, World Economic Forum.
Of course, this was one of the most foolish things Mugabe used to do; spend as much as $3 million going to Singapore for his medical check-ups. Some years he made as many as 12 such trips. With $36 million, he could have built a 100 bed five-star hospital complete with the latest gadgets and best trained staff one can get in Singapore or anywhere in the world. Mugabe and his family would have first call to the hospital, who is to complain, but whilst they are not using it other would.
The very fact that Mugabe and Mnangagwa himself when he had his food poisoning incident and all the other chefs have had to leave the country for their medical needs confirms that the country’s own health service has collapsed. Of course, the soaring medical costs of sending the chefs outside the country has left the government with even less money to spend on local services and thus accelerating their collapse.
It is criminal that the regime can justify spending millions of dollars of public funds on such route things as eye-check or child-birth on Mugabe and his daughter month after month when hundreds of of new born babies are dying every month for lack of something as basic as an incubator. That is a crime against man and a sin before God!
President Mnangagwa, being the fool he is, confirms on world stage that he is going to allow this criminal waste of the nation’s resources continue. Indeed, the fool has even added another bloody sucker, the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai is just another corrupt and incompetent Zimbabwean politician whose blatant betrayal by failing to implement even one democratic reform during the GNU has allowed Zanu PF to retain its carte blanche powers to rig elections.
Then President Mugabe bribed Tsvangirai with the $4 million Highlands mansion for the later to forget implementing the reforms, which he and his MDC friends dutifully did. President Mnangagwa in his infantile wisdom has now gifted Tsvangirai the mansion, a golden handshake plus government will underwrite all his SA medical bills. Last time government paid him $70 000, for that!
Was the world impressed by President Mnangagwa? Hell no! How can it be possible that a country of 14 million people does not have even one decent hospital to carry out a routine medical check-up?
“My Government will also facilitate him going to Singapore for medical check-up!” Yeah, right! How many five-star hospitals would Zimbabwe have built these last 38 years if anyone had the common sense to stop this criminal waste! 


  1. @ Mudzimba

    True Mnangagwa would want the former president spoilt rotten just to be certain he too will be spoilt rotten but let us not forget here that Zimbabwe is now the poorest nation on earth. The question is can such an impoverished nation afford to pay its former leaders packages that not even rich nations like USA would hesitate to pay its leaders? Investors are shying away from Zimbabwe because the country is ruled by thugs and one of the ways to show they are thugs is to rob the nation blind!

    Using the money now being wasted on Singapore or SA trips to revive our own health sector makes a lot of sense but it is no surprise that is never occurred to Mugabe or Mnangagwa; they have no common sense! It looks like they are not the only ones!

  2. @ Murowero

    Just put you totally misplaced sense of respect for leaders to one side for one minute! The point being raised here is any important one; i.e. does it make any sense to spend millions of dollars sending Mugabe to Singagpore when the same money could be used to build a 5-star hospital in Zimbabwe he can use and will benefit other Zimbabweans too? Worse, still the extravagant waste of money has resulted in the collapse of the country's health service that even big hospitals cannot afford incubators for new born babies.

    Of course, the decision to waste money on Singapore trips when it is at the cost of so many innocent lives is a stupid and foolish decision. If you valued other human being's lives you would see it too but then not everyone has common sense.

  3. @ Gutuza

    You are concerned about ED being called a fool but do not care about the hundreds of thousands of new born babies who are dying because of his foolish! Your stupidity shocks me to the core!

  4. @ Gomo

    The trouble with paid CIO and apologies is that you have lost all sense of dignity and humanity. So you think ED is not doing anything wrong causing the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent children wasting millions of luxuries for the ruling elite! Your foolishness is shocking!

  5. @ Hove

    There is a world of difference between supporting one's country by telling the truth and those who destroy it by burying their heads in the sand and telling lies. Investors are very shrewd people and not naive idiots like you who swallowed the nonsense that Zanu PF has changed, they can see it is still a party of thugs.


    If you did not get it, you will soon enough because the economic recovery you are waiting for will never materialize! NEVER EVER!

  6. @ Jimalo

    Are you saying Zimbabwe is now a law abiding nation that will hold free, fair and credible elections? If you are saying so then the facts on the ground say the exact opposite.
    If you are saying Zimbabwe is still a lawless nation and investors will still because they have been fooled then I beg to differ. Investors are pretty shrewd they will not invest in a country ruled by things!
    Zimbabwe is in a real serious economic mess and it is not people like Patrick who are responsible for this sorry state but President Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF friends cheered on all the way by people like you who have their heads buried in the sand and will refuse to see the truth even when they are presented with a mountain of it.
    I bet it is you who will not even acknowledge you were wrong when it is clear there are no investors flooding into the country! Instead of admitting you got it wrong, you will be looking for scapegoats to blame for your failures!