Sunday, 14 May 2017

Zhuwao outraged by "idiotic" bussed in anti G40 thugs - what of treasonous bussed vote riggers. W Mukori

“President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao says the party led by his uncle is full of stupid idiots,” reported Zimeye.  

Well, even a certified first class idiot like Patrick Zhuwao will, once in a while, say something that is true, factual and incisive. Yes Patrick, Zanu PF is indeed full of idiots and you are one of the biggest idiots there are!

“There were certain individuals that were claiming to come from Mashonaland Central province and had issues with Kasukuwere. What was meant to be a localised issue then got turned into a national issue and you see certain provinces getting up to support what is happening in Mashonaland Central,” said Zhuwao, seething with anger and outrage.

“That was idiotic and nonsensical. It was foolishness of the worst order!”

Out of your own mouth cometh the Lord’s own judgement of you, Patrick Zhuwao and your corrupt and murderous uncle!

It is true that many people who did not come from Mashonaland Central and therefore had no business interfering with that province’s local affairs, made it their business and were bussed in to swell the numbers. But it that not standard Zanu PF modus operandi? Was that not the dirty tactic used to haunt out Joice Mujuru and her supporters out of office in the wave of “No vote of confidence” that swept the nation in 2014?

Worse still, did Zanu PF not increase the number of polling station from 2 000 to a massive 9 000 just two days before the 31 July 2013 vote and then bussed its supporters from one of these added polling station to the next to cast multiple votes. Some of these voters were bussed in from outside the respective constituency, as the youtube video of one such case in Mt Pleasant showed. Google “Tendai Biti witnesses vote rigging in Zimbabwe” and see the video for yourself!

Minister Patrick Zhuwao, the blatant vote rigging that Zanu PF has been doing is not just idiotic, it is downright high treason!

“The danger with factions is that if people are in a faction and you have somebody who has idiotic tendencies and is part of that faction you will still follow through whatever idiotic nonsense that person is coming up with,” Zhuwao said.

Now let us paraphrase his words and just replace one or two words to make the argument relevant to the nation.

“The danger with one-party cum one-man dictatorship is that if people are in a dictatorship and you have somebody who has corrupt and satanic vote rigging and murderous tendencies and is part of that dictatorship you will still follow through whatever idiotic policies and murderous schemes that person is coming up with.” Needless to say, that is exactly what happened to Zimbabwe.

“You know why Zanu PF will win (the coming 2018 elections)? It is because the people have confidence in President Robert Mugabe and as a party we have resolved that President Mugabe is going to be our candidate and we are lucky as Zanu PF that we have President Mugabe,” boasted Zhuwao.

 Zhuwao went on to boast about Zanu PF creating an indigenous economy creating such jobs as selling airtime cards and roasted maize on the street. His uncle told an Economic Forum in SA last week that Zimbabwe is not a poor country.

““We are not a poor country and we can’t be a fragile country. I can call America fragile – they went on their knees to China,” said Mugabe.

“Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa after South Africa.”

Tyrants like Mugabe and their apologists have a very selective memory and will see only what they want to see; Mugabe see the developed Zimbabwe he inherited from Ian Smith in 1980 and refuse what has happen since then. The millions of ordinary Zimbabweans have to do the best they can in the real Zimbabwe in total economic meltdown.

With no reforms in place to stop the vote rigging, Zanu PF will win next year’s elections; the regime will claim the elections were free, fair and credible and refuse to see the bussed voters and all the other treasonous vote rigging shenanigans.

The only way to end this Zanu PF dictatorial arrogance and contemptuous disregard for reality, the suffering and deaths it is causing to others, peacefully, is by implementing the democratic reforms designed to stop the regime rigging elections.

The reforms should have been implemented by Tsvangirai & co. during the GNU when they had the golden opportunity to do so. Sadly, the MDC leaders sold out; Mugabe seduced them with the trappings of high office, a $4 million mansion for Tsvangirai, etc. and the reforms were thrown straight out of the window.

Yes, it will be a lot harder to get the reforms implemented now, post the GNU. The need for the country to implement the reforms and get out of the worsen economic meltdown and political chaos is greater now than ever that is why the nation must grit its teeth and stand firm in demanding the reforms BEFORE the next elections.

In any case, if the next elections are held with no reforms, the need to implement the reforms will be even greater and the task even harder than it is today!


  1. I am passionate about regime change because the current gvt does not care and only interested in amassing wealth. Unfortunately, we also have an opposition that does not care,” said Linda Masarira.

    The likes of Tsvangirai, Biti and others are incompetent and corrupt. They failed to implement even one democratic reform in all their five years in the GNU because they sold-out!

    “We are agitating for a peaceful election and the removal of violence from electoral processes. This has also contributed to women shying away from elections. Politics has basically become a process preserved for the most violent,” said Linda.

    My dear sister the only way to end Zimbabwe’s now deeply entrenched culture of using violence and other vote rigging activities to achieve selfish political goals is by demanding the implementation of all democratic reform. Voter education and all other such activities trying to make the dictatorship work are a waste of time and money.

    I do not know what you mean by women “shying away from elections”. What I know is that women have not shied away from becoming the victims of Zimbabwe’s violent political culture. The sooner we do something to end this evil system the sooner we will all live in peace!

  2. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! What we have in Zimbabwe is a living example where the tyrant and his minions like Zhuwao have enjoyed absolute power for decades and they are corrupt to the core. Zhuwao is fuming that the Lacoste faction has dared to pull a fast one on the G40 although it is the G40 that is doing nothing else but pull one dirty trick after another on everyone else. Since G40 belongs to Mugabe everyone else is supposed to just accept being cheated and turn the other check!

    Millions of ordinary Zimbabweans now live in abject poverty because of decades of Zanu PF misrule. A world record 90% plus are out of work and Zhuwao wanted these selling air time and roasted maize on the street reclassified as employed. On a real good day these guys will sell $50 worth of airtime cards take away $40 for the cards and $2 for transport they have $8 for 10 hours of running up and down in the hot sun. On a bad day they are luck to get $2, not enough to pay for their transport cost!

    With minister like Zhuwao, it is little wonder the country is in a real mess! Unless we do something to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections the millions selling airtime will never ever know what it means to hold a regular job!

  3. @ big baboon

    True but our working together should not blind us to the reality that so far Mugabe and Zanu PF have run rings round us not for anything they have done but rather for something we have done or failed to do. We have been our own worst enemies because we have failed to accept that there are those in our camp who are corrupt and incompetent. 

    Tsvangirai & co. have been a disaster for the nation and its struggle for free and fair elections. MDC leaders not only failed to implement the key reforms during the GNU, they also dragged us into a flawed 2013 election in which we, the people gain nothing and lost everything. Now all these useless opposition politicians want to contest yet another flawed election for selfish gain dragging us even deeper into the hell-hole Mugabe has landed us. 

    Tsvangirai and all his opposition camp friends determined to contest next year's elections are only doing so for selfish political gain; the sooner the people wake up to that political reality the sooner this nation will get the reforms finally implemented.