Monday, 29 May 2017

Nikuv continued interference in Zimbabwe election is an insult - just paid $600k. Wilbert Mukori

PRESS STATEMENT: Condemning Nikuv’s continued interference in Zimbabwe elections.

The inquiry into possible collusion between the Russians and President Trump’s aides in United States of America’s 2016 presidential elections is heating up. Both the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) carrying out their own separate investigation.

At issue is the fear that the Russians interfered with the USA electoral process and, God forbid, influence the outcome of the elections. The need for elected officials being the people’s choice in a free, fair and credible election if the heart, body and soul of democracy. If anyone, anyone at all be they an individual or segment of society but much less outsiders, other than the people have influence over who gets elected then he/she/they will also dictate policy and before long the government be serving the new-found master(s) instead of the people.

So, it is right and proper that no stone is to be left unturned into the inquiry what the exact nature of Russian involvement in the 2016 US elections. It is the right thing to do in safe keeping the health and integrate of US democracy.

In Zimbabwe, we know that Nikuv, as Israeli company, was heavily involved in our 2013 elections. They corrupted the voters’ roll allowing Zanu PF supporters to cast multiple votes on one extreme and in the other by denying nearly one million opposition supporters the vote by posting their details in a different constituency other than the one the individual voter expected.

We know Nikuv was paid a princely sum of US$10 million for their treasonous services.

Last month former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Mines, Francis Gudyanga admitted in court to requesting $575,000 from the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) to finance the Minerals and Border Control Unit without consulting Treasury.
The money, it emerged, was deposited into the bank account of a private company, Pedstock Limited, which is linked to Nikuv. Gudyanga pointedly refused to say what Nikuv was being paid for, but we all know!

The government of Israel was informed by the British and the Americans of Nikuv’s unsavoury interference in Zimbabwe’s elections in 2013 but they elected to ignore the warning.

We in the Zimbabwe Social Democrats make the following four demands:

1)    We demand an end to Nikuv’s obnoxious interference in Zimbabwe’s efforts to end the Zanu PF dictatorship. We demand that Israeli government finally rein in Nikuv because, like it or not, the latter’s unsavoury and insulting activities have soured the relationship between the people of Israel and Zimbabweans.

2)    We demand that SADC, AU, UN and other nations look into Nikuv’s distractive activities in Zimbabwe and possibly other countries in the region in the interest of justice and fair play. We in Zimbabwe accept have our own corrupt and tyrannical dictator and his thugs to content with, the last thing we need is some foreigners pocking their noses into our affairs for their own selfish gain! No nation on earth will accept such blatant interference, why should we!

3)    We demand the implementation of all the democratic reforms including the reforms into political party funding to stop the looting of national resources to bankroll vote rigging schemes such as the corrupting of voters’ roll by Nikuv.

4)    We demand that the country’s opposition parties must paid heed to the SADC advice not to contest the elections until the democratic reforms are implemented. The people of Zimbabwe have a right to free, fair and credible elections and the opposition must now accept the political reality that by participating in the flawed elections they are doing Zanu PF’s bidding in that they give the process credibility!

The people of Zimbabwe have as much right as any other nation on earth to aspire for a healthy and functional democratic system of government. It is most disconcerting that some foreigners should conspire to keep us poor and oppressed for their selfish economic gain. Zimbabweans will follow the Senate investigation of possible Russian interference in the 2016 USA presidential elections with an abated breath. We have a proven case of Nikuv interference in Zimbabwean elections we would want to pursue with vigour and vengeance!


Wilbert Mukori
ZSD Secretary General.

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  1. France’s President Emmanuel Macron has accused Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to his face of Russia’s interference in France’s recent elections. Putin has never held free, fair and credible elections in Russia and he would like the other countries to do the same by corrupting they democratic systems.

    Putin knows that by getting someone corrupt like Richard Nixon into White House he will dictate American policies and with it the rest of the free world. Of course, the American government is right to do everything in its power never to allow anyone corrupt the country’s democratic institutions and processes.

    Israel’s continued indifference to Nikuv’s corrupt activities is a real big problem and the people of Zimbabwe must never ever allow Israel to get away with this.

    Israel was the only country in the world that continued to world hand in glove with SA’s apartheid racist regime to be bitter end. President Nelson Mandela had the whole matter swept under the carpet when he became president; that was one of the few blunders the great man ever made. Israel got away scot-free with make money out of the misery of the blacks during apartheid and now has been back making even more money keeping Africa’s despot and tyrants in power!

    Someone must step up and stop this madness; Israel, just as with Russia, must be held to account for its blatant corrupting Zimbabwe and other African countries’ electoral processes!