Friday, 26 May 2017

"Mugabe is 100% right about land," says Malema - and we are starving in Garden of Eden. P Guramatunhu

Africa’s greatest curse is that we have too many people of little intellect in positions of power and authority and they have dragged the continent from one blunder into another from one act of sheer madness into another.  

“The unity of African people will usher in economic freedom. Zimbabwe alone will never succeed with the land struggle. Of course, Mugabe must go. Of course, we don’t want leaders who overstay their welcome but Mugabe is 100% right about land,” Malema told his supporters.

Our upstart amateur politician, known for his inflated weather balloon size ego and complete lack of common sense, can praise President Mugabe to the high heaven over the land issue. That will never change the historic fact that the seizures of white owned farms were complete disaster for Zimbabwe.

Since the farm seizures – the gratuitous violence that accompanied the exercise only served to underline its lawlessness – Zimbabwe not only lost its bread basket of the region position, the country has been failing to produce enough to feed its own people. We are starving in a land which for all intent and purpose is the Garden of Eden. What is there to be proud of or emulate in that!

The collapse of the country’s agricultural sector was one of the causes of Zimbabwe’s total economic collapse. It is now 17 years since the first farm invasion and the economy is still in the doldrums and there it will remain until the land issue is revisited and sorted out!

Mr Julius Malema does not need anyone to tell him what the consequences of Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown are; he is aware of the millions of Zimbabweans who have flooded into SA alone as economic and political refugees. If Mr Malema has not noticed the number of Zimbabweans in SA, his fellow South Africans have resulting in Zimbabweans being attached in some of the xenophobia violence that has swept SA.

“The beauty of Africa is that we share history and culture. When you chase foreigners, you never chase white people. You always go for Africans because you suffer from self-hate,” said Julius Malema.

Whilst Malema’s condemnation of the xenophobia violence that has characterised SA – a carryover of the “necklacing” of apartheid years when black South Africans burnt to death fellow black South Africans with a flaming tyre round their neck – is commendable. Still one has to question why he thinks chasing whites is ok!

If MP Malema thinks the white people in SA have done anything wrong then as a member of parliament he must pass the necessary laws to empower the Police to investigate the wrong doing, the Courts to convict and punish the wrong doers.

The fight to end white colonial oppression and exploitation was, above all, a fight for freedom, justice and rule of law. If people are being encourage to chase white for no better reason other than they are of a different race then nothing has changed; the lawlessness of the apartheid days are still there or be it the oppressors are now black and not white.

The one thing President Mugabe can ever boast of accomplishing with his violent seizure of white owned farms is that he punished the white farmers and, in his own sick way, humiliated the British. Still the gratuitous violence accompanying the farm seizure killed more black farm workers than whites. 4 000 whites were deprived of their livelihoods compared to 150 000 black farm workers who lost their jobs and homes. The country’s economic meltdown has seen unemployment soar to 80% plus and has stayed there for the last 17 years.

Zimbabwe is now the poorest country in Africa.

President Mugabe has brought upon the people of Zimbabwe untold suffering and deaths just to gratify his black inferiority demons! Only a first-class lunatic like Julius Malema would fail to see this and to even wish to bring the same to his own people. I pray that SA and Africa is spared the curse of a corrupt and murderous tyrant as Zimbabwe has in Robert Mugabe.


  1. Julius Malema and Robert Mugabe have a lot in common in that they both have very strong memory filters and hence the reason why the two see the happy Zanu PF party loyalists who got the seized farms but refuse to see the many victims of this disastrous policy.

    Malema may be making a big song and dance about asking Mugabe to leave office now but he will be doing the same Mugabe is doing right now; he is as power hungry as Mugabe himself.

  2. “There's nothing new under the sun. Not even in Zimbabwe. Robin Cook may have cajoled the Commonwealth into joining Britain in admonishing Robert Mugabe's government, but it is doubtful that many members of the Commonwealth share Mr Cook's enthusiasm for building pressure against Zimbabwe. Many African leaders, in particular, will agree with Mr Mugabe's contention that he is merely seeking to right the wrongs of history. For Mr Mugabe, the land question is the last colonial question, and it is one he now intends to resolve, whether Mr Cook likes it or not,” wrote Anderson back in 2000.

    Well time has proven Anderson wrong! If he had any brain then he would have realised even then that President Mugabe was not interested in redressing the colonial wrongs but in his own selfish political interest of surviving. Zimbabwe's economy was in trouble and he was fast running out of loot to give his party loyalists; land was the only thing of value left and so he took it.

    Events have since proven that Mugabe’s land grab was politically motivated and has been a total disaster for the nation.

    Some of the staff as Alex Magaisa and here David Anderson employed by such institutions as Kant University and the School of Oriental & African Studies respectively have some of the most hopeless lecturers one can imagine. One only hopes that Anderson has long been fired!